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Buttons reading 'Repeal Obamacare' are displayed at the American Conservative Union's annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, February 9, 2012. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst  
Brian Beutler catches the latest Obamacare fauxrage from Fox News: millions of people won't be able to sign up for health insurance until November. So all those young people who Republicans, and Fox News, told that they shouldn't be signing up because freedom are now deprived of freedom by having to wait until the next open enrollment period. Here's Fox News:
There is yet another ObamaCare surprise waiting for consumers: from now until the next open enrollment at the end of this year, most people will simply not be able to buy any health insurance at all, even outside the exchanges.
That's not really news. The practice of enrollment periods, embraced by the law, was designed specifically to address those "free-riders" Fox News would in any other circumstance hate—the people who would wait until they needed health insurance to get it. The difference now, though, is that if those people get sick while they're uninsured, they don't have to worry about that preventing them from getting insurance once open enrollment kicks in again. (There are some exceptions: people who qualify can enroll in Medicaid or enroll their kids in SCHIP programs at any time, and people who have "qualifying life events" or other special circumstances as detailed here can sign up.)

But of course, Fox News doesn't really care about all the people it told not to sign up who didn't sign up and now don't have care. Nor do they care that they're showing their rank hypocrisy in pushing this story. Just as long as they have some Obamacare outrage story.

Originally posted to Joan McCarter on Mon Apr 14, 2014 at 03:15 PM PDT.

Also republished by Obamacare Saves Lives and Daily Kos.

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