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Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington October 15, 2013. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts
Sen. Susan Collins after a day of enabling James Inhoffe, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee.
From the Senate GOP's idiot spokesman, on the sleeper Maine Senate race:
Brad Dayspring, communications director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said [Shenna] Bellows is “way too far outside the mainstream” for Maine...."Susan Collins is a strong, independent woman, and an effective legislator who always puts Mainers first. If the Daily Kos declares statehood, Shenna Bellows would fit in well, but in Maine she’s way too far outside the mainstream for independent minded voters,” he said in an email.
1) The national GOP, beholden to its southern interests, really has no f'n clue what people outside Alabama and Oklahoma want or think. Maine is a foreign country to those jokers. And if Susan Collins were to retire, that Senate seat would be an easy Democratic pickup.

The national GOP is way outside the Maine mainstream. Objectively so.

2) Shenna Bellows grew up without electricity in rural Maine. Her dad's a carpenter, her mom's a nurse. So try to paint her as an outsider at your own peril.

3) It's true, Susan Collins is popular! She's a relic from the GOP's extinct past. A living fossil of what Republicans used to be. That makes this a difficult race at best.

4) So why is Dayspring creating conflict were none currently exists? A smart NRSC spokesperson would say something like, "Bellows seems like a nice enough person, but it's clear Maine loves Collins and is eager to give her another term this November." See? You come off as magnanimous and confident. Instead, Dayspring comes off as a clueless boorish asshole. Which approach is more in line with Maine values? I would bet "boorish asshole" isn't it.

5) If Dayspring had been magnanimous, I wouldn't be writing about this race right now. The last thing Republicans want is for buzz to start building around this race. They want it to remain sleepy, out of people's minds. Instead of having people follow a link to Shenna Bellows' campaign website.

6) Daily Kos, secede? We're not Texas conservatives! But sure, let's pretend. Given our current U.S. monthly uniques, the state of Daily Kos would have five congressional districts, two senators, and seven electoral votes. Admit it, that would be pretty awesome! And no, I wouldn't run for any of those offices. I sure would be happy to help a lot of you do so, though.

Originally posted to kos on Thu Feb 27, 2014 at 09:45 AM PST.

Also republished by BellowsforSenate and Daily Kos.

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