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I'm sick and tired, of being sick and tired, of seeing women's rights gutted and stomped on by misogynist GOP politicians and corporations. As an artist, I will no longer purchase my supplies from Hobby Lobby. Rarely do I use the words 'always' and 'never'. In this case, I can say I will never step foot in another Hobby Lobby store again - even if they drop the lawsuit.

To use religion as their stance, then import products from China, knowing China has forced-abortions, and in some areas, horrible working conditions and a lack of human rights, Hobby Lobby is guilty of the worst kind of blasphemy and hypocrisy. This Hobby Lobby case is not about the money - It's about THE MONEY. Money, greed and control.

This is my public goodbye to Hobby Lobby and my happy hello to small, locally-owned art supply shops - where I should have been shopping in the first place.

Sources: Salon, USNews
Meme: L.Salzillo

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Originally posted to Leslie Salzillo on Sun Mar 30, 2014 at 01:43 PM PDT.

Also republished by Hellraisers Journal, Sexism and Patriarchy, In Support of Labor and Unions, This Week in the War on Women, Feminism, Pro-Feminism, Womanism: Feminist Issues, Ideas, & Activism, Pro Choice, and Sluts.

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