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The sky is falling... After the CBO report on Obamacare:

"Obamacare is creating a disincentive to work."
"A body of rest will stay at rest"
"Obamacare will result in cutting 2 million jobs"
Ever notice the GOP boils things down to one size fits all? They, in order to make the most cogent talking point, takes a point and simplifies it, while conveniently ignoring any exceptions.

I remember in the 1990's, disgraced conservative radio psychologist Dr Laura Schlessinger, spoke frequently about need for parents for stay at home instead of putting kids in child care. She would discuss how a 2nd working parent could cut transportation, eating out expenses, and child care costs. These extra expenses only exist if the 2nd spouse works.

For example: If a family with two working spouses spent $25,000/ year on costs to work a second job- child care, 2nd automobile ect. but took home $30,000 after taxes- that second working spouse should, according to Dr Laura, quit their job to stay at home with their kids. The benefit to the kids are well worth the $5000 difference.

Permit me to reverse the GOP's thinking:
According to the new GOP, as a stay at home Dad with a working wife, I should immediately put my kids into a daycare with strangers, exposing them to weekly colds, and expect the $9/hr providers to teach my kids the values we teach. Further, we can assume all kids in the daycare will come from similar upbringings and also share our families values. According to the GOP, I shouldn't be able to watch my kids develop and turn into wonderful caring, human beings. Instead I should be working outside the house in order to afford healthcare coverage.    

As someone, who cleans the house, cooks meals, including dinner, while providing entertainment, educational lessons, and love to my kids, I resent the GOP stating that as a Stay at Home Dad- that I am lazy! By the way, I also coach 4 youth sport teams right now.

To the GOP- You have become the Bizarro World Anti-Family Party. You bastards... Now time to vacuum the carpet........

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