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Lately I've read and listened to a lot of things that have pissed me off to the point of raising my blood pressure and I feel the need to vent. Since those closest to me forbid me from doing so at family events and the dinner table, I guess I'll do it here. Just so you guys know, there's plenty of coarse language coming up, as the title implies, so feel free to skip this one if it offends you. Otherwise, follow me below and the barrage of fucks, damns and other so-called dirty words will begin.

Fuck creationism and the snake-oil salesmen who prey on the scientific ignorance of the American populace who don't know any better. And fuck the people who force this down the throats of their children.

This does nothing but deny children the chance to grow and expand as human beings by learning about the world around them. It also teaches them to hate science and education as a whole through outright lies and falsehoods. It also confuses the hell out of them with the whole 'Let's just teach the controversy!' debacle. With that said, how do you expect this country's infrastructure to be modernized and rebuilt when they grow into adults with no understanding of the sciences? If you ask me, allowing our infrastructure to crumble is a national security risk.

Fuck the American school system and the people who want to privatize it for the constant devaluing of teachers and students as nothing more than dispensers of corporate profits for the testing companies who write rules, regulations and tests in order to put more in the pockets of corporate executives while driving teachers and students needlessly to the brink of insanity and stupidity all at once. And fuck them for shitting on disabled children en masse just because we aren't profitable for them.

Fuck people who don't participate in our political system, especially when it comes to local elections. You can vote for the president all you like, but he or she is only one person, and they can only do so much, especially when you've gotta deal with a do less than nothing congress of morons, paranoid gun nuts, Christian Dominionists, corporate shills and other assholes who have done everything they can to sabotage any chance for the country to recover from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Speaking of which, fuck the United States House of Representatives for doing everything they can to hurt average, everyday working people purely to spite the president just because he's an African American Democrat. Fuck them for voting over forty times to repeal a law which their think tanks wrote and pushed to have passed for over 20 years. Fuck them for blatantly lying about its impact on employment and on workers. Anyone who does any research outside of the self contained right-wing media knows better.

Fuck Libertarianism, an ideology that's all about selling the Reagan Revolution to a new generation and injecting it with Ayn Rand's sociopathic attitude and massive ego by thinking society owes them something in the process.

Fuck the Billionaires and their Millionaire lackeys who whine and bitch about how raising wages for workers would put them out of business and then go and give themselves a raise because they 'earned it'. Fuck them for making people believe that giving them more money will motivate them to 'create jobs'...yeah, we've been doing that for 35 years now and we're far worse off than in the 1920s. Good job.

Fuck corporations who pay their workers shit wages, forcing the government to subsidize them with food stamps and medicaid. Here's a clue to those morons who rag on people who rely on those programs to make ends meet: If people had living wage jobs with decent health benefits, those people wouldn't have to rely on those programs to begin with. Don't bother with the whole 'but then we'd have to raise prices' retort. That's just another lie they tell because they're more concerned with keeping their pockets lined with the billions they make in profits and the billions more they steal from the economy. I'd rather have a happier and healthier workforce than wealth and resources concentrated in the hands of a select, privileged few.

And last but not least, fuck Governor Rick Scott for further turning the state of Florida to shit with his idiotic, utter nonsense policies that have done nothing but line the pockets of his friends and himself. Fuck him for not expanding medicaid or allowing healthcare navigators via the Affordable Care Act (I refuse to call it Obamacare), again, so he can continue to line his own pocket.

Yup...I've been holding this one in for quite some time. I think I'll go pet my cats now.

See you around,


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