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      The events below occurred exactly as described. Paleontologists have shown that saber-toothed carnivores were well known as frightening and ferocious predators of the Cenozoic. With their enormous, deadly-sharp canines, they were the top predators of their time -- the dire wolf, the sabertooth tiger and many others.

      The fearsome sabertooth labradoodle crouched flat in the Ice Age snow; her thick, white, curly fur not only insulated her from the freezing cold, but camouflaged her as she waited. She knew that one of her natural prey, a small, black australodoggibus welsh corgious, would soon pass her way.

       With their enormous, deadly-sharp canines, saber-toothed carnivores were well known as frightening and ferocious predators of the Cenozoic. This labradoodle was no exception. Her eyes, black obsidian spheres partially hidden by locks of her curly fur, scanned the tree line for signs of movement. With instincts honed by millions of years of evolution, the mighty hunter crouched patiently.

       Soon the doggibus appeared, wary at first, but the motionless labradoodle, flat in the snow, remained unseen. Sniffing the air, the doggibus slowly entered the open snow field. The doggibus somehow sensed the danger. The fur on her back and shoulders rose in a defensive manner.

       When the doggibus was but a few feet away, the saber-tooth sprang violently, reaching the unprepared doggibus in one leap. The impact of the collision sounded loudly in the clearing. Birds started into the air causing clumps of snow to drop from the branches of surrounding trees. The labradoodle moved quickly to finish her victim with the long canine teeth, but she missed the neck on the first pass, giving the doggibus a chance to fall on her back and scrape at the soft underbelly of the labradoodle with long, sharp claws capable of disemboweling the bigger carnivore.

       Snapping, snarling, rolling, and biting; the two canines wrestled in the powdery snow. Thrusting, parrying, chasing, and tackling; the deadly battle waged on. The violent struggle continued for what seemed like hours until a strange sound wafted over the field:

        “Annie, come on now. It’s time to go home!” Pippin, the mixed breed doggibus, watched wistfully, wagging her tail as her friend, Annie the labradoodle, was leashed and led through the gate of the dog park fence. Thus ended another day of playful fun.

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