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Does the extreme right sound like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland?

Please see the new 1-minute pilot video from the Trust Women/Silver Ribbon Campaign to kick start our campaign to push back on the anti-rights movement and ramp up effective support for women’s reproductive rights:
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You can also sign there to protest Hobby Lobby's arguments at the Supreme Court on Tues. March 25 against covering contraception - share and galvanize your friends and family:

Stop the Madness  Hobby Lobby: Invading Our Most Intimate Spaces with Fake Science

Attacks on access to birth control and abortion are straight out of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland – they’re out of touch, and off the deep end.

Legislators who are proudly ignorant about women's anatomy and biology have been having a wild party setting new standards in government intrusion into our bodies.

On Tuesday, March 25, the Supreme Court will hear from two corporations that claim they have a legal right to exclude 4 kinds of birth control from their employees' health insurance coverage.

They claim their they have this right because the corporations have a religious conscience, a novel claim.

The corporations do cover birth control pills, and many other contraceptives. Scientists know that 2 of the 4 forms of birth control the corporations want to exclude - Ella and Plan B - work exactly the same way as birth control pills: by blocking ovulation. The corporations say that these drugs cause abortions.  There is no scientific basis for this belief.

Is it really 2014?


Scientific studies have established that birth control methods like Ella and Plan B prevent pregnancy by delaying ovulation - the release of eggs from ovaries.  Ovulation has to occur before an egg can be fertilized by sperm. Some pills also thicken cervical mucus so sperm have trouble swimming over to fertilize an egg.

Some religious groups and conservative politicians erroneously believe that Ella and Plan B cause the equivalent of an abortion. What they mean is this: They believe that Ella and Plan B work after an egg has been released from the ovaries, and is already fertilized, and that they disrupt a fertilized egg’s ability to attach to the uterus lining. This process is called implantation. These people believe a fertilized egg is a person. By blocking the fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus, they believe Ella and Plan B cause a microscopic abortion. But because in fact they block the creation of fertilized eggs, they do not meet abortion opponents’ own definition of abortion-inducing drugs.

And even if it did block implantation (fertilized egg sticking to the uterine lining), the majority of the medical community and major medical organizations agree that pregnancy begins AT implantation. That is, a contraceptive that did in fact block the implantation of a fertilized egg still would not be causing an abortion.

And Regardless:

Whether or not you or your family members choose to use contraception, have an abortion, or have a child, is none of your boss' business.  Even if the company chooses to contribute to the cost of your health insurance. Each person has the right to choose the form of contraception that works best for her.  The public health and personal benefits of contraception are enormous.

A corporation has no religion, and no conscience. Employers do not have the right to impose their religious beliefs on your contraception coverage.

For a more detailed refresher on how eggs and sperm get together to create babies, check out:

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