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Screencap of Human Events story: THE MYTH OF ‘SETTLED SCIENCE’
I repeat: I’m not a global warming believer. I’m not a global warming denier. I’ve long believed that it cannot be good for humanity to be spewing tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. I also believe that those scientists who pretend to know exactly what this will cause in 20, 30 or 50 years are white-coated propagandists.

“The debate is settled,” asserted propagandist in chief Barack Obama in his latest State of the Union address. “Climate change is a fact.” Really? There is nothing more anti-scientific than the very idea that science is settled, static, impervious to challenge.

Your puny attempt to use "science" to prove your case is the most un-science-y thing you CAN EVER DO! And while I believe it can't be good for humanity to lard up the atmosphere with CO2, if YOU say it you are a BALD FACED PROPAGANDIST!

Thank you, thank you. I'm Charles Krauthammer and I'll be here all week. Don't forget to tip your waitress!

The natives respond, below the fold.

How can anyone say that ANY science is settled? Think of all the things that people knew FOR A FACT 100 years ago. Advancements and new discoveries are made DAILY.
The ACA, we're told, can't be touched any more, because it is "settled law." Well, Prohibition was the ultimate in being a "settled law," since it was instituted via Constitutional amendment. And indeed Prohibition WAS "settled law" -- until it wasn't anymore.

Newton's Laws of Motion were considered ironclad and immutable for centuries. They too were "settled law" -- until Einstein noted discrepancies in the orbit of Mercury around the sun and devised the Theory of General Relativity to account for the anomalies. His law unsettled Newton's Laws by building in an exception to those laws.

The Constitution must be read literally. The Bible is the word of god. Tax cuts are gospel. But science? Eh, it's a suggestion.
A prediction:

In 20 years, when nobody thinks about "global warming" anymore, the leftist-published textbooks will blame "corporate conspiracies," especially "big oil" and "multi-nationals" for creating the global warming hoax to increase their own profits by getting the taxpayers to subsidize their non-functioning windmill projects and to dupe the public into buying their expensive boutique "green" products.

It is pretty easy to giggle at the left on this issue. They have been telling their faithful that a majority of scientists are in agreement that dirty filthy man is killing the planet so of course they feel that they have a planet to save from the heathens who drive SUVs. With them, feelings matter, facts don't. It isn't their fault the stupid planet isn't warming up like it is suppose to. I darn near died laughing at those scientists who got stuck in the ice.
A Comedy of Errors. The Russian MV Akademik Shokalskiy studying Climate Change/Global Warming got stranded in the summer ice of Antarctica. The Chinese icebreaker Snow Dragon attempted to rescue the 59 passengers and itself got stuck in the Antarctic ice. Following an appeal from Australian authorities the US has sent the Coast Guard icebreaker the Polar Star to assist in the relief effort. Chill out, Baby.
There's a lot of weather variables happening every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day, all having an effect on the outcome of something weather related and miraculously, some "community organizer" from the south side of Chicago knows exactly what be happenin', he be da weatherman!
This will go down as the greatest scientific hoax in history, but not before demagogic politicians attempt to make a lot of political hay out of it among the simple-minded leftists, wacky environmentalists, and a generally ill-informed general population. The only reason CO2 has been singled out and demonized is that it is the cause that the left can use to control the human population, which they could not do if it was say something "insignificant, like that big fiery ball in the sky.
Spewing tons of carbon dioxide spurs plant growth which cools the lower atmosphere. Take a walk in the forest to prove this to yourself, but take a gun as there are predators there.
Yes, green plants use the CO2 to make sugars and release cool O2 which Man needs to breathe. Without plants and CO2, we wouldn't be able to inhabit planet Earth. Doesn't anybody learn the Photosynthesis equation in Intro to Biology anymore? Oh wait, the US only ranks 23rd worldwide in basic Science knowledge.
"The debate is settled,” asserted Liar-in-Chief Barack Hussein (Taqiyyah) Obama in his latest SOTU. “Climate change is a fact.” Really? There is nothing more anti-scientific than the very idea that science is settled, static, impervious to challenge. Settled Science mocks the very notion of scientific inquiry and is nothing but a crude attempt to silence critics and delegitimize debate."
Al Gore and Robert Kennedy II want to have people who do not bow down to their new religious beliefs on global warming to be arrested and held in the new American concentration camps currently being built.
Science is settled until the next scientist comes along and disproves it or sheds new light on the issue. We have seen this happen numerous time in the past and I suspect it will happen again in the future. I could make a dispiriting  comment about the individual in the Whut House who made that statement but I doubt that they would understand it. As time goes by we make new discoveries ever day that disproves or changes what we thought for years. I doubt that that will ever change since there are new devices, skill and  equipment to help provide us with a clearer answers to our questions.


Cap & Trade is being imposed on the world because it creates a multi-trillion dollar commodity market for hot air. The beneficiaries are the rich special interest who will get wealthier setting up and trading the new commodities market. But citizens will pay more taxes to operate new regulatory bureaucracies and more for goods as business passes the cost along.

Did I already use dipshit? I want to use that for this guy instead.
"From Europe to California,
the ENTIRE West is NOW completely and utterly
----------------under a Pheonician-Canaanite
------------------------[ ie BABYLONIAN ]
-------------------------------------'MAGI ---ICK------CULL' system."
Informed Radio


What's the opposite of "erudite"?
Fifty years ago one famous Soviet scientist warned Americans about getting politicians involved in peddling science . He cited Stalin's support of Lysenko where to disagree with Lysenko's silly theories was to disagree with the Soviet State. But we didn't listen and for the last 22 years Humankind-caused Global Climate Change has been the religious doctrine of the Democratic Party with pronouncements from such such scientific experts as Gore, Obama, Kerry and a host of grant-seeking scientists from the new field of climate science.

As Sherlock Holmes would have said: "Follow the Money and it will lead you to the investors in the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) which one writer described as the greatest swindle in human history where trillions in extortion money would be extracted from American industries."


Originally posted to Daily Kos on Sat Feb 22, 2014 at 10:00 AM PST.

Also republished by Holy $h*tters.

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