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From time to time, I've commented about my being up close and personal with Cyndi Lauper. I mean, we were practically dating for a while. Are you prepared now for the complete, shocking, uncensored, untold story: Cyndi Lauper and me!

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June, 2002. It was year one of Cher's Farewell Tour. The tour started at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, and spread out worldwide from there. Myself and Partner were in attendance, as we were living in Toronto at that time. Cyndi Lauper was the opening act.

By the way, of all the concerts I've been to over the years, Cyndi Lauper is the only opening act that I've witnessed personally, to get a standing ovation. She puts on a helluva show, even when she's not the headliner. I digress.

We were seated stage left, several rows up from the floor and stage level. I had the aisle seat, Partner was next to me. Part way through her set, Cyndi left the stage, making her way out into the audience, still singing. She worked her way across the floor, and to the aisle which led up toward us. She was followed by a lone security guy, trying to be unobtrusive, but staying close to her at all times. As Cyndi passed right next to me, she paused, and then climbed up on the seat directly behind mine. The people who had purchased that seat and the ones next to it, had not yet arrived. Interesting things sometimes happen when you show up late to a live show, that you might never know about.

As I twisted around in my seat to look directly up at Cyndi's butt, I glanced at the beefy looking security guy. He returned a silent stare as if to say "don't even think it!". Which, of course, I wasn't.

What seemed at the time to be like an hour, probably only lasted 30 seconds or so. Cyndi got down off the seat, and slowly worked her way back to the stage, still singing, and getting wild cheers from the audience, especially in our section.

All in all, I thought, a pretty decent close encounter with a bona fide celebrity.

But wait, there's more!

October, 2002. Still year one of the tour, but Cher made another swing through Toronto, also featuring Cyndi Lauper. We went to this show as well (d'oh), but this time our seats were on the opposite side of the arena. We were in the first row of the side seating, just above floor level. This time it was myself, Partner, Partner's sister, and her husband.

Once again, Cyndi ventured out into the audience during her set. Girl seems to have this habit. She came to our side of the arena, but this time with no security following her. Just Cyndi and her wireless mic. As she moved closer and closer, I realized she was coming right toward me. Again. This time, there were no empty seats nearby to climb up on. Instead, she gave me a quick look to satisfy herself that I wasn't some kind of freak about to do something stupid, and sat right down my lap. I put my arm around her waist, and she reached across Partner to take hold of Partner's sister's hand. All this while continuing to sing. I looked up at the big video screens, and there we were, Cyndi and me, with her on my lap.

(It's a rare opening act that gets to use the big screen video and camera systems typically used only for the headliner).

And before you know it, Cyndi was up on her feet, moving along, and working her way back to the stage.

It was a remarkable coincidence for Cyndi to "find" me not just once, but twice, in different parts of the same arena.

Next month, Cher heads out on the 2014 Dressed to Kill tour. It was recently announced that Cyndi Lauper will be along for the latter legs of the new tour. She joins Cher a couple of weeks after the Toronto stop in early April, but we no longer live in the area. We already have our tickets for the June show at the Calgary Saddledome; Cyndi will be here according to the schedule.

Alas, our seats are up fairly high and away from the stage. Cyndi, can you still find me?

Oh, and as for Cher: I got you, babe!

February 18, 2014

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February 17, 2014

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February 17, 2014

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