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It happened off-air during the overtime section on Real Time where Bill Maher presented to Bill Kristol the issue that the Tea Party was not built on "Fiscal Discipline", but was instead fostered by the Fear of Black President.

After laying out the fact that the Bail Outs were initialized by President Bush, and have - on balance - been largely or totally been paid back, Maher challenged the fiscal restraint raison d'être of the Tea Party.  If in fact the deficit has come down - which it has - and most of the bailouts were implemented under President Bush - which it was - and most of the bailouts did in fact save the economic crash from being far worse than ti actually was - which they did - exactly what is he prime rationale for the Tea Party other than the fear and loathing of the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is Black, Democrat President?

On his HBO show "Real Time With Bill Maher" Friday night, comedian Bill Maher suggested that the tea party movement -- which celebrated its fifth anniversary last week -- was originally "about a black president."

"That's bullshit," snapped Bill Kristol, the editor of the Weekly Standard. "That is total bullshit. ... Even you don't believe that. You're just saying that."

"I totally believe that," Maher said. "It happened a month after [President Obama] took office. Suddenly white people were very upset about debt, even though Bush had raised the debt way more than Obama had."

Look how long have we been hearing about how Obama Should Be Impeached for Shit that Didn't Happen?  They blame him for shit that Putin does, even when have we ever assumed an American President was responsible for Russia!? Somehow, in some way, he's responsible for George Zimmerman being ostracized and punished?  Uh, how? Next they'll say he was the Mastermind behind the Lindberg Baby kidnapping.

Even Fox News has finally admitted that Darryl issa's no "Stand Down Order" on Benghazi is Totally Bogus.

We've reached a point where AFP and GOP claims about Obamacare are now openly and repeatedly called LIES!   Because they are.

If it wasn't the bailouts, if it wasn't Obamacare, if it wasn't Benghazi or other bogus scandals like the IRS (which actually didn't just target the conservatives), or Fast & Furiuos, or the Deficits which has been cut nearly in half while Obama has been President - what exactly is it?

Once you eliminate the probably, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

Yet, I think there is one more possibility besides simply the fact that the Tea Party is packed full of half-closeted Racists.

I mean, it just might be, but that's not the last remaining reason why they have behaved the way they have for the last five years.  

If they happen to be Conservatives you've seen the Tea Party openly embrace people like Alan West,  Alan Keyes (Who was a Pioneer Birther), Clarence Thomas, Tim Scott, or Dr. Ben Carson.

So it's not just the fact that Obama is Black that has chapped their ass about him, and if you think about it most of their complaints aren't linked to his race, not directly.  All of the "Muslim", "Socialist", "Socialist" and "America Hater" arguments aren't really all that different from the type of things that were thrown at John Kerry when he ran for President or Bill Clinton when he was President.

Don't get me wrong, i do think the Tea Party his a very high Racial Bigotry Quotient, that isn't the sole type of bigotry that drives them.

They are, at their core, Anti-Liberals.

It just happens to be a coincidence that it has been Liberals (from Lincoln, to Teddy Rosevelt, to FDR and LBJ) who - regardless or party - have always brought the shiver of abject terror to those on the Right.

It was Liberals (in both parties) who ended Slavery.  It was Liberals who fought for the Right of Women to Vote, who ended Jim Crow, who brought us Social Security, the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act, the G.I. Bill, Unions, Medicare, Medicaid, S-Chip, WIC, SNAP, the EPA, OSHA and the Minimum Wage.

Conservatives are against it. All of it.

So naturally they're against Barack Obama, even it's only half way for most of the above.  But in the end, being anti-Liberal isn't really any better than being anti-Black.  It's a distinction without any discernible difference.

Even if they warp themselves in a Gadsden Flag and a 3-corner hat, an ideological bigot is not better than a racial bigot.  A bigot is still a bigot.

And no, that's No Bullshit.


Originally posted to Vyan on Tue Mar 04, 2014 at 09:43 AM PST.

Also republished by Barriers and Bridges.

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