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The argument about the U.S. role in Ukraine seems to have a hit a nerve among some people. To the point that strawmen are being destroyed.

When people are out hitting strawmen, people are getting nervous.

First, let's define the argument. Actually, let's start with 'Foreign Policy'. Russia, England, France, China, and the U.S. all have the same foreign policy. It is about resources. How it is sold to masses is the only difference.

Follow me below why the whole thing is broke and no one gives a damn about people.

First a little background.  There are neocons. Like Prince Bandar. People that live in that quiet little bubble where they have massive money and influence, but no responsibility. Or Tony Blair. Lied to his country about a war. Still hanging out with billionaires. The entire editorial page of the Washington Post. Pushed for an illegal war. Still read by our 'elite' as if they are based on anything resembling humanity.

People pretend the neocons "aren't in power." Foreign policy is not a political movement. Foreign policy is done by people paid to come up with a way sell/lie to the people why we are spending half a trillion dollars on a military. But of course that not just the U.S, France does the same. It has its military strategically deployed in North Africa. To spread 'democracy'? BULLSHIT as has been said. Their forces are deployed to protect Uranium mines. Why do you think it was so obvious Iraq wasn't getting yellowcake from Niger? France knows where every ounce of yellowcake is.

Of course England has no history of colonialism or having a foreign policy based on economics vice spreading democracy.

To be simple. Nations have a foreign policy entrenched on their economic needs. The people running them have massive support from the economic groups making money from this. That is where think tanks in Western Democracies come into play. They get funding from the corporations that benefit from a specific foreign policy, and they spread the message by writing op-eds, showing up on TV, briefing/lobbying Congress, etc. That is why we could have war against Iraq that was obvious about oil and yet have massive media and political denial about the obvious. And the only ones that got fired were Ashley Banfield and Phil Donohue.

This is a pervasive force that is not run but one man. Nor is this a force that anyone dare quantify. As soon as one does, they are attacked.

But it is there.

Just as the selective support of demonstrations. Turkish demonstrations? OWS? Our media doesn't give a damn. Bahraini crack down on the majority of the population? Who cares. Military rule in Egypt cracking down? Not a concern.

Ukraine? We are being fed the same line as Libya. We are to ignore the warning signs. Everyone on our side is good. Everything else is propaganda. Libya is now holding government in a hotel because warring factions attacked Parliament.

So given the massive amount of money passing hands on the natural gas passing through Ukraine, it would take a lot to convince me that that anyone (Russia, the U.S., EU) had a system in place that was concerned about the future of the Ukrainian people.

When a progressive site like this has no problem with Tea Party nutjobs in Ukraine, you can be damn sure our State Dept doesn't. There is no mechanism in place to make sure the people of Ukraine will have a better nation. Just like we went for the cheap in Libya and now have nothing but warring factions. Or how we tried to run Syria by the idiots in State using ex-pats. Now Syria is in rubbles and we continue to both manipulate the opposition and pretend we have nothing to do with Syria.

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