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I've been just watching my DVR -- Up with Steve Kornacki -- and listening to their smart panel discussion, regarding all things Samson-Christie. And a few of the things they said made me stop and think.

They were discussing what a shame it was that nobody has interviewed David Samson, nobody has subpoenaed him in his official capacity. Now that he is a private citizen (ie. has resigned), no investigation will be able to compel him to testify.  No one will be able to offer him immunity now -- unless legal charges of his wrong-doing can still somehow (?) be filed against him (after the fact).

This got me thinking: Hey maybe that was the whole point of this 'internal investigation' -- besides exhonorating Christie's political rep -- maybe it was designed to provide David Samson an easy out. A graceful exit, with no hard questions asked. All with his land-dealing, wealth-generating reputation, still fully intact?

You had a good run General Samson, but "It's now time to exit -- stage right!"

“Over the past months, I have shared with the governor my desire to conclude my service,” Samson said in a statement. “The timing is now right, and I am confident that the governor will put new leadership in place to address the many challenges ahead."

Samson was never implicated in the scandal that erupted over the closure last September of local access lanes to the bridge [...]

Here's your new Cover-story, Mr CEO of Wolffe & Samson -- time to slink away into NJ infamy, unflapped and untouched ... and uninterviewed:

[starting on pg 274]

2. Propose Legislation To Reform The Port Authority, Including
Transparency Laws

While the Bi-State Commission completes its analysis and recommendations, we recommend that the Office of the Governor work with the New Jersey Legislature to prioritize legislative reforms at the Port Authority. In 2011 and 2012, Governor Christie was working to advance “Shadow Government Reform,” which included comprehensive legislation to “bring accountability and oversight to . . . so-called ‘independent’ authorities . . . that for too long have engaged in conduct without oversight, often at the public’s expense, and with a blind eye from members of both political parties.”1401 Specifically, the Governor’s “Shadow Government Reform” sought to establish the following reforms across all State and regional public authorities: “gubernatorial oversight through veto within a 15-day window,” “mandatory service of agendas and minutes,” “board member service without compensation,” for-cause removal of regional authority leadership, financial disclosure statements, the applicability of State ethics requirements, New Jersey Conflicts of Interest Law, and Executive Orders to all regional authorities, and Comptroller authority to inquire into the financials of all regional authorities.1402 In addition, Governor Christie and Governor Cuomo ordered “a comprehensive audit of the Port Authority’s 10-year capital plan as well as a top-to-bottom management review of the Authority’s finances and operations.”1403

In light of recent events and past and pending legislative proposals, we recommend that the Office of the Governor redouble its efforts to propose new or modified public authorities reform legislation now. Short of that, we recommend that the Governor’s Office prioritize reform legislation pertaining to the Port Authority, keeping in mind that any transparency provisions similar to those already enacted in New York1409 would automatically become applicable to the Port Authority if also passed in New Jersey.

We recommend that the Office of the Governor consider taking steps to require all State and local elected officials, and perhaps their most senior staffers or cabinet-level appointees, to timely report to law enforcement authorities, the inspectors general, chief ethics officers, or their equivalents, any conduct that they believe may constitute crimes being committed on their watch, and imposing appropriate remedies on those public officials who fail to timely report such allegations. [...]

We therefore recommend that the Office of the Governor pursue legislation that requires all State and local officials, including Port Authority officials, and perhaps their most senior staffers, to timely report criminal conduct related to their offices to law enforcement authorities, or to the appropriate agency inspectors general or chief ethics officers (or their equivalents) responsible for such oversight, as soon as reasonably practicable.1410 The New Jersey Senate considered similar legislation in 2010, which would have required “school officials, local government officers and employees, State officers and employees, and members of the Legislature who have actual knowledge that another public official committed a criminal offense involving or touching upon his office to report the name of the official who allegedly committed the offense, and the facts and circumstances of the alleged offense, to the Attorney General.”1411

[emphasis added]

You mean, they're not required to do this already?

There's no need to fear, Governor Christie is here -- to once again Save the Day! (sans Samson) -- Here to lead the charge to bring accountability back to the new, and improved Port Authority.  One that will be All-About Transparency.

All thanks to this Internal Review, that the poor 'media-persecuted' Governor had the insight to order.  {cough, cough}

What a deal!    For the both of them ... call off the hounds, now please.

Also Steve Kornacki at one point said:

"It's easy for him [Christie] to beat-up the Press and score points with the Conservative base, and unless someone can come up with a piece of paper that contradicts anything he's saying, he may be in a a good position to make it:  'the Press against me.'"
(around timemark 33:00)

Well I would humbly submit there is such a piece of paper -- besides those 9/11 photos -- that should place both Christie and Samson "in the know" early on, in these GWB events;  long before Christie's claimed dawning awareness (long after the fact) of any traffic problems in Fort Lee:

                                     NEW JERSEY LEGISLATURE
MAJORITY LEADER                                                        COMMITTEES
LORETTA WEINBERG                                                     BUDGET
SENATOR, 37TH DISTRICT                                             JUDICIARY
TEANECK, NJ 07666                                                       COMMISSIONS
PHONE: (201) 928·0100                                                 NJ ISRAEL COMMISSION
FAX: (201) 928·0406                                                     NJ HISTORICAL COMMISSION
                                                                                    LEGISLATIVE SERVICES

September 19, 2013

Commissioner William Pat Schuber
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
225 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10003

Dear Commissioner Schuber:

Again, I find myself at a loss for words in responding to the questions posed by my constituents in regards to the rationale behind decisions made by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Last year I was at a loss in discussing the rationale behind the toll increases without meaningful public input and now I am at a loss for words regarding the Authority's sudden change in the traffic flow pattern to the George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee. Reducing the number of lanes during peak traffic times has caused a significant hardship for many in the area. This decision, made with no public comment, has created significant congestion in Bergen County.

I am disappointed in the Authority's response, but on a personal level I am disappointed in your lack of advocacy on behalf of the residents of Bergen County. When you were confirmed before the Senate you stated, both privately to me and publicly, that you were going to be the voice for Bergen County residents to the Authority. Sadly, at least based on your public actions, this does not appear to me to be the case.

It is my hope that this will change and you will ask for answers for the residents of Bergen County. I. also hope that you will insist on greater transparency from the Authority.

In the next couple weeks, I would like you to meet with me and my colleagues from the District to discuss the change in traffic patterns as well as the greater issue of transparency with the Authority. Please let me know when you are available to meet.


{signed: Loretta Weinberg}

Loretta Weinberg
Senator, District 37

cc.      The Honorable Governor Chris Christie
           Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle
           Assemblyman Gordon M. Johnson
           The Honorable Mark Sokolich Mayor of Fort Lee
           Chairman David Samson

Official Document page 626  and page 2 continues on Official Document page 627  

Why wasn't this ("sudden change in the traffic flow pattern to the George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee") immediately placed at the top of the Christie-Samson To-Do List, from Sept 19, 2013 going forward -- should be a Question, that every reporter, every investigator, is persistently asking.

Why instead did Christie-Samson proceed with their long, drawn-out denial, and Cover Story of the non-existent Traffic Study, in light of this urgent Loretta Weinberg letter, dated Sept 19, 2013 -- should be the very next Question.

In the harsh light of this very credible "piece of paper" from a very credible NJ official -- now officially entered in the Bridgegate Investigation evidence -- Date-stamped from Sept 19, 2013 -- any denial and obfuscation and feigned-cluelessness coming out of the Christie office -- AFTER THAT DATE -- would seem in a word, Indicting.

Remember, as per so many similar events:  "The Coverup is usually worse than the Crime."

And those coverup efforts began the moment General Samson, took personal affront at the efforts of Patrick Foye to correct the Traffic Constriction mess, that the Christie-Crew had so carefully constructed, to last far longer than a mere work-week.

Irrespective of which "bus" the Crew may now find themselves under, or alternatively now driving, as their individual case may be. You know, without that magic card.

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