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The Washington Times ran a piece titled "Paul keeps pole position in 2016 GOP presidential field; Huckabee second in new poll" link that set off a rhetorical brawl in the comments that highlights the deep divisions within the Republican party,

as sad as this may seem, most people aren't on Drudge or aren't listening to talk radio. Most people vote on whoever's name they recognize. Huckabee is a familiar name.

Cruz and Paul better start turning it into high gear. No way Jeb or Huckabee or the majority of the other faux conservatives have a chance at Hillary.

Oh the humanity of not listening to Hate Talk Radio!
I am a lifelong Republican. If Rand is the nominee, I feel that it would be for my sacred honor as a conservative to vote against Paul, even if it means voting for a Democrat in November 2016.

Conservatives care about the Christian moral of this nation. Libertarian (Liberaltarian) is what the kids are calling liberalism today. Same thing, dope smoking, homosexuality, LSD binging etc.

The rise of libertarianism within the GOP is what has resulted in the acceptance of moral deviancy such as drug use and gay marriage. Libertarianism is incompatible with conservatism.

Christie will be collecting tolls at the GWB by 2016. Part of his plea bargain agreement.
I'd like to see Christie working at the GWB too!
Herman Vogel
Huckabee is a Big Gov't Progressive. sad, we only have so few to choose from.
Sure glad I'm not trying to pick from this sorry bunch.  
Phil Kammer
I want everyone to understand something about Rand Paul - his supporters make up all those highschool dropouts who occupied Wallstreet and raped inocent women who just passed by, who deficated on police cars and on sidewalks...think about it
This is a very depressing "field." I'm very eager to see Hillary defeated, but there's nobody in the current Republican crop that really gets my blood racing in a positive way. I hope the Party nominates a conservative, but unless something happens, I doubt that they will. I don't think it'll be Christie, but if Jeb Bush put his heart and soul into the race, I have a horrible feeling he'd win. The nomination, that is.
Both of these men support amnesty. Every, other candidate does as well. America may as well start flying the Mexican flag from its federal buildings, at least until the Chinese flag replaces them.

And if anyone says anything against it they're labeled racists. What a travesty!

How about the next time either man stumps somewhere, everyone shows up in a sombrero? I can hear the real culture-haters screaming racism. Actually, doing something like this would be a polite, and visible way to show your disapproval for the attitude that it's politically OK to grant millions of people here without invitation, who've brought disease, financial burden, crime, and most of all, the real prospect of electoral warfare, with them.

Mr Scout
Huckabee is the least qualified of the field. Mr. "Pardon and commute the criminals sentences" Huck-a-seed. Go play your guitar some more.
Like many Baptist minisiters, the Huckster is a two-faced
pontificating hypocrite who believe 'it is my way or the highway.' He
is singularly responsible for Romney not running for President in 2008 when he
called Mormonism a cult. I don't trust him.
David Ross
No Huckabee. No Bush, and sure as hell No Christie. NO. MORE. RINOS. NO. MORE. COMMIECRAT WANNABES or ENABLERS. Cruz/Paul
Huckabee cut the backroom deal to give us RINO McCain. My stomach turns every time I see him on FOX.
Get real
Jeb Bush is an open-border, pro-amnesty liberal who recently invited Hillary Clinton to an education conference, after giving her a "Liberty Medal" on the eve of the Benghazi anniversary last year.

Jeb should be Hillary's vice president.

The Point
Rand Paul has become the establishment candidate. Him and Huckabee.

Nice thing is they are a lot more conservative than the Bush's and Romney's. Bad thing is that both are bought and paid for and now serve their RINO cult masters.

Cruz 2016!

With five candidates within the margin of error, it means we have no great candidates at the current time....but a pack of so-so ones. Glad this poll is two years out
Are these two the best we can field???? Wow, we ARE in trouble......
Clearly most Republicans are less than thrilled by the strength of the field of Republican candidates running for President in 2016.  I can't say I blame them much on that.  account. There does seem to be a lot of animosity between the Religious Right and Libertarian wings of the GOP. None of the Republicans in the race seems likely to please both.

Originally posted to Lefty Coaster on Sat Mar 29, 2014 at 12:32 PM PDT.

Also republished by Subversive Agitation Team Action Network.

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