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Update: And look! Here is some of it today!

 8 Million? Hah! Exchange QHPs could hit 8.1M or even higher in May…

We also have a summary of the various state extensions.

Original Post: We know that we hit 8 million on the Exchanges, and that President Obama got to say so in a news conference. However, the HHS report on March and the extension period to April 15 has not come out, and there are still states accepting signups after that. So it's more than the 8.03 million brainwrap tallied up yesterday. Cue the freakout.

Mommy, whenever an American signs up for Obamacare, a Republican's head explodes.
Republicans have been losing young people at about 1% of the US population annually, which is more than 2% of their own numbers. I predict that we will do better this year over Obamacare, particularly over Medicaid expansion in Red states. We need about a 10% shift nationwide in order to make the Republicans go the way of the Federalists, the original Party of No in opposition to Thomas Jefferson.

You know, we need to find those young former Republicans and welcome them to reality. Not enough of them are finding their way here to dKos.

Numbers, have we got numbers. Now brainwrap wants to predict the extension signups state by state.

Update #1

8 Million? Hah! Exchange QHPs could hit 8.1M or even higher in May...

OK, now that we're past the April 15 cut-off period, I can close the books for 2014 enrollments, right?

Well, no.

As I was saying earlier today.
Here's a roundup of the state-by-state deadlines (which have been changing every day, but seem to have finally settled down for real):
  • The 36 states on the Federal exchange: You still have until 4/30 if you submitted a paper application by 4/07.
  • Maryland: Complete your enrollment by today (4/18) or possibly tomorrow (4/19) as long as you started it by 3/31.
  • Minnesota: Complete your enrollment by 4/22 as long as you started it by 3/31.
  • Oregon: Full extension (no "started by 3/31" requirement) through 4/30.
  • District of Columbia: Complete your enrollment through 4/30 as long as you started it by 3/31.
  • Hawaii: Complete your enrollment through 4/30 as long as you started it by 3/31.
  • Nevada: Complete your enrollment through 5/30 as long as you started it by 3/31.
  • Colorado: Complete your enrollment through 5/31 if you applied for Medicaid by but were denied.
  • Massachusetts: POSSIBLE extension through as late as 6/30, but only for the 200K+ people who are caught in MA's weird "limbo" status (too complicated a story for me to even try to explain)

How much will all of these oddball state extensions add up to? Well, setting aside Massachusetts (very special situation), I'm guessing the rest will add up to perhaps 50K.

When you add this to the fact that it's very unlikely that the 4/15 exchange QHP total came in at exactly 8,000,000 on the nose (I'm assuming at least a 30,000 cushion), it's entirely possible that the grand total will end up as breaking 8.1 million by late May.

Elasticity is the name of the game (at least in CA) (Guest Post)
by Javier Anderson, April 17, 2014

According to a new policy paper by the UC Berkeley’s Center for Labor Research and Education, it is likely that up to half of California’s Exchange Enrollees will not be enrolled in their current Quality Health Plan’s (or QHP’s) by the end of the first year of the exchanges existence. This is due to a myriad of life factors allowing consumers to drop these plans for other policies afforded to them by their spouses, employers, or other government insurance providers (Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare etc.)

This explanation goes a long way in clarifying one of the most contentious issues that critics as well as supporters of the Patient Affordable Care Act of 2010 (colloquially known as ‘Obama care’) have had issue in fully grasping, why a relatively large portion of those who have now enrolled have yet to pay for their premiums or who are no longer doing so. Many have simply moved on to a different plan or form of coverage and are no longer paying for the former coverage they don’t use. This revelation seriously puts into question the dominant theory that these enrollees have simply signed up and are not  paying for the services provided to them, becoming what the insurance industry calls ‘deadbeats’.

More discussion, with sources.

South Carolina 4/15 Total: 114.8K QHPs

Update #0

BOOM! There it is: Pres. Obama announces 8M Exchange QHPs

A First: I'm gonna try to project the state-by-state 4/15 QHP totals!

Massachusetts: 30.5K QHPs as of 4/08

North Carolina: 132K people applied for Medicaid via

Overall, Terrell said, the state has received 95,000 Medicaid applications via the federal ACA sign-up, representing 132,000 people, since October 2013. And that number is likely to grow.
That is just applications. We have to wait to find out how many are approved.

Connecticut: 4/15 Totals: 78.7K QHPs, 129.6K Medicaid

Colorado: 4/15 QHP total: 127.2K; Medicaid total: 178.5K

Oregon: Paid QHPs up to 63.7K, Medicaid up to 161.3K

Nevada: Kind of anticlimactic, but...44.5K exchange QHPs as of 4/15

Hey FOX News: Here's a free graph for you to use!

From our Twitter friend @LOLGOP: People enrolled (8 million) vs. people (more than 7 billion).

clairebbbear ‏@clairebbbear 21h

@LOLGOP no way. Fox News would never count non-Americans as people.

Fun w/Numbers: State exchanges shot up 60% in March/April. Federal exchange enrollments at least DOUBLED

Originally posted to Mokurai on Fri Apr 18, 2014 at 12:29 PM PDT.

Also republished by Obamacare Saves Lives.

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