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 It's getting on towards the end of Mists of Pandaria, with Warlords of Draenor scheduled to drop "sometime this fall". Many of us who have been through this before either take a hiatus  or find a project to do until the new expac drops.

  While my project is to try to get the Arthas-damned legendary cloak, Pamena is going for Loremaster - but I'll let her tell you about it:

Pamena's Loremaster Quest: some thoughts for those trying it themselves

I thought I'd post a little update here on my effort to finally get Loremaster, which seemed like a good "end of expansion" project when I started it - now it's getting a bit grindy, but I'm hopeful of finishing before Warlords drops in the fall (please, Blizz, please!) As I have MANY alts, I did a survey of each of them to find out which ones have done the most of each zone - in some cases, it means I only have 15-20 quests left to do in a zone. Alas, since the Cata revamp of the 1-60 zones, I'm having to do any early zones I had not previously finished from scratch - and my decision to do both the Horde and Alliance versions is making this part of it even longer - ninety quests in Darkshore, good god. The later zones are going to be easier for me, as I've got good chunks of most of them already done. A few things I've noticed and found out, with the help of guild mates:

If you did a zone on a toon that you have since deleted, it looks like that completion may not count for Loremaster - I have Dun Morogh and Wetlands marked as completed in my Alliance toons' achievement tab, but on the Loremaster tab that shows which zones you have completed, that one doesn't show as complete. I think I must have done that zone on a toon I either deleted or perhaps faction transferred years ago, and maybe that's the explanation.

If you go back to a zone in which you have several quests to finish, unless you had something like Quest Completist running the whole time, you may not be able to tell immediately which quests are unfinished. But you can get that information either thru QC or at Icy Veins (and maybe other places too), as Mageartin and others pointed out to me last night. There's a function on QC and at Icy Veins that will query the server for a particular toon and particular zone, and tell you what you are missing - it's an ENORMOUS help.

If you did a lot of Vash before you couldn't stand it any more but now you want to complete it, a little tip - Parsifale only had 16 quests left there, and I had a bunch of ones to do in Abyssal Depths but couldn't find them. Turns out there's a little fisherman orc (this is Horde side, I imagine there's the equivalent on the Alliance side) that gives you some quests - I think the first one is Here Fishie Fishie - that you have to complete before the rest of the quests there will open up. Wowhead is an invaluable resource here in finding the quest givers for breadcrumb starters like this one.

I love Pandaria, but the way they arranged the quests here, as story lines, makes it a bit more difficult to tell which quests you must do to complete a zone, as I am not sure every quest in a zone is part of a story line. There must be a guide someplace to which quests belong to each storyline, but I haven't found it yet.

All in all, it's a fun project - good thing I enjoy levelling, though, or those early zones would be unbearable to do.

Here's the Team Z raid report from Tvath:
On our last farm run, we ran up against Norushen and just. could. not. handle. him. This was dispiriting as we had already killed him once! So it was encouraging that this time, our farm run did manage to whack the corruption and went on to burn down the Sha of Pride, collecting some loot and preparing ourselves for our next run at Nazgrim. Acting on a suggestion from our beloved Tay, I retooled Tvath's healing build and boosted both damage and healing -- I know others on the team are making changes as well.

Lots of new mounts this week, so the pre-raid meetup was a little parade of ravens, hearthsteeds and cloud serpents!

And here's an update on Team Kaels and the Flex-o-rama from Ninotchka:
So this week I bowed to popular opinion and took the flexorama team through wing 2, instead of just doing the first 6 bosses as had been our custom. It went very smoothly, Taklok did a great job as co-tank and we had some great clutch healing. We finished wing 2 early enough to move on to Malkorok, who fell down very fast. Next week, wing 3 in its entirety.

Team Kaels continues to struggle with health and internet issues. Last week we took a break from progression and knocked out a couple of fun acheesemints. We particularly enjoyed the Thok achievement – Mega Dinosaur vs. Giant Snail. OK, we were mostly dead when we got the achievement, but adding a giant killer snail to a dinosaur fight is a recipe for instant hilarity. Of all the new things we got with this expansion, Gary the Snail has to rank up there as one of the funniest.

Special side note – Chanta’s surgery went well, though it took two hours longer than originally planned. She managed to make it online briefly while looped on painkillers and let us know that painkillers are a wonderful thing. Huh, and she calls herself a disc priest…

Finally, a Team RubiPam report from Pamena:
Team RubiPam report, such as it is:

We have not much to report, still working on Garrosh - it seems like we take one step forward and two steps back in this fight. As one would expect in the final boss fight of an expansion, everyone has to do everything right, pretty much, and there are lots of ways to screw this one up. Nonetheless, we will keep plugging away at it. We've had some discussions about doing more farming nights for more gear, but I don't actually think gear is our issue - we're better geared than Team Kaels was when they downed Garrosh, and some people don't really need anything from the normal tier any more. I have suggested to our group that the new cross-realm normal mode raiding might be helpful in that regard - as long as one of us maintains the lockout to Garrosh, others can try that as a way to get more gear if they need it. I know pugging normal is a scary thought for many of us, but on my Alliance server - well, the one where I have my Alliance toons - groups pug normal all the time, judging by trade chat, so it might actually work, and I think is at least worth a try. How much worse than LFR could it be? Wait, don't answer that.

And that's all I have this week. For the Horde!
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