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I'm sharing this with this community because I need the outlet or else I will upset my wife and start a huge family issue. I hope my letter/diary will also assist readers in how to engage their Tea Bagger family members.

As the midterms approach, the ACA is succeeding and polls are showing Dems doing much better than the media says, so Republicans are going to become even more vicious and I've had enough.

One more thing, after this brother in law tantrum, I was at the local dog park and a Tea Party fool, verbally assaulted me and another dog owner for not having them on leashes. We were in the parking lot, trying to load our dogs in when a squirrel ran past and our dogs ran after them. We were rounding them up when he appeared and yelled at us that we must follow "government regulations as a**hole Democrats demand."

So, thanks for letting me vent and I hope it helps someone. I have had enough of them especially when they're willfully ignorant and the cause of many of America's economic problems.

The union members, veterans and previous liberals who endured much to help us deserve that I stand up to Republicans especially with climate change, the Koch Bros. and mass extinctions happening as we speak.

We really must push back, and yes it will force it to a head but I am of the opinion it is the only way. Better to do it now, than wait till we suffocate.

To set the table, my wife sent her Tea Party brother an e-mail on wolves in the west and how ranchers are still killing them, despite the fact they're endangered and being introduced into their natural habitats. He is supposedly an animal lover and she thought he would appreciate it and they had something in common.

He took it as Democrat propaganda and called her screaming for 20 minutes. This happens a lot, and he has ridiculed me too. We are not allowed to discuss G. W. Bush or even say the word "Republican", you see.

Not anymore, I'm done with him and those like him.

I heard you berating my wife and your sister yet again the other night, because your voice was so loud I heard it from 10 feet away.

I’m asking you to stop yelling and flame throwing verbal bombs towards my wife and ultimately to me as well. It is not okay, and I’ve had enough of your bullying and anger.

Please, now I said PLEASE, take your anger out somewhere else, but if this happens in the future I will begin interfering and speaking for her and my family, forcefully and louder than you.

Apparently, you are allowed to discuss your opinions which you do frequently, as you often without request say, “if you want my opinion” then launch into issues that are sensitive, yet if we dare respond we are ripped a new one.

I’m very tired  of the Republican, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News approach towards America and Democrats specifically. We’re not “real Americans” to them and the language used by hate radio jocks attempts to de-humanize anyone who disagrees with the Republicans of today.

Facts are facts and frankly it is amazing that you have not realized you’re being hustled. You fall into the category of the angry white elder man, who would rather appear foolish, fail and scream than admit reality, especially the last 34 years.

Here’s some facts for you. – Now these are facts, but I’m sure you’ll yell at me or call me a socialist communist anti-American, but this is not a verbal assault it is a list of facts, so interpret these facts as you want.

•    Ronald Reagan doubled the deficit and added to the debt.
•    George W. Bush tripled the deficit and added to the debt.
•    W. Bush, had a $2 TRILLION surplus and did not pay it towards the debt.
•    W. Bush inherited a balanced budget, cut taxes, started wars and grew the deficit, and the debt.
•    W. Bush grew the federal government larger than anyone in history except FDR. He left office of 8 years having created only 2 million jobs, mainly federal government jobs.
•    W. Bush and Republicans HID the cost of Afghanistan and Iraq wars from the operating budgets, listing them as special expenditures thus hiding if from the budgets and deficits and debt.
•    President Obama, put them on the budget as a good manager should do.
•    Republicans invaded Iraq and said it would last 6 months, cost $7 billion and pay for itself with their oil exports. None of that happened.
•    Republicans outlawed Medicare from buying prescription drugs from Canada, and outlawed Medicare from negotiating with drug companies to lower prices in bulk. Outlawed it! Free market huh?
•    September 11, 2001 happened on Republicans’ watch and they did not hold hearings about the incident. But Benghazi!
•    The bank bailouts were started under George W. Bush.
•    Republicans would not even help Chrysler or GM, but they help the banks. They hate Americans now, if they vote Democrats. Do you hate me because I am a Democrat?
•    All I hear from Republicans these days for policy is privatize everything and cut taxes for the rich. It does not work, the country collapses as it did in 1929, and again in 2008.
•    Mass extinctions and climate change threaten us, and Republicans want to drill for more oil, thus giving money to terrorists and thwarting the free market principles of new energy start ups. Republicans are not for free market, they used to be but not anymore, don’t you see that?

Now, Republicans talk impeachment, filibuster, vote 51 times to repeal the ACA and have no plan. They impeached President Clinton, ridicule Jimmy Carter and lie about Ronald Reagan and pretend George W. Bush didn’t exist. Well, I prefer to engage in reality and acknowledge facts and the good and bad about Democrats as well as Republicans. I cannot find anything worthy of complimenting for Republicans in the last 34 years, except Bush’s good work in Africa and aids.
•    Am I a real American?
•     Is Rush Limbaugh ever wrong, or is he perfect?
•    What do you think about G.W. Bush’s and Republicans’ record from 2000-2006?
•    Was G. W. Bush responsible for the calamities or are only Democratic Presidents responsible?
•    Do you think President Obama is an American? How about President Clinton?
•    Did he earn his achievements or was it luck? I want to know your answers to these questions because if you’re a Sean Hannity clone, then you and I are not friends, nor do I wish to engage you in the future.
I need health care and without the ACA I could not get private because I have arthritis. America cannot compete economically if citizens lose all they own when they reach ages 50-65 and cannot see a doctor. By the way, going to the emergency room, is socialized medicine the worst way. Republicans endorse that, so how do you explain their supposed anti-socialization of health care? Not to mention the V.A.

I understand Medicare paid for your leg repair which would have cost $20k or more, and if you did not have it, you would have  a pre-existing condition and not able to get private insurance.

Your mother depends of Social Security and you do too I believe. Do you want to put Social Security in the hands of Wall Street, who took our mortgage monies and gambled them away, but rigged the game where they won no matter how the market went? Are you prepared to support your mother if she did not have social security?

I could go on, but you and your family who have lots of babies, sure seem to enjoy public school systems. Socialism. Why aren’t you all sending them to private schools or home schooling them if private is so much better?

You were at my home recently and declared telemarketers evil and should be outlawed or prevented from calling your home. THAT requires government regulations and would not be a true free market. Yet you speak the loudest and declare yourself not a government guy.

Here’s the rub – stop yelling at my wife, insulting me and either respect us and be willing to discuss facts or we’ll only talk sports and the weather. However, the days of you bullying and screaming at her are over. You will have to talk to me from now on if it happens again.

I can’t stop her from her actions and she loves you unconditionally. Why, I don’t know because you treat her like crap and she forgives and forgives you. Well, I can call you back or e-mail you and the next time I see you face to face, engage you man to man and I will. If you bully her one more time, I may well make a special trip to talk to you.

Stop screaming at my wife, and for the love of America, if you truly believe in reducing the debt and balancing the budget then you have to acknowledge that Democrats are better money managers than Republicans. If you won’t then you are not a serious person and I won’t spend any time with you. You’re then just another Tea Party fool who refuses to accept reality.
There was a time when I angered my Democratic friends because I understand economics and agreed schools needed changing, unnecessary regulations dampened start ups but that doesn’t mean they can frack, spill oil everywhere or pollute our air and kill innocent animals.

Now, because I say social security is good, that America must have single-payer health care, and that Republicans are responsible for Iraq and 70% of our debt, I am called names and ridiculed. Well screw that no thanks, that is getting into cult mentality and I won’t blindly follow anyone including Democrats. At least they say they care about working Americans. Today, being a worker is being a loser, when it used to be there was honor in working. Not with Republicans today.

Not everyone was born with money, nor want to be vulture capitalists. Most don’t use wealth as a motivator, but are motivated to teach kids, protect us, build cars or create music. Few of these professions could afford health care or retirement and Republicans call them losers and say they should suffer, because they could of done better. If that’s their economic and moral views we might as well shut down the country because you can’t have sellers, without buyers.

Oh by the way, if you’re a government guy, then should a strip joint or circus be able to put up a business next to your house, thus reducing your property value? If not, then you’re endorsing government regulations. Which is it buddy?
Enough, enough. If you want to play make believe that is your business, but you MAY NO LONGER ATTACK MY FAMILY because we dare mention politics or walk in the room.

Got it?    

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