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Oh don't bother me with my candidate statement to the Orange County Registrar of Voters.  That was an easy one to write up.  And talking about Benghazi and IRS's wrongful targeting was just absolutely important for the voters of CA-49 to understand!
Well folks, this isn't really earth-shattering news but we were notified via Darrell Issa's Democratic challenger Dave Peiser of the Candidate Filing Log on the website of the Orange Country Registrar of Voters.  We thought we'd share our findings with fellow Kossacks.

First off, here's Dave Peiser's Candidate Statement.  The nice thing about this statement is that while Peiser doesn't attack Darrell Issa or any one in the Republican Party here in this statement, he does however mention things progressive Democrats and Democrats in general (as well as the general public) care about, as well as representing the business community in California's 49th Congressional District and listening to input, working on solutions to address problems.

OCCUPATION: Local Business Owner AGE: 53

We deserve a Congressional representative who listens to our

We cannot continue to support those who put partisanship before
what is best for our Country.

We need a government that works for everyone, not just a
privileged few. America need not be a country of haves and havenots.
Instead, we must elect those who believe that every American
deserves the opportunity to thrive.

A District resident for 25 years, I have an MBA, national and
international business experience and a successful local business.
I have traveled the tough road and put in the great effort required
for a small business to prosper.

I have seen how effective government policies can have a
positive impact on jobs and the economy. However, we must elect
representatives who are serious about creating jobs for people
other than themselves.

As your Congressman, I will work to strengthen our nation and
to staunchly protect individual's rights. I will safeguard Social
Security, not hand it over to Wall Street. I will strengthen Medicare,
not "voucherize" it. I will honor our veterans and military with deeds,
not just words. I will work collaboratively for every individual's
benefit and provide leadership that assures a better future for all.
I will spend time in the 49th District. I will get to know you, your
neighborhoods, your businesses and your concerns - then work
toward solutions.

I will represent the values of the people in our communities.

I will be grateful to obtain your vote. Visit
to learn more.

Pretty straight forward right?  But compare Peiser's Candidate Statement towards Darrell Issa's statement and you get a completely different message.

Here's Issa doing his very best to pitch himself to Orange County voters in CA-49 and failing miserably at doing so without being partisan:

OCCUPATION: Member, U.S. House of Representatives
49th District

As Chairman of the House Oversight & Government Reform
Committee, I am committed to restoring accountability and
transparency to our federal government.

I have led investigations targeting waste, fraud and abuse in
government and corrupt practices in corporate America. I wrote
legislation to reduce the size of the federal workforce, remove
Washington regulation that hurts our ability to create jobs, preserve
the essential services of the Post Office and protect the privacy of
our electronic communications.

Our investigations exposed how the IRS wrongfully targeted the
American people; what really happened the night a terrorist attack
killed American personnel in Benghazi, Libya; and brought to light
the fatal mismanagement of the federal law enforcement operation
known as "Fast and Furious" that allowed thousands of illegally
purchased weapons to cross our borders into the hands of violent
Mexican drug cartels.

Each day people in our community express frustration with a
government that is increasingly unresponsive and at the same
time, more intrusive in our lives. Our government has grown
unwieldy and it often fails to carry out its most basic functions.
We deserve an efficient, effective government that preserves our
freedoms and empowers us to succeed. These principles guide
my decisions. Our policies should support the growth of jobs and
small businesses, not government - which I seek to make better,
not bigger.

It is my honor to serve you in Congress and I appreciate
your vote. For more information, please visit my website or call my office at (760) 598-3535.

Does anyone want to call Darrell Issa's office?  Number is (760) 598-3535.

Anyway, as you can see, obviously a lot of propaganda in Issa's Candidate Statement but that's what he chose to include.  We can already sense that he fails to have learned the message of networking in the business industry, which is to connect with people and ask to them: How can I serve as a referral?  

In other words, networking in the business industry does not mean you approach things with a "what's in it for me" perspective but more of "what's in it for you" perspective.

But no matter what, Darrell Issa won't let anyone get in his way of receiving campaign contributions and fundraising for the GOP so as long as he continues to mention Benghazi, the IRS and his investigations, he'll do what whatever it takes to make his Candidate Statements and anything else partisan and divisive regardless if anyone disagrees with him.

Can't stand anymore Darrell Issa?  Democratic Candidate Dave Peiser is running and he has endorsements by the CA State Democratic Party, San Diego APWU and many local, active Democratic clubs.

In case you are looking to support Dave Peiser and his campaign, links are below:

Dave Peiser for Congress:

Donate:  Via ActBlue here: or





Information on our Knowledge Democrats group:  We're based on Daily Kos but have a Wiki platform which we're developing and a Twitter channel as well with 2,188 followers and growing (including a number of users from the Unite Blue community).  A number of candidates running in Congressional campaigns or operatives in them are following us on Twitter as well.

Our goal is to strengthen the liberal & progressive Democratic community through information,  outreach and to also help promote legitimate Democratic candidates regardless of fundraising numbers or attention in the news.

If you would like to get involved in our efforts, our links are below:

Knowledge Democrats DKos Group:

Knowledge Democrats Wiki Platform:
Sign up as User for KD Wiki ->

Check us out and follow us at Twitter at

Originally posted to Knowledge Democrats on Wed Mar 12, 2014 at 03:59 PM PDT.

Also republished by California politics.


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