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Well that didn't take long:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is proposing building up a European communications network to help improve data protection.

It would avoid emails and other data automatically passing through the United States.

In her weekly podcast, she said she would raise the issue on Wednesday with French President Francois Hollande.

The cost of letting the NSA run wild is starting to be felt.

There will be a permanent loss of business to non-U.S. companies. And, thanks to its egregious abuses, the U.S. national security vampire squid will wind up losing access to information.

Mrs Merkel criticised the fact that Facebook and Google can be based in countries with low levels of data protection while carrying out business in nations that offer more rigorous safeguards.

"Above all, we'll talk about European providers that offer security for our citizens, so that one shouldn't have to send emails and other information across the Atlantic," she said.

"Rather, one could build up a communication network inside Europe."

An administration a little less reverent of institutional authority and a little less deferential to the polices of its predecessors could have reined in the NSA. As could an administration a little less arrogant and a little more concerned with having a decent respect for the opinions of mankind.
Germany has been trying to persuade Washington to agree to a "no-spy" agreement but without success.
With this shot across the bow, will two of the U.S. government's most important constituencies start fighting with each other?

Bring on the popcorn.

UPDATE II: Mark Lippman in the comments draws attention to this article on cloud services:

Cloud computing & Social Networks

I've seen a number of estimates of the hit to the US economy with $250 billion at the top end.

UPDATE I: A couple of diaries by Mark Lippman for those who wish to know more:

EU Vote Demanding End to Mass Surveillance Passes 33-7 with 17 abstaining

This one is especially thorough:

EU Plans for Digital Habeas Corpus, Renews Call for Snowden to Testify

These give important background, so please consider showing them some love.

Originally posted to expatjourno on Sat Feb 15, 2014 at 12:11 PM PST.

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How much will failure to rein in the NSA's activities wind up costing U.S. businesses annually?

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