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UPDATE, 6:40 am MST, 3/3/14:  As jplanner down below says, BoiseBlue probably did not make a conscious choice to not receive help from this community. I should have been more clear:  BB was not thinking straight, and I'm sorry I made it seem like she eschewed so many open arms on purpose. I'm sorry for any confusion, and I'm sorry if I misconstrued anything that was goin' on at the time, BB.

There have also been a few complaints at the term "bullying" that I make use of frequently in this diary. I chose to use that word because it was a term I knew everyone could understand quickly, and honestly, it felt like we were bullying BoiseBlue at the time. It sucks to be yelling at someone you love, just to pound into their brain that they really need medical help, and they need it now, and just listen to me and go! I was also making fun of the roxxers/suxxors fight in which we all accuse each other of bullying pretty much on a daily basis; it was nice to see us all come together as a community, for once.

Anyway, Thinking Fella himself said he prefers the term "high-pressure sales tactics", so we'll go with that. :)

Happy Monday! (I need coffee.)


Dear DailyKos Community:

Last night, BoiseBlue wrote a truly alarming diary. As many of you know, she wasn't speaking coherently, couldn't type, complained of feeling dizzy and confused, and also pretty much refused this community's general offer of help because she was so embarrassed to be asking for help.

Thinking Fella, a long-time community member and a friend of BoiseBlue's IRL, got on the phone with BB and basically started bullying her to go to the ER. The dude was instrumental in BoiseBlue eventually ending up in the Emergency Room, and he wouldn't let her go to bed when all she wanted to do was sleep. Thinking Fella hit it out of the motherfucking park! He sent BB more than 100 texts, talked to her on the phone and wouldn't let her get off, kept us all updated, and was instrumental in getting her well again.


This community owes you a debt of gratitude. You displayed honesty, kindness, helpfulness, concern, and bravery. The whole lot of us should be more like you, babe.

Here's lookin' at you, kid. :) Mmwah!

Love Always,


P.S.  Big community thanks also go out to Dallasdoc and TheMomCat, both ER physicians and very helpful with advice and bullying when needed. :)

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