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New York Environment Report Blog/Website Easy log in. Use any of your accts, ie facebook, google, twitter

Tracking the challenges to our environment: climate, water, agriculture, policy, land use, and more. New York City And New York State.

NY Environment Report is a start-up, collaborative effort that follows key environmental challenges facing New York City today.

RubyR, just sent me this link. It's a fantastic site. Websites like this; sharing it, getting involved, etc is just one example of the many types of grassroots activities, Kossacks, along with many other activists are continually engaged in.

To paraphrase Pres Obama, "Yes We Can", bring positive change to the United States and to the world!

I originally came to Daily Kos, to help our Troops and Veterans. My computer teckie friend said this is where they were. ♥Gov't And Social Services Links For Our Marines♥ All Our ♥Troops And ♥Veterans

I stayed, because I found a loving community and wanted to help them too.

Kossacks; enlightened me to the fact of how badly the US and the World are suffering, (even worse than I thought) and so I try to help them also. ♥Lakota Children Taken♥ Petition To Keep Them With Their Families♥

♥March 15th Is My Sixth Anniversary At DKos♥

Sugar Free Desserts

♥For All My Friends And Good People Everywhere♥

Just The Links Man ♥New And More Social Services Links For Civilians And Veterans♥

Help For The Okiciyap Community Food Pantry/And A Links "Information-A-Thon" For Everyone.

I just received 2 beautiful photos in the mail today. From Michelle Obama. With a lovely letter thanking me for wishing her a Happy Birthday. Probably on a fb link.

One is a beautiful portrait of her and the other is Pres Michelle Sasha and Malia.

Michelle is a very classy lady. You don't even have to go to her party, to get a favor. I Love Michelle, Pres, all of them. (Including the Bidens).

Free Cell Phones For Low Income Individuals And Households


From what I've been reading; there have been a lot of pie fights going on here at DKos lately.

I'm like (to myself); sure, the 2014 Midterm Elections Are Right Around the Corner.

8 Months Away.
In Political Time, That's Tomorrow!

It's the same every election season.

So; I'm sitting here reading a bunch of comments, about  Denise Oliver Velez, (Our Sister D♥). And I'm like, who are these commenters, they don't even know Denise?

They were really harsh comments. Criticizing her, for complaining about divisive commenters coming into her diaries.

As if, commenters never start pie fights or make rude comments in diaries. Like what she's saying, supposedly, that never happens?

They were all doing it right there. (I'm sure most of you saw Dr Eric's diary. It was in his comments)

Can't people see; "Divide And Conquer", Oldest Tactic In The World = 2014 Midterm Elections.

I don't know any of those commenters personally, didn't recognize any of their sig names. These commenters were ranting and raving so much, that I left this comment. It includes most of what they were ranting about.

Kind of like ad libs. But; NJ style, answer back, libs.

Why are you  tearing apart, a Kossack, just because she's a front page writer? (Who works really hard writing substantive, educational diaries for everyone).

You say it's because, she wrote a rant diary which is too undignified for a front page writer to be doing?

Besides this being my 204th Diary; I have actually, taken the time to get to know many Kossacks, people like Denise Oliver Velez.

I read Kossack's diaries, I don't just comment.

Cont'd this is a long comment. I was just too shocked at what I'd just read from these commenters.

I'm sitting here reading as you guys tear this diarist apart, bad language too (imo, that's hostile). Although I read it, I missed most of the comments in the diary she's writing about. Never lasted to the 1,000th comment.

But wait, it's all because you commented in her diary and you didn't like the reply you got?

Someone had to point this out.

Dkos Is A Community. We Have A Goal. To Elect More And Better Democrats And Help People World Wide, Through The Use Of Democratic Political Activism.

That is why Kossacks spend days, (weeks and longer, literally), writing and editing diaries. We're not fooling around.

While; some people simply feel, that they can just pop into a diary and criticize?

I myself; don't mind constructive criticism, even. But when a commenter comes to my diary and becomes disruptive, I just refuse to comment any further with them.

I get upset because people keep referring to everyone who comments as Kossacks.

Technically, they may be Kossacks. They may even be here a lot longer than me.

But In the six years I've been here at Daily Kos; I learned that To Be A Real Kossack, You Must Act In Solidarity With Other Kossacks, not like high school teenagers, with nothing else to do with their time. Just saying.

I may not be here as long as some people, but I have totally embraced Marco's vision and know many good Kossacks who are on a mission to help make this a better world. Denise Oliver Velez is one of them. Get to know each other and you'd see this.

2014 Action Alert/Even More Political Activism Needed ♥ It Will Be A Very Busy Year/Voting Info

Actually, I think I kind of met, Denise on 2nd or 3rd Ave downtown NYC one day back in the late 80's, early 90's. Her face looks familiar.

I was dodging across second or third ave about 4th St. Finally got to the west side of the street and I'm muttering to myself. I look up to see a lady smiling at me. We looked at each other and we laughed. I probably said, "I'm talking to myself again."

My solution is, if another commenter is seriously starting an argument. Say what needs to be said, then just walk away from it.

Nothing prevents us from going to read a different diary, or just ignoring a disruptive comment even in our own diary. This is, the easy way.

Also we can communicate amongst each other in group messages where no one but Trusted Users, can read what we say.

Wearing one-self out arguing with a antagonist, is a waste of time and strength.

When I was a little girl; about 7, my Niece was 3 years younger than me and would always start a fight.

My Mother would hear us arguing and say, "Two can't fight, if one won't." Which sounded insane to me. Especially, since I hadn't started the fight. I hated that saying. But there is some truth in it.

Walk away, be the bigger person.

Instead of wasting time arguing, inform the commenter with whom you are having the problem; that, due to your busy Democratic, activist schedule you do not have the time to debate with them.

That; thanks for the inspiration, you got from chatting with them, and now, in their honor, you're off to pursue even more Democratic, political activism.

Ignore them.

When they can't wind you up, that always leaves them really mad!

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