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  • Today's comic by Tom Tomorrow is The woman who took birth control:
    Cartoon by Tom Tomorrow - The woman who took birth control
  • Here's what you missed on Sunday:
    An avalanche of spin, but few tea leaves, in the Florida 13th, by Steve Singiser.

    Vergara v. California: The most dangerous lawsuit you probably haven't heard of, by Dante Atkins.

    Republicans force black, brown, female and poor to pay an opportunity premium, by Egberto Willies.

    Here's a way to volunteer right now that both helps people and has a political impact, by Ian Reifowitz.

    The damnation of the happy slave, by Hunter.

    The sleazy auto dealers war on the free market, with an assist from Chris Christie, by Kos.

    Kentucky showcases Paul Ryan's wrong-way war on poverty, by Jon Perr.

    Women's history: The abolitionists, by Denise Oliver Velez.

  • Oopsy. The New York Times ran a correction to its story about Mayor Bill de Blasio's perceived slighting of the Irish community:
    An earlier version of this article misquoted a comment from Malachy McCourt on St. Patrick. Mr. McCourt said, “My attitude is, St. Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland and they all came here and they became conservatives.” He did not say St. Patrick banished the slaves from Ireland.
  • Hedge power?
    Plants have many valuable functions: They provide food and fuel, release the oxygen that we breathe, and add beauty to our surroundings. Now, a team of MIT researchers wants to make plants even more useful by augmenting them with nanomaterials that could enhance their energy production and give them completely new functions, such as monitoring environmental pollutants.

    In a new Nature Materials paper, the researchers report boosting plants' ability to capture light energy by 30 percent by embedding carbon nanotubes in the chloroplast, the plant organelle where photosynthesis takes place. Using another type of carbon nanotube, they also modified plants to detect the gas nitric oxide.

  • "Think of it as the video version of her Facebook page". Sarah Palin is launching her own channel, tentatively called "Rogue TV." It will feature the former governor of Alaska commenting on current events and political issues of the day:
    The channel will be available through Tapp, the digital video service founded by former CNN chief Jon Klein and former NBC Universal entertainment executive Jeff Gaspin. Subscriptions will cost $10 per month.
  • Sunday talk shows full of unaccustomed "I don't knows": The disappearande of Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 has generated enormous amounts of speculation, sourced and unsourced. But guests on many Sunday news shows, where speculation about everything is usually rife, had nothing much to add this weekend.
    Meanwhile. former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte showed what happened if you took the other tack and answered every question with “I don’t know.” State of the Union host Candy Crowley kept throwing out theories, and Negroponte kept shrugging, as if to say, you can believe that if you want, or its opposite, or anything in between, there will just be no facts to back you up. If it were up to me, Negroponte would be on every Sunday show, shrugging after every comment, and saying, “That’s pretty wild.”
  • Hateful hubbub arises over haboob. The word, from the Arabic for "strong wind," and, in particular, a dust storm in North Africa or the Arabian peninsula, has been used by meteorologists to describe such storms in the United States since the 1950s. But after KCBD News Channel 11 in Lubbock, Texas, posted a photo on its Facebook page with the caption “Haboob headed toward Lubbock,” some Texans went crazy:
    “Since when do we need to apply a Muslim vocabulary to a good ole AMERICAN dirt storm?? ...I take great offense to such terminology! GO BACK TO CALLING THEM DIRT STORMS!!”

    “It’s called a dust storm..Texas is not a rag head country.”

    “Never had a haboob until we got that Muslim boob for POTUS.” [...]

    If only these people realized how many other Arabic-based words are part of our daily lexicon. Take, for example, the word “alcohol,” which is probably what many of them were consuming before posting on Facebook. There’s also words like algebra, coffee, safari, and almanac, to name just a few.

  • Former House stenographer says she didn't lose it last year when she interrupted the proceedings:
    "I got up, and I do remember walking to the dais and speaking, and standing at the podium where the president speaks as God would have it, but I did not lose my mind. I did not have a breakdown."

    She said she knew well in advance “God was going to speak through me” during an important vote.

  • On today's Kagro in the Morning show: Yet. Another. Snow day. Greg Dworkin helps round up Crimea & Malaysia, 2014/16 outlooks, and economy & healthcare polls. Forbes column says Obamacare is working & its opponents are wrong. Gun news roundup. Amazon's wage theft.

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