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Breitbart story screencap:
A new group, Red State Women, launched this week in response to efforts by leftist groups, such as Battleground Texas, to turn the Texas blue after protracted efforts to use abortion as a wedge issue against conservatives [...]

Chistman noticed that there was no avenue for conservative women in Texas to express their opinions.

You'd think that conservative women could use, you know, the Republican Party as a venue to express their opinions, but Republicans aren't into that whole "women" thing. Looking at the state's top officeholders, it's 33-3 male to female. And given how few women are represented in other top conservative organization, I guess they had to create a whole new one.

So what will this kickass new organization do?

Red State Women plans to carry out their mission through a social media messaging strategy.
Holy shit, they're going to tweet? That's all one has to do to be part of the right-wing grift machine? Maybe that bar has finally been set a little too low? But hey, let's head below the fold to see just how excited the natives have gotten.

Pointy heads going KABOOM...

Leftist (woe)men utterly despise conservative women, so much so they would go to war on them.

Everyone duck, she's going to -- gasp! -- POST A FACEBOOK UPDATE!
Next the left will tell us that these aren't "Real" women, just like they say about conservative blacks, their not "Real" African-Americans unless they vote Democrat. Loonies.
The problem with conservative blacks isn't that they aren't "real"...
They will say something nasty that is for sure, probably call for them all to be rounded up and put in one of Oballah's FEMA camps.
Man, Obama didn't just screw up the Obamacare rollout, but the FEMA Camp project is WAY behind schedule!
Texas women don't want anything to do with blue state politics! Texas women's blood runs red not blue!!!!
Democrats almost got away with it, though, until that one Texas woman sent a Tweet!
Thank God my girlfriend is a God Fearing Christian Conservative. Cheers from California!
You like your women scared?
I am a Texas woman, and I do NOT know one Texas woman that Wendy Davis speaks for!! Maybe a few transplants................??
Here, let me help:
Large crowd attend the Stand With Texas Women Rally on Texas Capitol South Lawn w/ Wendy Davis
That's the Stand with Texas Women Rally with Wendy Davis last year. So there are at least a couple.
This is awesome!!! I so hope that this group goes viral. We need red state women to speak up here in Colorado really badly. Sadly, a lot of the Californians that helped ruin that state moved into ours and as such we went from red to blue. Man do we need to become red again.
With luck, you might be able to find one conservative woman in the entire state. Check up in Colorado Springs. Ability to post an Instagram a plus.
Not to worry. I'm sure the IRS will get right on this dangerous group.
Is she declaring tax exempt status for her Tumblr fees?
Groups such as this are what is needed to educate women....women (single) have been giving the democrats their majority of wins for many years....these women need to understand basic jobs=no money....
Crap, I hope a Texas conservative woman doesn't post that message on Pinterest!
Democrats need this crutch to make sure the Feminist slaves stay on the plantation while Democrats orchestrate a war on White Men
Remember that one time a white guy didn't get elected president? That was JUST like Fort Sumter.
As a woman I didnt like the "ego's get in the way" comment about men. A conservative women should not have to insult men, it makes them appear caddy.
It makes women appear like men who behave dishonorably toward women? Yeah, that would suck.
Great idea. That should be our goal- to turn every state red. Spread the message far and wide that conservatism and capitalistism have lifted more people out of poverty than any other political philosphy or economic system. The left wants to keep people poor, we want them to become self reliant. When that happens there will be no need for democrats. The most dangerous place for a woman to be is in the womb!
Uh oh, if someone posts that "message" on Google+, not even Rhode Island can stay Blue.
Noble intent. Let's hope the ladies don't get co-opted by the Houston/Bush/GOPe. Speaking of whom, let's hope the GOPe dopes end their war on one woman, Sarah Palin, possibly the reason Romney lost in 2012. Chris Christie as convention keynote speaker? Idiots. They couldn't handle a woman ripping into the left and putting a lie to the war on women nonsense for fear she would rip into them, too. Cowards. Losers. Welcome to Obama's second term, brought to you by the GOPe. Public enemy number 1.
Let's definitely hope that a Texas conservative woman on Foursquare doesn't get coopted by Bush, since that clearly cost Romney the election because Sarah Palin something something something. OBVIOUSLY!
you see how the left treat black conservatives. these ladies can expect the same vile treatment. the left won't talk the issues, they will name call and use vile rhetoric. that said, go get em ladies... hopefully some of the lemming oprah zombies on the left will wake up.
It depends. Will they set up a LinkedIn profile? Because if so, then those Oprah zombies will be easy pickings.
Progressives are fact free on abortion like gun control and these Conservative ladies will be met with hatred, slurs and lies.
Don't forget snickers and mockery. There'll be lots of that too!
Good. There needs to be some group challenging leftist feminism out there.
There is already a group like that. It's called "asshole men".
Please don't call it "Red State Women". There are plenty of conservative women living in blue states (which I really don't even regard all that "blue" as they are mostly "blue" because of their large urban areas that have hijacked the whole of state; Once you leave the urban areas, it's Red Country all over again, baby!) who would like to be part of the national Conservative women's group.
Oooh, I can help! Step 1: Create a MySpace page. Step 2: You're done!
Nothing scares libtards more than intelligent conservative women and minorities. In the libtard world, "those" people are inferior and stupid. Why in the world do you think libtards love Affirmative Action? It's to compensate for the inferiority they believe women and minorities have. Look at the way libtards pander to these groups. They belittle their intelligence, promise them handouts and never do a damn thing to actually help them. Libs are the true racists and bigots in this country, otherwise they'd apply the same standards to ALL people [...]

The worst thing libtards can imagine is women and minorities realizing they are being lied to and used. They don't want them to know they can succeed just fine without the government. THAT conservative message is going to get out, despite the lame attempts of libtards to stifle people's free speech.

Ladies and brown people, please don't read that last comment. Libtards can't have you realizing stuff. Thank you. Signed, libtard


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