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Screencap of Breitbart story: "THE 'BOEHNER RULE' IS DEAD"
Speaker John Boehner will bring a clean debt ceiling bill to the floor Wednesday, marking the end of an era in which House Republicans sought spending cuts and reforms in equal or greater amount to the increase in the debt ceiling.
If I refused to pay my credit card bill or mortgage, would that make me "fiscally responsible"? During this "era" that lated a year, I guess it would! Very conservative. The natives, as you'll see below the fold, oddly weren't screaming about "personal responsibility". Quite the opposite, in fact.

Boehner is dead to me. He openly caucuses and coverts with the Democrats. Hell, Boehner might as well be a Democrat.
How do you convert WITH something? Boehner is such a sellout, he figured it out!
While no big fan of the current speaker, I will give him the benefit of the doubt, here.
There is a multitude, especially in the media, that are dying - DYING - to have something to bludgeon the GOP with to take attention away from the failure of Oblamocaresless.
If it requires holding back on even our most cherished positions, to get through to the mid-terms without a new cause clebre for the media and the rest of the demonrat party to use to distract from the "signature failure" of liberalism, I can hold my nose, while watching it happen.
Goodness, so many of us have held our collective noses to vote for less-than-conservative candidates, only to watch the resulting defeat, that this denial of olfactory sense, in furtherance of a victory, is welcomed.
If Republicans followed through their most cherished ideals of defaulting on our nation's debt and plunging the nation into economic chaos, why the media would beat up on them! So give the poor sucker the benefit of the doubt.
Either the nation gets its fiscal house in order or we're through. It is immoral to pass this debt onto our posterity into perpetuity. It reduces them into condition of slavery and amounts to taxation without representation.

There are three issues that I care most about. I'll list them in the order of importance.

1) Fiscal Responsibility
2) Opposing Obamacare including defunding it.
3) Opposing Amnesty for Illegal Aliens and unfettered immigration.

John Boehner crapped upon the conservative base of the Republican Party and the Tea Party on all three of these issues. I can only assume by Boehner's word and deeds that he has more in common with the Democrats than us.

I see that someone gave you a thumbs down. It wasn't me. At least I'll reply to a comment that I don't agree with.

1) It is fiscally responsible to refuse to pay one's credit card. Paying it is like being a slave.

2) Obamacare is totally like slavery, because ... fuck you, it just is.

3) Remember that time that Boehner allowed the Senate immigration reform bill to come up for a vote? That was like slavery too.

Many of our own want the free goodies and could care less about debt or deficit. I know I will be hammered for this! But the polls show us that this is true. Dems can't run on Obamacare but we seem to can't run against it! Obama is in total command which makes me sick inside! But the SCOTUS backs him at every turn. The only thing we won was stopping Gun Control for now. We have no leaders to lead us in the grand fight! We will need to take it to the streets!
Phew, people can still shoot up schools, so not ALL is lost in conservativeland!
Face it, folks, we're doomed. The poisons of liberalism have seeped too deeply into the nation's soul and even though everyone can feel the sickness, there are no doctors even offering cures, but if there were, the patients would reject it, preferring to die than accept help from unpopular forces.
Don't worry! Obamacare offers treatment for that.
The republicans were hammered in the media for allegedly shutting down the government last year. Although Boner couldn't explain how we actually wanted to fund the government and DEfund Obamacare, it hasn't seemed to hurt us at all. If Ted Cruz would do ALL the republican speaking for both houses, we could control the narrative. Instead, we have Boner, who told Jay Leno the republicans shut down the government.
If only President Ted Cruz, who led the fight to shut down the government, could explain that it wasn't really shutting down the government, everything would be perfect.
If given a landslide "victory" in 2014, what will Boehner do differently? He was handed a landslide victory in 2010 and has been an ObamaButtBoyRINO for the last 3+ years. Will he change his spots? No, not now, not ever, never. If Boehner will not change his spots, we must change out Boehner.
Poor Boehner, leads the most dysfunctional do-nothing House in the history of the country, and he's still an ObamaButtBoyRINO to his base.
Time to retire this Speaker. He prefers to cooperate with this lawless administration rather than stand up to them. We complain about our would-be dictator's backbone in dealing with terrorist nations. We should also be complaining about Boehner's backbone in his dealings with this terrorist American regime.
Cooperation is slavery! Wait, I mean terrorism!
If the majorities are there after the 2014 election, WE NEED new leadership to push Conservative Republican answers to ALL of our nation's problems. Barack will veto them, but let him HE NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED AS THE TRUE OBSTRUCTIONIST to our recovery of the American Republic. Only AGGRESSIVE, CONFRONTATIONAL leadership can do this, not status quo Republican cavers.
How isn't sick of all the bipartisanship in the House?
Boehner is WORSE THAN A DEMOCRAT! He is an a Womanizing, Drunk - and a Blackmailed TRAITOR! Remove him now while there is still a little daylight! And replace him with someone with enough CONSERVATIVE BALLS to TAKE OUT the Illegitimate Insurgent Communist in The BLACK HOUSE! And I suggest you start by digging up Newt!
Newt is a REAL Republican, and he's white! Why, I remember when he supported Heritage Foundation's Obamacare health care plan, which was totally not communist until it was.
Good point. Don't bother turning out in November. God'll take care of things.
He's a dead man walking come November in District 8 in Ohio.
No he's not.
As a conservative, I feel no one is speaking or standing up for me. My country is unrecognizable anymore.
Black people and brown people and hippies and people getting health care. It's mayhem out there!
The "debt ceiling" debate is rigged and will be passed by big government, for big government. If it hasn't been made clear to the American people yet, let them know that the grand experiment of self government by our founders has been hijacked, sold and resold again.

I believe nobody in Washington will listen to a thing the people say unless one of two things happen:

1. The people decide to passively resist by NOT PAYING TAXES that support the oppression.
2. Wake up one morning to find a congressman like Boehner swinging from an old oak tree.

Until then go back to working for the system and be a good little commie. And for goodness sake, don't look at Bob Costa's nasty eye!

Back to one party rule. I am voting them all out
And here they accuse liberals of voter fraud...
RINOPROGLICRATS hate you and America, they have destroyed both. It is too late to save America. R.I.P.
Sigh. So true. Perhaps you can give Russia a shot?
With the national Democrat party moving rapidly to the left as it has over the past years, the situation has forced many moderates into the GOP camp and this movement has defanged the fiscal hawks in the GOP. This gives more power to the RINOs, those representatives who would have been Democrats in the past but were estranged by the Vile Progs™ in the Democrat Loony Bin.
I didn't realize it was opposite day.
Out with the Old, In with the New.....
Enough of these Decades in Office, Career Political Idiots, on Both sides of the aisle.
Funny thing is that the dems respect anyone who is a dem, such as Obama, Reed, Pelosi, waters, Jackson, etc. I never met a Democratic voter who criticized a Democrat in office.
And there are Many Democratic Aholez in both the oval office and Congress.
But I've met many Republican voters who criticize Republicans in office.
And this is the Difference between:
- a Follower and a Leader.
- an Independent Thinker and a Propagandize, brainwashed bot.
Yup. Opposite day.
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