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Tough choice this week. Do I go with the freakout over Gov. Jan Brewer's veto of Arizona's anti-gay bill? Or do I go with the freakout of Sen. Rand Paul's speech to the Tea Party crowd telling them not to be dicks? Hmmm...

Speaking at the five-year anniversary of the Tea Party movement that has altered the American political landscape and propelled his rise, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said Thursday that the movement had to be more inclusive to those outside of the movement.
He said that "in order for us to be a bigger party, we have to reach out to more people, not just to those of us here." Paul referenced figures like Ted Nugent, without mentioning him by name, whose rhetoric Paul said hurts all conservatives.
Ha ha ha. Poor Rand thinks the teabaggers want to "widen their appeal". Head below the fold to see how Paul's intended audience took his suggestions.

0bama is an anti-American Marxist pig. We must liberate America from this progressive occupation. Is that sugar-coated enough?
That one won like, 45,667 new votes. I don't know what Rand Paul is talking about.
Nugent's got my vote, too. It's about time somebody starts saying it like it is - the Progressive Democrats always do and never apologize for anything. In fact, they double down and pound harder on their lies. Look at Susan Rice who looks one right in the eye and says she did not lie to American people while lying all the way. Watch Obama look you in the eye and say "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" (or words to that effect). As long as Republicans sit quietly by and wet their pants in response to insults from the Lefties, they will NEVER take control of the WH and have a good shot at losing the House. The public is swayed by negative ads. It's worked for Progressive Democrats. "If it ain't broke don't fix it" so the Lefties will continue in their negative insults. I couldn't take wimpy Republicans any more and are ashamed to be a member of a political party that won't stand up for itself. For that reason, I decided to re-register next week as an Independent. And I never thought I would be saying it or doing it.
Hmmm, pretending to be independent when you vote 100 percent Republicans doesn't really win any votes. Sorry. You have to be a bigger dick than that.
Rand Paul has only put his butt in the air agreeing with the blacks that they are still victims in modern America. He tells the illegals he will find a place for them if they want to work. All while 1/3 of the population in this country is unemployed or underemployed. It was said by many that Ron Paul put his butt in the air and appologized for America for being such a terrible unjust country. The Rand apple didn't fall far from the anti-American tree. Isn't Rand accusing the country of being unfair and terribly unjust with a particular race? Yes he is. Oh, such awful people we have been for all these decades.
Yeah, fuck Rand Paul, what with the alleged things his dad may have theoretically have said and insufficient white supremacy (even though this).
Mr. Paul needs to take his outrage directly to Mr. Webster. (He's the dictionary guy, for you Sandra Fluke types out there) Nugent obviously meant his comment as an insult, but there's more truth in his comment than just the definition. Definitions of that word include, A."an individual resulting from the interbreeding of diverse breeds or strains. B.One of unknown ancestry (Obama Sr. vs. Frank Davis OR Christian vs. Muslim). And C. A cross between types of persons or things. Take your pick - Mr. Nugent's comment is also perhaps an insight into why Barry really doesn't seem to be that fond of white people. That doesn't make him a racist, of course. It's just payback. Save your phony outrage for the communists and the illegal aliens. Mr. Paul. You sound just like that jackass, McCain.
Much better. Defending "mongrel" may have just won the Tea Party Delaware.
F the libs who refuse to enforce our immigration laws and push those illegals out of our country.

Libs who refuse to acknowledge and fight blacks' 73% illegitimacy rate can go to hell.

Libs who believe gay marriage is a "right" are ignorant cowards afraid to stand up for anything.

Is that Maryland suddenly turning Red? I suspect it was the line about liberals too cowardly to fight for gay marriage, which is happening in state after state because of liberals not doing anything to make it happen.
Paul has no business criticizing a citizen for speaking his mind. Translated: He's just like the RINOS who are embarrassed to be associated with many in their base. Ever hear Harry Reid criticize "occupy"? Jerk-offz like Paul give the leftists their sound bites, and wonder why we're all nauseated. "Oh, whatever you do, don't use such hateful rhetoric." Rand Paul, you see, is much more refined than the hayseeds he represents, and thus, the lecture by the Professor of Pandering. I wonder if Paul was as outraged by the illegals who flew the American flag upside down, underneath the mexican flag. THEM - he wants amnesty for. An American who voices his opinion - well......that's crossing the line. Pandering to illegals.....strike one, two, and three. Telling Americans who want to express themselves to shut up.......strike four, five, and six. Next batter..........
Allen West. Seriously. I bet he takes Illinois.
Had we started using a little inflammatory language earlier, we might not have a f**king communist in our White House.

The problem is all the nice talk about Obama, as though he is just another Democrat that some people happen to disagree with.

For the first 5 years, there was hardly anybody in the media who would criticize Obama without prefacing their words with "I think he is a very intelligent man" or "While I like him personally..."

Less inflammatory language? I'm just warming up on the inflammatory language

Every time a teabagger screams "COMMUNISM!", a county in California turns Blue.
The tea party aren't the ones calling people names. That would be the progressives on both sides. (ie: John McCain-calling us wacko birds, Barack Obama calling us enemies, Joe Biden calling us terrorists, Nancy Pelosi calling us racists, not to mention all the names the media calls us. I think we have kept pretty cool under the circumstances, but we are not going to allow this to go on forever....
Avoid Inflammatory language like leftists use. History proves when you turn the other cheek, they take your face off. If Romney wasn't wearing baby pants, and ripped
Bozo a new one over Benghazi, things would have been different.
As I was saying...
Obama didn't win because he was nice. He won because Mitt Romney hates Big Bird, puts women in binders, and drove around with a dog on his car.

Inflammatory language is how to win elections these days.

The Republicans simply stink at it.

Romney leaving his dog on the roof of his car was a quote from his book. "Binders" was a quote from a debate. But it sure was "inflammatory" to quote Romney's own words! Though I do admit, his "47 percent" quote was genuinely inflammatory. So you really can't say Republicans stink at it. The more they open their traps, the more inflamed the public is against them. But just the RINO ones. Tea Party Republicans are simply full of win.
Rand looks like a mental midget next to Cruz, Cruz has guts and he doesn't have to name call, but he also doesn't beg to be liked by the left.
Cruz would win Rhode Island, in a heartbeat.
Rand Paul, you do not speak for me. I didn't particularly care for the statement, but I would fight to the death for his right to say it. Shame on you.
"I will fight to the death to defend the guy who called a black person a 'subhuman mongrel', but won't do the same for the guy asking people to be civil, because I'm a conservative, of course."
Our founding fathers had ball$. They didn't go to a beer summit with King George, they shot up his army until he quit fighting, and gave them freedom from his tyranny. Ball$, that's our heritage. Ball$ are what define Americans. Pseudo intellectualism is what defines progressive nanny scum that want to control you with their fairness.. $crew them.
There wasn't no smarty-pants folk among the founding fathers. Why, they's was all good-ol' country boys who turn them redcoats into swiss cheese!
I joined the Tea Party, they didn't join me. .. inclusiveness is for gay bars and women's clubs. If you want that, join the DNC or the GOP
Holy crap, I think Republicans just won BERKELEY!
Call the scumbag Marxists out for what they are, who they are, and how they are taking a wrecking ball to our constitution and hard won freedoms. The are committing tyranny, their name is Democrat, or progressive but they really are Marxist infiltrators who seek to control the will of the American people..
Who ever thought Hawaii would ever be painted Red again?
Right Rand Paul. Avoid inflammatory language as long as your speeches include agreeing with Al Sharpton that the blacks have in fact been profiled and are treated unfairly by the US justice system. I'd say that was more than a little inflammatory to those other than blacks that have also been treated unfairly by the justice system. Obviously Rand Paul is trying very hard to distance himself from his father Ron who was seen as a racist, who talked about the blacks being "fleet footed." It's too bad that Rand is over trying to gain back the blacks his father disparaged and ridiculed. Rand will soon enough be known as the biggest panderer of all times.
Uh oh, if this catches on, Dems won't be able to hold Atlanta!
It is true, the lofos might be turned off by someone informing them their proverbial hair is on fire. Must use calm, measured language and tone so as not to upset the lofos. /sarc
"Lofo" = Low information voters. So yeah, tell the "lofos" that their hair is on fire. They will touch their hair and go, "uh, no it's not". The teabaggers can respond with "RINO COMMUNIST!" and people will be like, "huh?" And then they'll be like "YOU SUBHUMAN MONGREL!" and then Washington turns Red.
Who is lying? No one that I know of including the Nuge. It's time for the conservatives to stop trying to figure out what the independents want, which is near to impossible anyway. Many of them are single issue voters. Our candidates need to talk to all of the people, and promise their positive polices for everyone rather than trying to be everything to everyone, and in the end being nothing to everyone.
Exactly! Be all like "Benghazi!" but in a positive way, then be like "subhuman mongrel", but with a smile that shows you speak the truth, then throw in a cheerful "communism!" and a "god hates fags" with a wink and a nod. But don't stop there! You've got to tell the working poor, all positively, how lazy they are before waxing super happy about those hard-working billionaires who really shouldn't have to pay the same tax rates as their secretaries. Remind brown immigrant folks that the Statue of Liberty is really giving them the finger, but in a super awesome way. And it sure is swell how West Virginia's drinking water smells like licorice, which is candy for people with malfunctioning taste buds.

But dammit, every Republican is a RINO except for Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz and crazy Louie Gohmert. Which is a heck of a big tent, like one of those big ones that fit an entire family of four, but with a little room to spare for all the person (singular) that will be attracted to this profound awesome positive message of resentment and hate. Run THAT ticket (any combination thereof), and who can deny it: Even Minnesota would fall in a stunning 50-state Republican sweep. ADMIT IT, heathen Liberals! All that stands in the way of that disaster is the mealy-mouthed GOP. More Ted Nugent-style rhetoric, and our goose is cooked.

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