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Certain peoples' revisionist history knows no bounds. Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones just equated the Democratic Party with the KKK.

“I’ve looked at the Democratic Party and I’ve looked at the demographics,” said Jones. “Now, I’ve always been non-partisan, but you can see they’re going to get rid of the Republican Party right now. They are making it commit suicide and the Republicans are absolutely helping in this.”

Jones then told his version of the history of the Republicans’ “Southern Strategy,” in which segregationists abandoned the Democratic Party for the Republicans during racial integration. Republicans used the influx of racist whites to gain electoral dominance in the former slave states.

“And the Democrats went from being the Ku Klux Klan party on race with Sen. [John] Byrd [D-VA] and all of them,” Jones said, “to literally going, ‘Okay, we’re gonna go race politic with the minorities, make them the majority.’”

And Tucker Carlson offered his Fair and Balanced (TM) take:

“Yeah, there’s a lot of truth in that,” agreed Carlson. “I wish there weren’t. I mean, there’s no question that the country is more race conscious than it was when I was a kid. I thought we were moving away…I mean, I hate segregation.”
Nope. It's not about making people feel guilty for being White. It's a matter of demanding a return to common sense. It's called DBAD.

During the 2012 election, everyone thought that Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill would be the most vulnerable Democrat. But that all changed when Todd Akin made his infamous "legitimate rape" comment. Claire won by a big margin; she even won in some of the reddest parts of the whole country.

It is obvious that the GOP has not learned their lesson from the last time. They are continuing to violate DBAD on a regular basis, with gems like these and plenty of other gems in the leadup to Governor Jan Brewer's veto of the anti-gay bill. While it will be difficult for the Democrats to avoid losing seats in a year in which the economy is still stagnant (fact of life), I submit that it will be a lot less than popularly believed.

By exposing and amplifying these sorts of wild, hysterical, and ad homenim attacks, we can pose the question to voters of all stripes who are fundamentally decent in every way -- do they really want someone who has the temperament of a two year old throwing a tantrum representing them? A lot of people simply don't want to be associated with that regardless of their political persuasion.

As for the specific claim, show us the evidence. Most people can tell when people are respectful of them. This is seen most obviously in children, who can tell when you like kids or whether you would be disrespectful to them. But this is true for people of all races, political beliefs, genders, and orientations, which is why the GOP has had such tough luck attracting minority votes. So, for Carlson and Jones, that is an extraordinary claim that the Democratic Party is somehow in league with the KKK. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. And then they wonder why Obama got reelected.

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