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A young woman was stopped by police in Austin Texas when she crossed a street outside of the proper crossing area - jaywalking. She was ordered to show an identification, which she did not have, and so was handcuffed and dragged to a police car, screaming, after backup had arrived, and arrested for failure to produce an identification, which is now a crime in republican - less government - Texas...there were witnesses, and pictures and a video...

Evidently, this is a recent law - that everyone in Texas MUST identify themselves on demand by police or be arrested...not a ticket, hand cuffed and taken to the police offices. I read that the republican politician who wrote and supported this law is now running for Lt. Governor- His name is Dan Patrick.

PLEASE NOTE - I re-checked the article and responses to it going back over the last 4 hours...The new Texas law does not state that you must produce an ID,so long as you are not driving...but that you must identify yourself on demand to any Texas police officer or face arrest...this has been upheld by the SCOTUS - in Terry v. Ohio and Hiibel v Sixth Judicial District Court of Nevada.

My sister and brother in law live in south Texas, near the Gulf, and I had just been looking at houses for sale in their area before I saw this article...second thoughts now.

ADDED: People have replied stating there is no law in Texas requiring a person to carry ID. I have searched and found conflicting information on that, but please read the end of the article in which a representative of the Austin PD states that, "The call - (I assume for the back up or the arrest) was for failure to ID..." I assume the jaywalking was the excuse they were using to stop her, although they also stated they were there to insure "safety" for pedestrians and bike riders around the University area...

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