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When atheist director and co-writer Darren Aronofsky promised that his epic "Noah" would be "the least biblical film ever made," that was not hyperbole. "Noah" is a brilliant, compelling, beautifully-mounted, beautifully-acted piece of storytelling conceived for the sinister purpose of leading people to believe that Christianity and Judaism are something they are not.
And I ask you, could anything make Satan happier than something that leads people to believe they are saved when they are not?
Buying souls? I bet that makes him really happy.
Let me put it this way: According to Aronofsky's mesmerizing multi-million dollar masterwork, God will later hand Moses only One Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Harm Mother Earth Beyond What Is Absolutely Necessary to Live In a Tent as a Vegetarian.
Greenpeace is totally Satanic.
And let's give the Devil his due: using the story of Noah to twist Christianity into something it is not, is a genius piece of propagandizing that is sure to lead many away from God under the mistaken belief that through left-wing environmentalism they are coming closer to Him.
Keeping up? Satan is making people lose faith in god by making people believe that god would want the earth it created preserved, because in reality Jesus wants open-pit mines. Seriously, that's the argument:
Aronofsky's  "God" is only disappointed, disgusted and ready to be rid of man for the single sin of  hurting the environment. And hurting the environment is defined in the film as strip-mining, eating animal flesh, hunting, and even plucking a flower no bigger than a dime because "it's pretty."
As you can imagine, Satan's efforts to save our planet and maybe a pig or two through Hollywood have been met with the proper level of wingnut outrage in the comments of this brilliant expose. Head on below the fold for the goods!

All living have God in themselves. It is the weakest among us whom need the most help. We can not and will not ever try to help our weak. As it is written, the mentally flawed need our help the most. We will try to save everyone.
Conservatives are all about helping people. Billionaires, mostly.
Aronofsky's only god is money, and as an atheist, to make gobs of cash from Christians perverting a Christian story is his ultimate hoax...for his time being.
God will smite him soon enough! And then that will be his ultimate hoax. Or something.
"...[A]theist director and co-writer Darren Aronofsky..." is simply a Regressive "Progressive" euphemism for "Billionaire B0lshevik B ! tches attempt to swindle (yet again) the no-longer gullible G0yim..."!!!

I mean REALLY! IF!!! This is NOT 1938..and we are NOT the ovine G0yim masses signing up to die for the Jud@s Banksters' generational enrichment! YAWN.....

Um ... good for you!
Leave it to the radical left to hijack the Bible.
Too late. The radical left hijacked it from DAY ONE! Good thing good conservatives are taking it back from the crazies who think the Bible isn't about tax cuts and hating gays!
The left basically does not know a darn thing about the Bible, if anything they glance through it and come to their own (wrong) conclusions. What would an atheist know about the Bible anyway and who would expect an honest interpretation from an atheist? I would imagine an atheist would do their utmost to mislead the Bible, and it appears he has. The left delights in anguishing Christians and hoodwinking people who may want to learn about Christianity. Why would any Christian want to go and see the Bible twisted to an atheist's version of something he knows nothing about and give him a financial gain for his mistruths?
No one will see this left wing garbage. Pure trash from anti- christian and anti-Israel hollyobamawood.
I would think Hollywood would have learned its lesson after "The Last Temptation of Christ". Stay away from the Bible. It's not box office.
Great way to make a flop of a movie. Atheist thinking: I'll direct a movie about a Biblical character but take GOD the Bible out of the equation=FLOP at the theaters and straight to DVD where it will have mediocre sales. Just shows you how dumb atheist directors actually are because they sure as heck did not care about the financial bottom line of the profit making ability of the movie!
$41 million. On opening weekend. Probably all atheists.
It's making big bucks. Even though it's been called Godless...this why hiltlery will win the presidency.
Being in the fringe minority and out-of-step with America is so annoying!
If this movie makes a lot of money it will be for the same reason that trainwreck Avatar made so much money: spectacle. People will wanna pay to see the carnage and destruction. To be honest, I'm sad that a movie with the budget to portray the Flood in all it's wondrous, violent awesomeness would go in this direction. Too bad.
Truly a waste, when we could've seen the flood, in "all it's wondrous, violent awesomeness", wipe away the gays. And maybe Hitlery, too.
I wish these whacked out enviros would just do themselves and the rest of us a favor: if they are so ashamed of being human and what humans have done on this earth, why dont they just take themselves out of the running? Just go ahead and do it: kill yourselves. Show the rest of us how its done.

Oh wait. I forgot - the ones who call themselves 'environmentally aware' are suddenly more enlightened than the rest of us...which means they want to take out the rest of envirowhacks, I suggest this: come and take it. Capishe? You come take me out because Im so awful and horrible...see what happens...

Jesus wants you to take out Satanic envirowhacks. It's in the Bible.
I can't help but think of what George Carlin would've thought of this movie. No Christian he, but he was not someone to put up with this type of thinking.
Don't forget Lenny Bruce, who would've teamed up with Carlin to ... what? Make fun of conservative "comedians" like Dennis Miller and that painfully bad cartoon with the depressed duck?
I guess for the religion of environmentalism the myth of global warming is sort of the same thing, The "Creator" is going to wipe us out for being bad.
Nah. Not everyone. But if you live in Miami, you might want to worry a bit.
I unfortunately went to see it today. It was awful-almost blasphemy. I got up and left before it was over. I read after I got home that an atheist produced it. It seems an attempt to bring in money for decandant Hollywood because they know Christians movies bring in dollars$$ but I wouldn't advise anyone who is a believer to go.The Hollywood set has dug their holes to hell itself and will probably the loudest when they go before the throne of Christ and have to answer for their sins.
Almost but not quite blasphemy? Then what the hell is this reviewer whining about?
God predicted these times would come. HE has always been right throughout the Old and New Testaments, perhaps in ways we mere mortals couldn't understand. But, sit back and watch and remember all that was predicted and all that is happening. I am at peace, but saddened having to watch it all come to pass.
The Bible predicts that someone would make a movie about one of the stories in Genesis, but would distort it in order to try and save the planet and some chickens in contravention to god's wish to destroy it while munching on beef jerky? That's actually pretty cool!
Hollywood is full of rapists and pedophiles. Mel Gibson made a true Christian movie, The Passion of the Christ...and he was "supposedly" blacklisted for a few drunk rants.
Oh well. Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" had folks flocking to it as the ultimate Christian movie - that was before ole Mel proved to be a lesser Christian - getting drunk, leaving his wife and family, etc. etc.
Guys, guys! Please get together and work out whether Mel Gibson was a victim of Hollywood for being a Christian, or was just a "lesser Christian", which means that Jewish Hollywood should've embraced him.
Just the environmental left trying to keep the bitter clinging marxist/fascist indoctrinated in the false religion of global ____ fill in the blank.
The story of Noah is false religion?
Evil always tries to mimic good.......while lying to you, to further their agenda. I know, I was married to one.
... and scene.
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