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Happy Valentines Day!  Just a little reminder, my favorite See's candy is the espresso flavored creme filling. ;-)


How many animals do you have in your home? Who has the upper hand, you or them?
The penny: A useful piece of currency or a total waste of resources?
Who was/is your favorite TV/movie/or literature sidekick?

The Twitter Emitter

It was white outside yesterday!

There was other stuff going on, too:

On This Day

In 1849, James Polk became the first serving President to be photographed.

In 1855, Texas was linked to the rest of the United States by telegraph. Communication remains garbled, though. I think it's the textbooks they use.

In 1859, Oregon was admitted to the Union as the 33rd state.

In 1899, Congress approved the use of voting machines in Federal elections.

In 1903, the U.S. Department of Commerce and Labor was established.

In 1912, when Jan Brewer was just a young lass, Arizona became the 48th state of the Union.

In 1920, the League of Women Voters was established.

In 1979, Afghanistan's U.S. ambassador, Adolph Dubs, was kidnapped by Muslim extremists in Kabul and died in a shootout between his abductors and police. Of course Lindsey Graham and John McCain held a gazillion hearings to get to the bottom of this incident. (not)

In 1989, Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini called on Muslims to kill Salman Rushdie, author of "The Satanic Verses," a novel Khomeini condemned as blasphemous. A few of the translators of the book were attacked, as were many bookstores that carried it. Rushdie went into hiding for a time, but never suffered any harm.

In 2006, the first mammal cloned from an adult, Dolly the sheep, was put down at age 6 due to premature aging and disease. I hope this does not mean that premature aging is punishable by death!

In 2008, five students were shot to death in a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University before the killer, a former student, killed himself.

In 2013, an Area Man forgot to get his wife a gift, resulting in the silent treatment for several weeks.

Born on This Day

1575 - Giovanni-Andrea Donducci “il Mastelletta”, Italian painter (d. 1655)

1790 - Pierre Duval Le Camus, French painter (d. 1854)

 photo PierreDuvalLeCamus.jpg

1790 - Louise Joséphine Sarazin de Belmont, French landscape painter (d. 1870)

1799 – Walenty Wańkowicz, Polish painter (d. 1842)

1812 – Alfred Thomas Agate, American artist who traveled extensively and documented much of what he saw, especially landscapes and natives. (d. 1846)

1814 - Joseph Urbain Mélin, French painter (d. 1886)

1818 – Frederick Douglass, American abolitionist (d. 1895)

1838 - Valentine Cameron Prinsep, British Pre-Raphaelite painter (d. 1904)

 photo ValentineCameronPrinsep.jpg

1847 – Anna Howard Shaw, American suffragette (d. 1919)

1854 - Rudolf Ernst, Austrian Orientalist painter   (d. 1932)

 photo RudolfErnst.jpg

1861 - Peder Vilhelm Ilsted, Danish painter (d. 1933)

 photo PederVilhelmIlsted.jpg

1873 - Albert Guillaume, French painter and caricaturist (d. 1942)

 photo AlbertGuillaume.jpg

1878 - George Herbert Baker, American landscape painter (d. 1943)

1880 - Aida Overton Walker, African American dancer and singer (d. 1914)

 photo AidaOvertonWalkerandhubbs.jpg

1890 – Nina Hamnett, Welsh artist's model, artist, designer, and self styled Queen of Bohemia (d. 1956) (Painting by Roger Fry)

1894 – Jack Benny, American actor and comedian (d. 1974)

 photo JackBenny.jpg

1913 – Jimmy Hoffa, American labor union leader (presumed d. 1975)

1921 – Hugh Downs, American television host

1922 – Murray the K, American impresario and disk jockey (d. 1982)

1927 – Lois Maxwell, Canadian actress (d. 2007)

1929 – Vic Morrow, American actor (d. 1982)

1931 – Phyllis McGuire, American singer (The McGuire Sisters)

1937 – Magic Sam, American blues musician (d. 1969)

1941 – Big Jim Sullivan, English session guitarist (d. 2012)

1941 – Paul Tsongas, American politician (d. 1997)

1942 – Michael Bloomberg, American media mogul and politician

1943 – Eric Andersen, American singer-songwriter

1943 – Maceo Parker, American musician (P-Funk)

1946 – Gregory Hines, American dancer and actor (d. 2003)

1947 – Tim Buckley, American singer-songwriter (d. 1975)

1947 – Judd Gregg, American politician

1948 – Teller, American magician (Penn and Teller)

1952 – Nancy Keenan, American reproductive-rights advocate

1956 – Dave Dravecky, American baseball player

1960 – Jim Kelly, American football player

1968 – Scott McClellan, 25th White House Press Secretary and star of the late lamented "Scotty Show" on Daily Kos.

1972 – Rob Thomas, American musician (Matchbox Twenty)

1975 – Scott Owen, Australian bass player (The Living End)

Died on This Day

1400 – King Richard II of England (murdered) (b. 1367)

1779 – James Cook, British naval captain and explorer (b. 1728)

1780 - Gabriel Jacques de Saint-Aubin, French painter and etcher (b. 1724)

1864 - William Dyce, Scottish painter (b. 1806)

1888 - Arthur Johann Severin Nikutowski, German painter (b. 1830)

 photo ArthurJohannSeverinNikutowski.jpg

1907 - Adolf Seel, German painter (b. 1829)

1943 – Dora Gerson, German actress, cabaret singer, and Holocaust victim (b. 1899)

1950 – Karl Guthe Jansky, American Discoverer of cosmic radio waves (b. 1905)

1950 - Cecilio Guzmán de Rojas, the first known Bolivian Ameridian painter (b. 1899)

1959 – Baby Dodds, American jazz drummer (b. 1898)

1967 – Sig Ruman, German-American actor (b. 1884)

1975 – P. G. Wodehouse, English writer (b. 1881)

2009 – Louie Bellson, American jazz drummer (b. 1924) and husband of Pearl Bailey.

2010 – Doug Fieger, American musician (The Knack) (b. 1952)

2010 – Dick Francis, British jockey-turned-novelist (b. 1920)

Today is

Valentine's Day
Ferris Wheel Day
National Organ Donor Day
Singles Awareness Day
National Crème-filled Chocolates Day

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