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Expanded from a comment in Christiegate: Reid Schar Knows More Scandal Documents Exist - He Has SEEN them by ericlewiso and inspired by another comment by skillet and seen in Top Comments yesterday

CC as Mackers
Samson as Lady Mackers
Wildstein as Banquo
Kelley, Baroni, and Stepien as The Weird Sisters
Zimmer as MacDuff

Scene 1 Sept. 2013
(A foggy landscape, three figures hunched over a cauldron)

Kelley          Eye of newt and batwing's knee.
                 Time for some traffic in Fort Lee.
Baroni.         By Authority of the port
                  We clog this bridge, just for sport
Stepien.      And with this done, we shall fly
                To delete our emails and deny.

All.             Any prints of hand or thumb
                That something wicked this way comes.

Stepien.     Claw of cat and tongue of frog
                 He comes from Trenton (former bog)
Kelley.        The man himself, the Thane of Jersey
                All the mayors, at his mercy.
Baroni.       To smite his foes, reward his friends.
                I wonder how His story ends.

All             Thrice around the boiling pot
                Thrice again, to not be caught.

Christie.       Who are you, you minions three
                 That serve yourselves and not of me

All.            Oh, mighty Gov. We will be brief
                We see you in command as chief.

Christie.       You hear that, Dave, oh great news
                  An oval office shall cure my blues
                  From battles fought and union strife,
                  The schools which fall to budget knife.

Wildstein.      I shall help, yes I’m the guy
                    I will not sit just idle by
                    Like traffic on the bridge of fate
                    I see their plan to tie up….

Christie.                                            WAIT!
                    Do not tell me, I cannot know
                    About any sort of traffic flow
                    For later on, I must deny
                    And if I know, I’ll have to lie.

                    So plan the plan and scheme your scheme
                    I’ll have to say it was a dream
                   All planned by you and not by me
                   I’m sure I have your loyalty.

Scene 2 Dec. 2013
(In a room in Castle Trenton)

Christie.       Oh Mighty Samson, have you heard,
                    it’s hard for me to say the word,
                    There’s talk of me as President,
                    An amazing thing for a Jersey Gent.

Samson.      That’s great Chris, you are my boy
                   I just can’t share in all this joy.
                  That tiny Slav from Fort Lee
                  Is making waves for you and me.

                  He says you did it, you closed his lanes
                   After axing all the brand new trains.
                   And then there’s Foye, that righteous #$@%
                    Who knows how I have made a buck

              They come at me with the long knives out…

Christie.       Calm down Gen. no need to shout.
                  I’ll work the press as I always do.
                  I’ll mock them with verbal poo-poo
                  Denials deep, all through my bones
                 I’ll even say I worked the cones.

Samson.       Be bold and dare within your story
                   You are bound for higher glory.
                   Those tiny people in your way
                   We obviously have to pay.

Scene 3 Feb. 2014
(Christie is visited by a ghost from his high school past and The Weird people make three more predictions)

Christie.      Friends, you’re gone, you have been fired
                   I’m truly sorry how this transpired,
                   Sad for me, but not for you
                   Just look at what you made me do.

(voices from beyond)

Wildstein (GHOST) How could you Chris, we were so close.
Christie.                Dude, we were just acquaintances, at most.
Wildstein(GHOST) We shared the copter on nine-one-one
Christie.                Look. . . man. . . Are you done?

All.           We have not left you, we know what’s next
                 Don’t let the future leave you vexed.
                 We shall share three things we know
                 Then to a judge we have to go…

Kelley.       You shall not fall by the hand of man.
Christie.      I sort of kind of like this plan.
Zimmer.      I’ll be there, right by your side
                  When in handcuffs you take a ride.

Christie.      This vision leaves me a tad bit scared.
Baroni.        Don’t worry, you may yet be spared.
                   If all your deals were ethic’ly sound
                   There is no crime which can be found.

                   Chris, why that face? What is your mood?

Christie.   B'cause what you say, means I’m screwed.

Stepien.   There’s one more hope for you to seek
                   The future may not be that bleak
                   You shall not sway, no shall not fall
                   Until the Wood of Trenton come to call.

Christie.      That’s all, that’s it, I have to quit.
All Visions.  What can you see, what caused this fit.
Christie.      Have you seen the halls, full of box
                  Of pad, and paper, and  printed docs

                  A forest of sheets, the courts new treasure
                  They are subpoenaed, every measure.
                  I’ll fight those writs, tooth and nail
                  But that fight will finally fail

                  And in the end, with all friends gone
                  with Nothing left to fall upon,
                  I will see the final straw
                      That hubris was my fatal flaw.

Originally posted to ArtsBoz on Wed Mar 12, 2014 at 05:27 AM PDT.

Also republished by Community Spotlight.

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