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Screencap of story at Krauthammer & Will on Mozilla CEO:
Unsatisfied with victory they want to stamp out and punish people for previous views.
So something, something McCarthyism, something, something free speech, something, something gay agenda blah blah blah. I mean, how dare people fight back against those who would deny them their basic civil rights? And do so by employing the same market forces that conservatives worship? That was just rude!

The natives respond, below the fold.

The normal gays are starting to turn on their fanatic "friends." This is a good thing. The "gay" community will be Ron Paul Libertarianism in less than 4 years.

The Hallmark greeting cards only vote for Democrats because they want to be morally and intellectually superior without having to do anything. It's their whole conditioning program. The more this happens the better.

There are normal gays? Hey, in the conservative world, just writing that sentence is progress!
What advantage befalls us for maintaining both civility and total reliance on the political process when the opponent both rigs the process and exercises incivility whenever it suits them? Though continued participation in the process is a must, I'd say.
Was Jefferson just being flippant or wise about the tree of liberty?
Men will tolerate ills while ills are tolerable. What is the breaking straw?
IOW are we just suckers?
Oh, that one is easy!


This is no longer a gay rights issue. This is a freedom issue. I deal with people all the time who hold social and economic views that differ from mine. Are we now supposed to spy on our colleagues and neighbours to see what their religious and social views are before we can work with them or see them in a neighbourly way? This is appalling.
Gay, straight, left or right, EVERYONE in America should be very concerned at what this could mean for your country.
As an aside, I'd like to see them try to fire a Muslim for holding anti gay views. Right, like that would happen.
Freedom to marry wasn't a freedom issue until now because Muslims are allowed to discriminate! /WingnutLogic
They that control the judiciary control the law.

With one exception; the state of Illinois legislature recently enacted a gay marriage law, every state defense of marriage ballot initiative passed by majority vote, whether as state law or state constitutional amendment, has been overturned by a federal court.

Including California's Prop 8 in 2008 and Massachusetts "Defense of Marriage Act" in 2004.

That gay marriage is gaining popular support is a sack of Durbin, states no longer seek to defend traditional marriage because what's the point? The courts will only overturn the law or the amendment.

As Limbaugh has oft said; the regressive agenda can't win at the ballot box so they use judicial fiat to advance it.

Only one exception! Well, except the other exceptions of legislative victories in Hawaii, Minnesota, Delaware, Rhode Island, Maryland, Maine, New York, and Washington. In fact, did the bigots win any ballot initiatives in 2012? Why, no, they didn't!

But I'm sure this deeply felt opposition to judicial interference will lead conservatives to surrender their judicial assault on campaign finance laws and the Affordable Care Act, right?

We must stamp out WrongThink and punish those who exhibit it.
... says the crowd that made "liberal" a dirty word...
Gay activists cannot claim victimhood anymore. So the war has to be escalated.

Watch for FAKE hate crimes instigated by the victims themselves to claim that hatred against them is alive and well, to justify their militant actions.

I'm serious.

And we're seriously laughing!
Will and Krauthammer are correct, but don't go far enough. There are two overall objectives here that few seem to understand: 1) destroy the Catholic Church. The ultimate aim of the homosexual marriage movement is to force Catholic clergy to officiate at these attempted marriages. They know that orthodox clergy have to say "no," and the HMM folk then will make it a 14th amendment issue so they can put the priests who refuse in jail. 2) secure the same kind of "compensatory" special rights granted for the last sixty years to former victims of racial discrimination. That would be preferential hiring, educational access and scholarships. The firing of CEO's is just the start.
The crazy people on television don't go far enough. Good thing the internet is around to fix that!
"Now" we have sore winners? How do you think they won in the first place? By demonizing and discriminating against people who believed in natural marriage. The whole "it's inevitable" argument is a thinly veiled threat. "Better get on board because we are on the rise and when we get there and you aren't with us, we will destroy you."
Remember when defenders of "natural marriage" were denied the right to marry by the homosexual lobby? That was rude, gays. Stop it!
This total and complete intolerance from the left wing nuts is on par with totalitarianism.

And I also think it's as grossly abominable as is the poster that I saw from a pro-abortion group demonstrating at the University of Michigan. The poster read - "abortion is a gift from God".

And the blasphemy is grossly objectionable and without any moral conscience whatsoever. The other out and out blasphemy was straight from that ugly and bitterly objectionable prez with him giving the Rosary beads that Pope Francis gave to him to the bitterest and most vile person who is ANTI-Catholic, namely nancy pelosi.

Oh yes America, we surely are as much at that mark that the Holy Roman Empire was just before its FALL!

That sign-maker was trolling conservatives. And it worked!
This is my last missive generated by Firefox. if they don't tolerate the way people think, I will choose another Browser.

Isn't that the American way, folks?

Good-bye Firefox, I'll be reading this on OPERA!!!

uh oh, don't tell this guy that Opera is a Norwegian company. Norway was one of the first countries to allow same-sex marriage (sixth in the world). it's also a socialist country. But go for it, dude! It's a free market.
Voltaire said, "I don't approve of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." The American left says, "I don't approve of what you say, so therefore you have no right to say it."
Tell it to Sandra Fluke!
Actually the American left says, "I don't approve of what you say, so therefore you have to be put to death or at least in jail". Conform or be purged, welcome to the USSA.
That reminds me, what's the status of Obama's Concentration Camps? They seem to be running way behind schedule.
Just imagine the wail and howl that would raise from the so called "gay" community had an openly gay CEO been fired for contributions made to some gay or liberal political cause.
The wails would be just as loud as those from conservatives, but more effective. Because gay people and their supporters matter. Conservatives, less and less and less. Take away their Supreme Court majority and redistricting, and they'll have ... Mississippi.
This isn't about rights, it's about acceptance. Not only do gays want "equal rights", they demand that everyone applaud their lifestyle choices and are willing to use government agencies to punish those who dare to publicly voice opposing views. Tolerance for me, but not for thee. It's the liberal fascist ideology.
Yeah! Government agencies like the private non-profit Mozilla, and ... wait, what?

Gay militants aren't simply egalitarians wanting equal rights with heterosexuals, they're Klu Klux Kueers, Kounter-Kulture Supremacists aiming at political and cultural domination and an increase in numbers.

You guys, stop burning rainbows on the front lawns of straight people!
George Will has lost me over recent years. Perhaps because his articles are dry and generally so patently obvious as to almost invite the thought "no bleep sherlock".

Krauthammer is just plain excellent. His analysis is almost always thorough and generally unassailable.

Indeed the controversy here is not about them, but about the homosexual left and the Left in general. There is no more intolerant faction to bear in the US today than the Gay left.

The writing was on the wall 20 years ago when the homosexuals "just wanted to be left alone" - 20 years later they'll jam whatever philosophy down your throat and call you a bigot if you don't accept it. They define this as 'progress' albeit very Orwellian progress in this person's estimation.

Why is the homosexual left so intolerant, when all conservatives want to do is deny them their freedom? It's a mystery! Let's ask the guys who are always wrong about everything to see if they can figure it out.
Will: "The gay rights movement is winning with the speed and breadth that simply takes your breath away".

Not because of popular support BTW, but by judicial fiat against the will of the people.

The federal courts have found un-Constitutional every state ballot initiative passed by a majority of voters defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

If it weren't for activist judges pushing the gay marriage agenda it would be going no where.

Maybe the courts have found those ballot initiatives unconstitutional because the Constitution has that thing about "equal protection under the law"? Could that have something to do with it? Maybe?
Sorry folks but the genie is out of the bottle. Same sex marriage is the new accepted normal. The will be no going back. The progressive, liberal Democrat party has so many constituencies that conservatives will forever be outnumbered. Democrats have all the blacks, Hispanics, unions, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, single moms, felons, illegal immigrants, dwarfs, elves, pixies, wizards and the "working poor". Game over.
Dwarves are dour, xenophobic, obsessed with wealth, are strong proponents of the mining industry, and obsessively cling to centuries-old traditions. On the other hand, they do enjoy a good craft beer. Let's call them a "swing" constituency.

Elves, on the other hand, are clearly liberal.

I can't believe these two old RINOs have anything relevant to say on politics. If you're going to quote somebody about the left, quote somebody with some relevance, like Rush Limbaugh. He was never fooled by any liberals, such as Will and Krauthammer have been.
Please, keep quoting the guy who can't even keep dog shit-removal sponsors on his show! He's very relevant.
I have been married for 35 years. I was once a sensible person. I somehow got a degree in electrical engineering, and have been supporting a family and paying taxes all these years. yet I have not had a sensible thought at home for 35 years. I think that gays are effin crazy to want to get married. they can have it. there is a solution to the doma controversy. just make a law that all gays must get married, and stand by for the wailing and gnashing of teeth. I would love to see those rich pampered politically active gay morons married for even one year. they would be demonstrating to get rid of gay marriage, and boycotting everyone who thought gay marriage was a good idea. let them have it.
Nothing says "I love freedom" than advocating forcing people to get married, instead of having the choice to do so. Conservatism!
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