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One can count on Republican leadership continuously disparaging the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). They bash it on all the media networks. It is disconcerting that as quantifiable data is released, rarely are they asked to defend their proclivity for misinformation. This is a disservice to Americans that is bordering on "civil criminality."

Obamacare has been active for several years now and no one is scheduled or sentenced to die. Hence, there are no death panels. That statement is not completely true. States like Texas, Louisiana and Florida have in fact sentenced their poor, sick and uninsured to die by refusing the Medicaid expansion to Obamacare. Where are the Democratic ads accusing these states of implementing death panels?

Everyone knows grandma is still around. After all, she is actually getting her prescriptions at better prices. Hence, grandma was not thrown under the bus.

Everyone knows that Cigna, Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc. are private companies. Hence there is no government takeover of health care.

Since the inception of Obamacare, the unemployment rate has fallen. More people are gainfully employed. Hence, Obamacare is not a job killer.

The uninsured rate has fallen. Hence, Obamacare does not cause the loss of insurance in the aggregate.

More on Obamacare below the fold.

Now everyone in America knows, should know, or must know a very important fact: Obamacare is making working Americans a little bit richer. Granted, it won’t make you wealthy but it is leaving a few more dollars in one’s pocket directly and indirectly.

How is Obamacare effecting that feat? The Wall Street Journal reports that “consumer spending rose a better-than-expected 0.4% and personal incomes climbed 0.3% in January.” It attributes the bulk of the increase to Obamacare.

How was this accomplished? On the income side, the subsidies provided a stimulus by reducing the cost of health insurance. “On the spending side, the BEA is assuming Obamacare is responsible for a $29 billion increase in health-care services.”

Texas and other red and southern states should take heed. There is a damning piece prepared by Emily Cohn at Huffington Post that provides perspective. The piece illustrates in unequivocal terms certain realities.

States led by conservatives have a propensity for poverty.


States led by conservatives states have low or no minimum wage. This partially explains its propensity for poverty.

Department Of Labor

States led by conservatives provide poor upward mobility. Those that are poor have little state resources that aid in lifting them out of poverty.

Equality Of Opportunity Project

As conservatives refuse the Medicaid Expansion to Obamacare for ideological reasons, their citizens pay the price. Obamacare is one leg on the stool that can assist in lifting one out of poverty.

Many of the poor in these states are denied access to health care. Given that these states are "sicker" than the rest it is unconscionable. Conservative states have higher rates of obesity. A higher percentage of their citizens smoke cigarettes. They have a higher rate of teen births than in less puritanical states.

For all these reasons it is ironic that these states led by conservatives would leave monies taxpaying citizens throughout the country have already paid, on the table. They preach fiscal responsibility yet choose ideology over said tenet. They preach morality and religiosity yet their acts put the health and economic well-being of those they purport to care for in jeopardy. If they really cared, would they not put ideology on hold and do what is best for their citizens?

They don’t care. We must meet these aggrieved citizens where they are and help them defeat their failed leaders. We must care.

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