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Joan McCarter urges us not to give up our push for improved healthcare in America in Democrats really not in disarray over Obamacare. She fired me up so much I wrote this comment in a spontaneous eruption, that I'd like to share. Thanks for this great article Joan. Yes, we Democrats need to re-focus or messaging around health care. We have the winning hand, if we play it right, and don't fold.

Although, I like to be sensitive about insensitive "doggist" allusions, this is one occasion where it is perhaps appropriate to say, we should aim to "upamp" or message and clobber those Republicans with our vastly superior health care program and send them scampering away with their "tails between their legs."

If we look at the actual primitive details, of their non-existent healthcare plans, we quickly see that their "bark is worse than their bite." Their lack of compassion for those without health care is shameful.

The GOP is "barking up the wrong tree" if they think they can look voters in the eye, with no alternative health program while so many Americans are suffering. If Democrats have the courage to stand tall and face them eye to eye with anecdotes about those without insurance, and what it means to those with preexisting, conditions, recission we can be their heros. We must have courage to make these facts clear through the din of  a Koch sponsored campaign of misinformation and distortion. Have courage, fellow Democrats, the American people are smarter than the right-wing ideologues give them credit for, especially when it comes to spotting con-men trying to swindle them.

Letting the GOP take the debate into the weeds about a few start-up snafus with the website, is "letting the tail wag the dog." "That dog won't hunt" if we don't let it.

Do you remember how much things changed in the August recess before 2010 when he Tea Party seemed to come out of nowhere to surprise everyone? That's what I want us Democrats to do, and I think we have the issues on our side to do it if we can muster up the fire in our bellies, with some of our good old time Democratic fervor.

Yes, we've had some hard times and some disappointments, but we also know in our hearts of hearts, that our approach, our intentions, our people, our policies, our inclusiveness, our compassion, and our vision for American and our fellow Americans is right on target and so much better than that of the Republicans that we can pull the the stops on electoral enthusiasm without any fear of lack of authenticity.

This is how politics works in these modern times, folks. Sometime we have to pretend a little bit we are happier than we really are to get done what we got to do.

Heck, I just confessed here, last week, I suffered from some health events, and a major clinical depression, which is in partial remission, which caused me to lose nearly everything I had except for the love of my son. My ex-wife, my home, my career, and an INC 500 business, I had to declare bankruptcy, and was homeless for about a year after being one of the one percenters. The experience sensitized me to how one can spend a lifetime working hard and doing absolutely everything one is supposed to do, being successful, and then suddenly lose it all, only to discover the safety nets don't always work that well, if you don't fit into he conventional categories, and are perhaps  too proud to ask for help.  

Yet, some  of you probably think I'm one of the most cheerful people around here. Because I realize it doesn't make much sense to mope about and let things get worse.

Is this the kind of society we want to create for ourselves? For our children, parents, grandparents, and fellow Americans?  I don't think so, not for me. Basic health care ought to be "easily" accessible to all Americans automatically. Personally, I favor a default "single payer" system based on Medicare for all, with option for boutique or extra insurance available on exchanges on top of that. But we have to start from where are are, and must not retreat.  

Let's identify those most important things we can do to make the world a better place for us and and loved ones, and reduce suffering in the world, and do the best we can.

Improving health care and reducing the Republican stranglehold on this country and the world are two things that come together conveniently in this case.

At the very least, we must hold onto the Senate in 2014 and minimize any loses in the House, so we can regroup in the 2016 and prevent the GOP form bashing the Judicial system.

But, I don't think we should give up the hope, that in some sort of extraordinary turnout success we can fire up our women, our people of color, our Latinos, our young people, our men, even our grumpy old white men (like myself), why yes, every last single one of our Democrats to say, this time it is going to be different, because it has to be. We are going to come out and vote, and send these Republicans running home with their "tails between their legs."  

And, send this country a message, that the Democrats are back in gear and we're going to make this country a better place just like we said we were before the Republicans intentional and shamefully threw a wrench in the gears for political horseshit.

And, everyone knows that's true, especially them. Heck, if we tell it like it is, we might even have some of the Republicans voting for us out of shame for what they have done to this country and their fellow Americans, and our future generations.

Originally posted to HoundDog on Mon Mar 24, 2014 at 06:45 PM PDT.

Also republished by Political Language and Messaging.

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