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Several locations of Gator's Dockside, a restaurant chain here in Central FLorida, have posted notices on the doors, every table, and even in the bathrooms that they are charging customers an extra "fee" for the Affordable Healthcare Act.  They claimed they are doing this so they can afford to comply with the ACA and provide healthcare for their employees.

 photo aca_zps070cde3e.jpg

I heard about this story a few days ago, but didn't write about it because it just didn't seem like a big scandal to me.  1% of a fifty dollar meal is fifty cents.  If that's what it costs to bring healthcare to all your employees, by all means, take my two freaking quarters.

I decided to give the owners the benefit of the doubt that they were doing this for the employees and not as a political ploy.  I did think it odd they would put a seperate line item on the bill just for ACA.  Afterall, they don't do this for Social Security, Medicaid, or any assortment of expenses they had--so why single out ACA except to make customers mad?  But again, I gave them the benefit of the doubt because they were providing their employees healthcare.  

Then I learned that independent franchisees (outside of the restaurants in GOP strangleholds, like the infamous and creepy "The Villages") weren't participating.  They essentially told the media it was unnecessary and stupid.  

Then I learned this:

Though the restaurant blames the new surcharge on Obamacare, the employer mandate, which will require Gator’s Dockside to provide coverage to 70 percent of its full-time employees, actually won’t go into effect until 2015.
OK. So it IS unnecessary and stupid. So they are charging customers for something they aren't even paying.

It's starting to look like a political stunt.  (The Heritage Foundation and other right-wing sites ate it up).  Several customers took to their facebook page to complain.  

But I said to myself, hey, at least Gator's Dockside is taking care of their employees.  

THEN I learned this!

Only the restaurant's managers are receiving healthcare currently, according to CNN Money.
What. The. @#*&?!??!!?

So you are not only charging your customers for something that doesn't exist, you aren't even providing your workers the healthcare you said you would!

Giving the GOP owners the benefit of the doubt.  My mistake.

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Originally posted to SemDem on Fri Feb 28, 2014 at 03:55 PM PST.

Also republished by DKos Florida and North & Central Florida Kossacks.

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