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In, Pension Hypocrisy blocks Chris Chris Christie's Comeback Trail: Investigative Report by Mark Lagerkvist, we learn that Covernor Chris Christie's attempt to jumpstart his stalled "political mojo" is hitting a major snag as the Governor's hypocrisy in pension reform is highlighted by the discovery that he has hired 19 major pension-double dippers some of whom are now making over $200,000 a year. This comes on top of a new "mini-scandal that broke last night that I reported last night in
Top Christie PA appointees devised a secret toll-hike plan to boost images of NY and NJ Governors,
which in my opinion is a much bigger scandal that is getting lost in the commotion of such a busy news day. We need an "air traffic control system" to manage all these breaking Governor's scandals.

While the New Jersey pension fund is $52 billion in debt, and Christie has "dedicated himself to fixing it, saying, “This is the goal I will dedicate myself to in the remaining years of my governorship,” his hypocritical actions speak louder than words.

At age 28, Heck retired as a Middletown Township police officer. He was deemed “totally and permanently” disabled in 1993 after he was struck on the hand with a hockey stick while responding to a domestic dispute, according to state pension records. ... With pension-for-life in his grasp, Heck attended Rutgers University and graduated with a law degree. He was hired by the attorney general as a state investigator in 2004, promoted to deputy attorney general in 2007 and joined the governor’s staff in 2011.

Adam Heck now  "gets a $44,818 a year state disability pension in addition to his $110,000 salary," for being Governor Christie's legal counsel. Neither Christie nor Heck will comment, despite the fact that Governor Christie criticized "double-dippers" several weeks ago.
Governor Christie announced:

“Our pension system is burdened by some who collect disability retirement because they claim they are ‘totally and permanently’ disabled, but are now working full-time,” said Christie.

In 2012 New Jersey Watchdog revealed that of the major double dippers in the executive branch 19 were hired by Christie.

And, the case of Goetting illustrates an even more conspicuous hypocrisy and burden to New Jersey taxpayers. You'll have to read the article for a long history, but here's the money quote, (so to speak):

Goetting soon became a double-dipper. He was hired by Brookdale Community College in Monmouth County as an executive vice president and returned to the public payroll in August 2003 at a salary that reached $162,000 a year. ... In 2010, Goetting joined the Christie Administration as the governor’s budget expert on cutting the cost of government. So far, Goetting has pocketed more than $1 million in pension and severance pay while continuing to draw six-figure public salaries.

So Governor Christie, it would appear your "karmic chickens are coming home to roost," maybe you should call Governor Scott Walker and the two of you can start of club. But, why don't you explain all this to the voters in a major press conference like you promised you would do with your great commitment to "transparency" and getting to the bottom of scandals in your office. Except, this time you are going to need a lot more than two hours.

12:18 PM PT: Jamess Strikes Again!

I just received this message from Jamess, who just discovered yet another scandal in New Jersey.  The guy never sleeps! He's off to work and asked me to post it for him.

Hey HD, I found this lead this morning, not sure were it will lead. But have at it if you have the time or inclination. I got to run -- I'm late for work. - jamess  Mon Mar 03, 2014 at 05:55 AM PST
Jamess found this article from September 2010 that got lost in the shuffle. He says, "the wheeling and dealing that goes on here is simply incredible:"

Douglas Feiden, a Daily News Staff Writer, for the New York Daily News wrote

New Jersey politicians strike back-room deal with Port Authority for Bayonne Bridge, WTC funding.

    New Jersey pols struck a $1 billion back-room deal with the Port Authority as their price for supporting a breakthrough pact to restore the World Trade Center, it was revealed Tuesday.

    The PA board voted to pony up the cash to rebuild the Bayonne Bridge -- a top priority in the Garden State -- after Jersey commissioners agreed last month to back a new financing deal for Ground Zero.

    Without the bridge funding, a boost to Port Newark, New Jersey Gov. Christie would have blocked the PA from providing $1.6 billion in financing to developer Larry Silverstein, officials confirmed.

2:44 PM PT: Yikes, I meant to credit AnnetteK for this second story which she called our attention to in the comments quite a while ago.  Sorry AnnetteK, I greatly appreciate your contributions. I'm working on finding us a new house, so I haven't really been concentrating enough today, Thanks again.

7:43 PM PT: Double yikes, In my 2;44 pm apology for not crediting AnnetteK for the second article I didn't even notice I hadn't put the second article up, yet. It's been a busy day, but no one seemed to notice.

Port Authority chairman hit with ethics complaint by NJ Working Families Alliance

A coalition of New Jersey labor and other groups filed a complaint with the State Ethics Commission today charging Port Authority Chairman David Samson with using his position at the bi-state agency to benefit developers and other clients of his law firm.

"This complaint alleges that Samson violated the CIL by using his position as Chairman of the Port Authority to influence decisions of the Port Authority Board of Commissioners that would benefit clients of his law firm, Wolff & Samson PC," states the complaint, filed by the New Jersey Working Families Alliance, a Democratic-leaning coalition of consumer, environmental and labor groups.

CIL refers to the state Conflict of Interest Law, which governs the conduct of commissioners of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the Working Families group asserts. The group maintains that the ethics commission has jurisdiction over Port Authority commissioners.

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