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This is very good news. Over 50 substantial Limbaugh sponsors have not been heard in months. This number is in the addition to the thousands of national and local sponsors who have already pulled ads from radio's most hateful talk show host, Rush Limbaugh. The boycotts, petitions, and protests continue to kick his ad revenue, as well as the assets of the radio networks that carry him. More and more consumers and activists are jumping into the protest via BoycottRush, StopRush, and FlushRush.

According to the StopRush Database, here are some of the recent major sponsors that have not been heard on Limbaugh's show for at least 60 days. As of April 12, 2014, they include:

No Ads Heard For 2 Months

Dish Network
Discovery Channel
Arizona Western College
Comcast Business
Comcast Xfinity
Papa Murphy's
LA Dodgers
Blue Emu
St. Louis Rams
Anaheim Ducks
Pearl Vision
Boise State University
Vermont Teddy Bear
Kent State University
Michigan State University
Advance Auto
Tulsa Hurricane University
NFL Monday Night Football
Carl's Jr.
Cleveland Browns
Miami Dolphins

No Ads Heard For 3 Months

Club Glove
Fin Electric Cigarettes
Mannheim Steamroller
Olivet Nazarene University
Taco Bell
Jewelry Exchange
National Association of Realtors
Frontier Communications
New Vitality
Greenlight Financial Services
Stanley Steamer

No Ads Heard For 6 Months Or More

San Diego University
University College-Washington
Oregon State University
Income At Home
Verengo Solar
Taste Of Home
San Diego State University
Gold Bond
University of Iowa
Blue Bell Ice Cream
Hammermill Paper

Some of the above have been longtime 'hardcore' sponsors of Limbaugh. When companies like this finally flee - success is in the air.

Most folks will not be thanking these companies for leaving, as the sponsors knew what kind of hate-spewer Limbaugh was, before placing ads. That said, it's good they opted to do the right thing, and they are probably praying the damage done to their reputation will not remain in the public's mind for life.

Some of the above are seasonal and may come back. Hopefully, there will be nothing to come back to… And there are still sponsors who continue hang, on or who have returned.

As of today, here are some of his remaining or True-Blue/Return Sponsors:

US Marine Corps, Marvin Window & Door, Jiffy Lube, Advance Auto Parts, Cox, Renters Warehouse, Allegra, Red Wing Shoes, Quicken Loans, Menards,1-800-Flowers, ProFlowers, Amberen, Insperity, Fox News (Way), Ageless Male, Power Swabs, 1-800-GotJunk, 1-800-Donate Cars (aka Heritage For The Blind), iHeart, Goldworth Financial, Visting Angels (Elderly Care), Goodwill Industries, Dinovite

Note: Angie's List, a Right Wing, longtime on again/off again Limbaugh sponsor, did not make the above 'no ads heard' list, even though they are not advertising now. They were reported in the StopRush database during March. The company that Krystal Ball calls, a company that has a problem with women, denied the ad allegations, until they were sent proof showing dates and stations where their ads were heard. Can't deny facts. Well, actually you can, but they eventually catch up. After StopRush posted the data, it was posted in FlushRush of over 20,000 members and the BoycottRush Facebook page of over 80,000. Hundreds, if not thousands, of consumers began contacting the already troubled, Angie's List, and sharing memes about the company's return to Limbaugh. Angie's List caught wind of the memes and heard from enough consumers that they quickly pulled their ads (again) from his show. Accusations of scamming and complaints are not new to Angie's List. The company whose board consists of eight men and two women, claimed their ads were meant for the Sean Hannity Show… Oh, okay. Our bad.

I digress. This is about El Rushbo's demise and the Rush Limbaugh era is nearing its end. We owe much to FlushRush volunteers who have literally spent two years monitoring, reporting, documenting, and publishing Rush Limbaugh sponsors the public to use. The BoycottRush Facebook group continues to periodically post Limbaugh sponsors, petitions, and news. They also join sponsor Twitter Bombs, and counter Limbaugh/hate radio, by posting left-leaning news/memes.

And of course there are the many other groups and people who are contributing greatly, simply by not buying from Limbaugh's sponsors.

Rush? Well he continues use shock in his odious news to get attention, but like the old crying wolf story, not many are listening, believing, or buying his bullshit anymore. Nor are they buying from his sponsors. I like to use the phrase, 'It's not about the money - it's about THE MONEY,' and sponsors must be losing a lot of it, for them to leave.

Will Rush Limbaugh be gone by the November's Midterm Elections? It's doubtful. The Koch brothers and Tea Party/Republicans need him to be their lying puppeteer… you know - to rile up the 7 old white men left in Limbaugh's dwindling audience. But the day will come when he's gone, and what a fine day it will be.

To help facilitate a quicker Limbaugh sell-by date, you:

BoycottRush Facebook Group
Limbaugh Sponsor/Clear Channel/Cumulus Petition
Join The Fight To Flush Rush Facebook Group
The StopRush Extensive Sponsor Database

The boycotts are also being supported by women’s rights organizations like, and NOW -- and by many  progressive sites/pages including: Addicting Info, Being Liberal, Daily Kos, Media Matters, Liberals Unite, and Political Loudmouth.

Thank you, Richard Myers. Rest In Peace. We Will Finish This. We miss you dearly.
Information Courtesy of
Special thanks to Freya Malin for the extra research.

Originally posted to Leslie Salzillo on Sat Apr 12, 2014 at 01:36 PM PDT.

Also republished by Sluts, Feminism, Pro-Feminism, Womanism: Feminist Issues, Ideas, & Activism, Pro Choice, and Media Watch.

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