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The news today out of Florida according to Sem Dem's diary  (which can be found here was rather disturbing and of course Florida would be the place for the Freak show and crooks backing it all the way.

According to a news article today in the Tampa Bay times...Old Rick and his private jet seem to fly around and may be in violation of the Sunshine Law with disclosure of what he is doing and what it is costing.   In the meantime, Pam Bondi is busy I guess learning all about shred machines from some office supply store because there sure are a lot of emails missing.  For people who do not know Pam Bondi, she is the attorney general that reminds one of a Fox news early bird chatty kathy.   She is also the one who is trying to stop the MMJ l(medical marijuana bill)  from appearing on the ballots while the gov is busy getting advice from the Koch brothers.   It was reported of him making flights to consult with them in Colorado some time back.

Now I think we need to zoom in on old Tricky Ricky and see just how much damage he is doing now as we know how bad it has been.  The DOJ has pretty much set up camp in Florida but I want to know why they haven't carted his bald ass ,bad billionaire, crooked doings in front of a grand jury on voter purging if nothing else.   Pam Bondi should be under a huge microscope as well.   Hey DOJ.. Change the channel !!!!!  Move on !
Christie has written his own deed and you got that so move on down to the sunshine state and look at our corrupt business as usual down here.
Tampa Bay Times
About Bondi:Bondi ..Tampa Bay Times

Bondi, the chief custodian of the state’s Sunshine law, has acknowledged some documents were inadvertently missing from the records request of Stephen R. Andrews, but her office vigorously rejects his claims.

“These allegations are without merit,’’ said Bondi spokesman Whitney Ray.

In court documents filed this week in Leon County Circuit Court, Andrews portrays a department that allows employees to manually delete emails before they are archived, relies on an outdated email archival system and allows metadata to routinely be destroyed.

He claims that in at least 19 instances, emails were destroyed and the attorney general's office failed to properly retain text messages after he filed a request for a document hold

Who is guarding this bubble headed bleach blonde guard?
A Tallahassee attorney engaged in a bitter property fight with the state is accusing Attorney General Pam Bondi of destroying emails, failing to retain text messages and violating the state’s public records laws.
On to the governor:  I would never address him as Governor.... but others do.  I simply address him as a bought and paid for tea party billionaire crook ruining the lives of so many Floridians.
( He has a fan in Angela Corey though because she campaigned for him).  I am rolling my eyes on that news.
According to the Times:
Scott's air travel reflects not only his wealth, but his preference for stealth. Despite his oft-stated support for transparency, Scott keeps his flight itineraries off tracking websites and even blacks out arrival and departure details on official schedules after the fact, citing the need for security.

He also uses the jet to campaign for re-election and may be literally flying above the law.

Other candidates must pay for commercial flights or hop aboard private jets owned by donors — trips that must be publicly disclosed under state campaign finance laws.

Not Scott.

The hospital CEO-turned-governor flies in a Cessna Citation Excel owned by a company whose only officer is his wife, Ann Scott. The jet's tail number carries her initials, A.S.

They left off the other S on the plane right after A. S. ( that too was probably for security reasons as not to alert people the ass was in the air.  Of course most sane residents of Florida wish he would board that plane with wifey and fly away and never return to this state.
Having access to a private jet 24/7 is a luxury other candidates can't afford, and some experts say it requires more disclosure than Scott is providing.

Neither Scott's campaign nor his political committee, Let's Get to Work, list any expenditures for use of the 6-year-old, 12-passenger aircraft purchased last year.

Neither Scott's campaign nor his political committee, Let's Get to Work, list any expenditures for use of the 6-year-old, 12-passenger aircraft purchased last year.

In recent months, Scott has flown on the jet to campaign trips in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando and other Florida cities, and to out-of-state destinations such as Pasadena, Calif., in January to raise campaign money while watching Florida State win the college football national championship.

"The use of the plane is an ongoing expense that can be reported periodically," said Greg Blair, a spokesman for Scott's campaign. "Our campaign will periodically pay for and report the expense of all air travel in our expenditures, which are available online. Recent travel is included in our upcoming expenditure report."

The next report is due Thursday.

His own administration has said he isn't reporting as required.
Monthly reports shall include all contributions received and expenditures made during the calendar month which have not otherwise been reported,"   says Lesser.
 My eyesight may be failing but I never had x ray vision and all I have seen on those reports are Blacked out !
Well ... how about it DOJ?  Will this man ever be investigated and charged since he pleaded the 5th 75 times?  I for one am getting tired of hearing of what he is doing is illegal and nothing happening.  MB just reported the purge was out of bounds via the supreme court last week.

Is Scott and the plane and expenses all  flying above the law?  Honest and hurting people under his reign want to know !  We want the plane.. the real PLANE truth.


Originally posted to Vetwife on Sat Apr 05, 2014 at 05:05 PM PDT.

Also republished by North & Central Florida Kossacks and DKos Florida.

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