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An all male panel of clergy testifies before Darrell Issa's House Oversight Committee on birth control access. 2/16/2012
Testimony to Issa's oversight committee: women having sex makes us sad.
You never seem to hear the conservative all-our-religion-is-belong-to-you outrage machine on this stuff.
The federal Department of Health and Human Services dispatched its Office of Inspector General to review Medicare payments for vacuum erection systems, less formally known as penis pumps.
Certainly, there may certainly be individual wags out there who are miffed that their tax dollars are going for medical treatments to allow older people to have sex. There may be cranky folks who do not think that anyone should be getting Viagra for any reason, because if God wanted them to have an erection God would have taken care of that already.

But it's not a movement. You don't see a dozen conservative women all lined up in a row to testify to Congress that allowing men past childbearing age to have sex is an abomination unto their Lord, or nationwide hobby supply shops demanding that the entire national health care system be restructured to allow them to personally decide which of their male employees ought not to be receiving medical care for insufficient sexytimes. Their religion may dictate that nobody have sex unless they are married, and unless they are fertile, but there is no nationwide, Fox-News-covered movement afoot to demand that the appropriate health care remedies be given only to married and fertile people. You don't hear the Fox News talking heads going on about that.

It's only American women that get that treatment. Nobody's screening the menfolk to ensure that they only get their Viagra or their vacuum erection systems if their employers are all right with that sort of thing. There is not 1/100th of the attention spent to deciding whether employers, or taxpayers, or random lawmakers of particular theocratic bent ought to have veto power over sexual health care for men that they are all presumed to have by "natural law" over women. And it is not a case of hobby shops or taxpayers or theocratic lawmakers simply never having the idea, until some other wag pointed it out, because wags have been pointing it out for a very, very long time now to no effect whatsoever. Nope; it is still only the womenfolk whose fertility needs to be managed and ensured, never the men.

How to explain it? It is a mystery.

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