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I am shaking as I write this !

 whatgodmade just called me.   Her 8 year old came home from a special needs school today covered in bruises as he explained to her that two
behavioral teachers restrained him in this fashion.  He told her he had been held and jerked before but today and Friday hurt.   Especially today.   This child has so many issues and Michelle is just considered a poor welfare Mom to most.  She has degrees and a disability herself.  She dressed him for school and I got a feeling if they can turn this around on her.. they will... I did not tell her that..  I want her prepared for any kind of backlash.   Michelle would NEVER do this to her children and she is one of the kindest people I know.   I was on the phone with her this AM when she was getting the kids off to school and they were laughing and joking... especially Joshua.  I was on the phone with her till they caught the bus. When she called me this afternoon I heard him explaining what happened and was upset as she was trying to decipher what happened.   They never called her.  

I advised her to call the Alachua County Sheriff's Office and they advised her to  and  call DCF.  I also told her to retain an attorney regarding this abuse.  We all know Josh has a mental and physical disorder but this is ABUSE and TORTURE.  She sent him to school this morning
and upon return had bruises all over his arms and I also advised her to take him to the hospital.   There is no telling how much internal damage he may have suffered.

This incident has set my entire household off the edge.   Michelle (whatgodmade) is my best friend and Kossack and this child I have known since birth.   We got the names of the Superintendent, and the police did not come and I told her to call them back and DEMAND to see an officer.  
She was so upset I could barely understand her.
He named the teachers who did this. (2) Teachers did this.  As you will see from the one pic I have uploaded and others to follow...He was physically restrained and brusies were left.   Now his entire arm is becoming discolored.  I advised her to get a GAL and to NOT send Joshua back to this so called special school for the disabled.  

Her other children are beside themselves.
We are more than angry and she is livid.   She said, " I don't have the means for an attorney".  I said the DA should be taking this up.   Her car is broke down and I am putting a request up for not only your support with thoughts and prayers but any change you have you can send to my paypal account as she does not have a bank account or pay pal.  I will see her car gets fixed as it is in dire need of some work done on the transmission and take some of THAT stress off.. What are going to do with Florida?  This is horrible !!!!!!!

Michelle only has one leg and very limited.  She just 2 months ago got Josh out of a behavioral hospital in Orlando.  No one has called her back.  She called DCF back and was hysterical.  

I am also putting out a call to DC Koller who works with disabilities and running against Rich Nugent.  

Any other suggestions.
I will help her any way I can.. Go to my pay account or click on my name.. Michelle is Secretary of UVA so I can help her through this as well.

This is ridiculous and all I can do to keep my vet from going looking for some teachers to have a talk to but it is in Gainesville and I don't need this !!!!  She don't need this and I swear someone is going to pay for hurting that child.  You can see the red marks are of a huge hand print.   Michelle does not even spank children and rarely puts them on restriction.....No telling how long this has gone on and today he got off the bus crying.   They never called her with a problem at school.   Notice the clock on the wall.. I know that was accidental but I noticed.... I know those kids get home about 4:00 Everyday.

Thu Mar 20, 2014 at 7:49 AM PT: 10:30 am

Michelle went to hospital and social worker has records.
Michelle has another victim's parent ready to sustantiate claim
Charlie Crist campaign was notifed as was DC Koller's as Koller is disability advocate
GAL was requested this AM
Meeting at school with officials
Pictures and documentation of all records involved
Most of of your suggestions sent to Michelle via friend email
Meeting with DCF this morning as meeting is ongoing at the school.
Filing charges after meeting
.........That is all I have so far !

Thu Mar 20, 2014 at 9:25 AM PT: kOSSACK and Congressional candidate Dave (DC Koller) contacted me today via phone and got Michelle's number and at this time on his way to talk to Michelle.   Mr. Koller is running in the 11th district against Rich Nugent and Alachua is not his district BUT advocacy for abused disabled IS his speciality.   He was more than upset by reading the diary.   His profile with the ins and outs of disability issues are very impressive.
School of course denied everything and the coach asked her if Josh had been playing with ropes?  WHAT?????????
School said they never had to restrain kids rather just look at them.
They refused to be recorded.
Wonder what tune they will sing when Mr. Koller comes calling.
Charlie Crist acknowledged this diary as well .
GAL meeting being set up and just hung up from Michelle to let her know you all had her back as well as two people such as Koller and Crist.
Alan Grayson ccampaigns with DC Koller..
I think we have the bases covered !!!!!

Originally posted to Vetwife on Wed Mar 19, 2014 at 03:28 PM PDT.

Also republished by North & Central Florida Kossacks.

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