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There's a massively important election taking place this week.  In Tennessee autoworkers at the VW factory in Chattanooga will decide whether or not to join the UAW.  Much to the surprise of the business media, VW has chosen to adopt neutrality.  In fact, they see important financial benefits to come if workers do unionize. (See here for why a firm might think this way.)

Despite the adoption of neutrality on the part of the company, local GOP politicians and out of state special interest groups, have launched a full bore campaign against worker's freedom to choose.  There's plenty of information out there about the campaign. But, I think that statements made by GOP legislators last night take the cake.  From the party of "legitimate rape" I suppose that this takes the cake:

In a press conference to address the potential unionization of the Volkswagen plant, State Senator Bo Watson said, "Should the workers at Volkswagen choose to be represented by the United Auto Workers, then I believe any additional incentives from the citizens of the state of Tennessee for expansion or otherwise will have a very tough time passing the Tennessee Senate." .....

Senator Watson said, "I believe the members of the Tennessee Senate will not view unionization as in the best interest of Tennessee. The Governor, the Department of Economic and Community Development, as well as, the members of this delegation, will have a difficult time convincing our colleagues to support any Volkswagen incentive package."....

House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick said... "The taxpayers of Tennessee reached out to Volkswagen and welcomed them to our state and our community. We are glad they are here. But that is not a green light to help force a union into the workplace. That was not part of the deal.

Originally posted to ManfromMiddletown on Tue Feb 11, 2014 at 02:46 AM PST.

Also republished by Three Star Kossacks, Nashville KosKats, and In Support of Labor and Unions.

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