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This has gotten ridiculous.  Big Pharma, Big Insurance and the Automobile industry OWN the airwaves.   Oh yeah..when was the last time you saw a pepsi commercial?
Every now and then you will see a shampoo commercial.   We used to see Suave, Pepsi, Alka Seltzer, Stanback, and many PSA's.  What happened?

Now you see Flo and the Gecko or Kia commercials in between a mountain of God awful mostly from what I hear( unapproved FDA drugs) with a string of warnings spoken so fast you flinch and can't read the bottom scroll tablet.

Anyone see Smokey Bear lately?  I want to put up a wanted poster..because I hadn't seen this wise animal warning anyone about Who can prevent forest fires.

This should be a warning to every consumer out there.   You don't see cigarette commericals ..that is true but  Big Pharma dominates the airwaves.   Now we hear of diseases I never heard of and these wonder drugs are the 21st century of the snake oil salesman.   We also get a LOT of lifelift cosmetic surgery commercials.  

I want to see the little Alka Seltzer dude just once pop up.  I want to see a sausage sizzlin in a pan.   I want to see a coffee commerical.. as  they too have disappeared except at Christmas.. We might get a Folgers commercial.  Doesn't this tell us something?
I see Mr. Clean here and there and who owns him? which Koch brother?  Anyone see Jimmy Dean commercials?   I know the dude is dead but the company lives on.  I don't see any Paul Newman commericals.   Any FTD commercials?  How about Gun violence PSA's?  Have not even seen things go better with Coca Cola.  I have not seen any local fast talking automobile salesman even.  I only see the Big automobile industry roll out their newest and very expensive models.   Remember Bounty, the quicker picker upper?
What the hell happened?

I  am so tired of Viagra, Face lift, Botox, even Flo is getting tiresome.   I do see Swiffer commercials so which Koch owns Swiffer.  
I find myself singing the "You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with pepsodent".   I go looking for those old commericals that are a faint memory in the world of television.   YOU will see Direct TV commercials and Comcast.   I think we need to realize that Big Phama and these Big Big Corporaitons, yes bigger than Coke are soaking the airwaves.   They are buying your politicians and killing your well being.   Maybe telling us we are sick or about to get sick is supposed to get our attention.   Maybe Coke and Pepsi does not need to advertise anymore.  Maybe the Pillsbury doughboy just died...He is 71 or so and probably had a funeral leaving Play dough as an heir but we don't see even Play dough commericals.  

Keep in mind, so many people STILL have television and are not only bombarded with commericals that I mentioned are in abundance but get sucked into asking about that Facelift or miracle cream or even that magic cure for arthritis.  

I want people to realize just how far down the rabbit hole we have fallen and I do not see a lot of Wind mills or energy efficent light bulbs being pushed.  Why is that?  BP screams that are green after killing off our gulf... They dominate as well.

We have been sold out so why is anyone surprised about Citizens United?
Jeeze.. seriously...Are Big Banks and Insurance and Pharma any worse than the Marlboro Man...  they all kill us.  I think one of the Koch's own the Bounty quicker picker upper but they are plenty busy running tea party candidate ads to worry about a spill on the counter.  I could name thousands of companies that get no marketing on the big screen of television land.  I have to go to You tube to see a real commercial.

Jump below the fold to remember ...

OK I must admit I saw a few recent pepsi on you tube but they sure don't show them in the south.....  All we get is Debbie Boone on Facelift and some new drugs....and of course Progressive.

I can actually remember when the commercials were better than the programming.  Now everybody just tunes in to Super Bowl Sunday to see which ad is the greatest.
Tell me......When did this all happen?

Originally posted to Vetwife on Wed Apr 02, 2014 at 09:10 PM PDT.

Also republished by Community Spotlight.

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