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This week's source material, from the Daily Caller:

Screenshot of Daily Caller story: URGENT NEWS POLL: Who would make a better president? Obama or Putin?
IT'S URGENT! So, if you never thought you'd see conservatives lusting after a Russian president, you were way off base. Because as you'll see below the fold, the wingnuts sure love themselves a totalitarian warmonger! Seriously. They do. Take a look.

Putin. He is a strict Constitutionalist. He loves his country. He digs for oil and gas. He protects Russians anywhere in the world.

He acts the way a President of a great nation should act.

We may think he's a bad guy, but he cooperates on terrorism, nuclear non-proliferation, international drug trafficking interdiction, space and supplying our troops in Afghanistan through Russian space. He wants to be a fair trading partner, and is an outdoor man's man.

Considering the world he grew up in, he's turned out to be a good leader for his people.

Who thinks Obama is any of that?

Putin is a strict Constitutionalist. He only changes it when he wants to.
Here is what I will say for Putin everything he's done.. good or bad as some in the west say.. he did for the better of his country.. he took action to protect his people and navy base in crimea.. it makes perfect sense to me.. I see nothing crazy about that move... all I hear is big mouth Americans on TV mentioning Hitler as Putin nonsense..
unlike our politician who keep throwing away money and going to wars that have never benefit our country.. Putin protects his country... and doesn't open his country to enemies and third wourd Muslims like American politicians.. who now see their own America more as a business then a country.. Americas best days are gone..
Yup. Putin would NEVER see his country as a business. Or open up his country to attack by Muslims.
Gee, this isn't a fair question. No doubt in my mind they are both serving certain oligarchs, and are corrupt as anything. However Putin is the more manly, and comes across as a leader. In the end I would rather have neither as my president.
But if you had to choose, "manly" wins, right?
In terms of honesty, I prefer Putin...he's honest...he's a thug and let's it be known he's a thug...

Ours is dishonest to the Core...!!.....he only pretends Honesty...and many are finally catching on...

Cons sure do loves them some honest thugs! Why else was Chris Christie invited to CPAC this year after last year's snub?
Putin is a Russian patriot and tough,decisive,nationalist, LEADER.Obama is a wimp and globalist.
Hands down Putin because he at least loves his country.
All that stuff about hating communists and dictators and socialism and blah blah blah? Never mind. If a former KGB officer "loves his country", all's good then.
It says a lot about obummer when so many Americans have more respect for the Russian President than the usurper currently occupying the White House. I don't think that has ever happened in the history of our country.
We've never had a right wing so unhinged before, so yeah. It does say a lot.
I would vote for Putin....He has balls, is much more intelligent, even cunning. ...and a much better leader. He would be far less destructive than our guy.
If only they could move there and "vote" for Putin ...
One of the candidates hates this country and everything it stands for. He hates Capitalism and those who make an honest $ for a days work. He will do everything within his power to totally destroy this country and everything our founding fathers believed in.

The other candidate is a Russian....

One candidate has presided over record stock market highs, the other is struggling to keep his currency afloat ... what was the question again?
Gone are the days of "We'll put a boot in your azz, it's the American way" with the POS in the white house it is now, "Bend over and grab your ankle, a boot in your azz is coming your way."
Sigh, it sure was wonderful when we sent someone else's kid to die.
At least Puntin cares about his country even though he is a thug and a killer. Putin would open up drill baby drill and help pay down all the debt this American president has put on the American taxpayer their kids and grandchildren. Vote these democratic senators and congressmen out
Thugs and killers are okay if they drill for oil.
Heavy-handed Putin is comfortable in his own skin and at least knows who he is and where he's going. He has a compass.

Obama, apart from ritual cant and dogma, is in a permanent fog and needs a GPS to find the men's room.

Compass points to invading neighboring countries in a desperate bid to recapture past national glory, so ... yay?
All I know, is that the government and media in this country is becoming more intolerant of Christianity, and is more and more promoting immorality. That sounds like the soviet union of old. In years to come, will there be any difference between the U.S. and Russia, both being dictatorships.
... in other words, you don't know shit?
Putin or Obama, ummm. Obama is merely a carbon copy of Putin. The only difference is Obama is restricted by what is left of the US Constitution. Both have psychological narcissistic personality disorder. Both are compulsive liars. Obama with his "you can keep it" and compulsive liar syndrome in 2012 election and Obamacare. Putin in his compulsive soviet mentality lies of telling the world he didn't send military into a neighboring country. Both can lie equally well and keep a straight face while doing it. Both are the reincarnation of Marxist University ideology and both embrace a vision of a "new order" for establishing a world Marxist Socialist State. I would not give a plugged nickel for either one.
Why, there's that one lie about keeping one's insurance, and, well ... uh, ALL THOSE OTHER COMPULSIVE LIES just don't ask me what they are because WORLD MARXIST SOCIALIST STATE.

So to summarize, conservatives agree, Putin is better than Obama. Because "freedom", I guess.

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