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Only ONE of the following was made up.  All the rest were gathered in just three days of Internet collecting.  Can you spot the "fake" entry?

Of course all of them can lead to brain rot.  I am going to need several days of rest to recuperate from collecting all of this.  Maybe a date with Kim Kardashian would help.

The results below the top progressive politics content divider (orange division):

1 Super Food that Burns Stored Fat Like a Furnace
3 Cool Braided Hairstyles
3 Steps to a Happy Nursery
4 Hormones All Skinny People Have In Balance
4 Hormones That Reverse Age Related Weight Gain
4 Things You Need to Know About Amazon’s Smartphone
4 Surgeries to Avoid
4 Secrets to Growing Out Your Hair
5 Stupid Ways to Make Extra Money with Your Home
5 Items to Get for Free at the Grocery
5 Things a Dishwasher Will Do
5 Things to Note in the NFL Draft
5 Biggest Myths About Scotch
5 Things We Learned from ‘True Detective’
5 Game of Thrones Characters We Love More on TV
5 Items You Won’t Believe Costco Actually Sells
5 Best GIFs of Prince George from His Royal Tour
5 Top Corporate Twitter Fails
5 Highly Anticipated Movies That Are Almost Here
5 Hawkeye Costumes We Won’t See on the Big Screen
5 Best Graduate Degrees You Should Just Get Online
5 Projects That Really Don’t Add Value to Your Property
5 Things to Know About Quinoa
5 Perfect Books for Men Who Never Read
5 Reasons Why Your Mascara is Clumping
5 Wall Street Senior Executives Who Went to Jail for Fraud
5 Reasons Poverty Porn Empowers The Wrong Person
5 Dumbest Credit Mistakes
5 Most Ridiculous Porn Scenes
5 Relationship Do’s and Dont’s
5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Makeup Drawer This Spring
5 Ways the World Can Kill You Without Warning
5 Mind Hacks to Better Manage Your Attitude
6 Tips for Styling Your Pixie Cut
6 Ways to Look Like a Perfect Guy
6 Actors Who Got Fired From Famous Movies
6 Vital Money Tasks to Tackle Before Your Baby Arrives
6 Genius Money Lessons from The Big Bang Theory
6 Really Weird Things You Do When You're In A New Relationship
7 Officially Smartest Celebrities
7 Iconic Movie Items and What They Were Originally Supposed to Be
7 Things That Make You Think You’re Hungry (Even When You Don’t Need to Eat)
7 Common Mistakes On Your Car Insurance
7 Foods That Are Dangerous for Your Dog
7 Healthy Foods That Turned Out to be Unhealthy
7 Biblical Money Truths
7 Athletes With MS Who Kick butt
7 Style Rules to Follow This Spring
7 Signs You Are About to be Fired
7 Devices That Might Kill the Wallet in 2014
7 Signs Your Marriage is Stronger Now Than On Your Honeymoon
8 Shocking Celebrities Who Used To Be Hot
8 Gay Actors Who Play Straight Characters
8 Things Smart Parents Shouldn’t Buy for Their Kids
8 Good Deals Even if You Don’t Get a Tax Return
8 Ways to Stress Less
8 Natural Ways to Relieve Arthritis Pain
8 Movie Facts That Movie Buffs don’t Even Know
8 Unforeseen Consequences of Russian Sanctions
9 Recipes for Naturally “Dyeing” Easter Eggs
9 Career Stoppers for Movies
9 Foods to Avoid With Hypothyroidism
9 Street Style Looks to Get You in Music Festival Mode
9 Ways Pigs Are Smarter Than Your Honor Student
9 Celebrities Exposed By Their ex-Assistants
10 Affordable Caribbean Resorts You Must See
10 Celebs Whose Siblings Got the Looks
10 Actors You Recognize But Couldn’t Name
10 Actors Who Bashed Their Own Flicks
10 Celebs Who Absolutely Refuse to Work Together
10 Celebs Who Used to Have Horrible Smiles
10 More Realistic Milestones For Your Baby Book
10 Child Stars Who Ruined Their Future
10 Celebs You'd Never Guess Went Full Frontal On Film
10 Celebs That Do NOT Look Like Their Magazine Covers
10 Celebrities That Practice Open Relationships
10 Mind Blowing Facts About Disneyland
10 Marriages That Might Be Hollywood Shams
10 Top Financial Scandals of All Time
10 Awesomely Awkward GIFs of Kristen Stewart for Her Birthday
10 Ways the Style of Mad Men has Evolved
10 Tips For a Long Happy Life From a Man Who Lived to 116
10 Things to remember About the Crisis in Ukraine and Crimea
10 Fabulous Beach Resorts in the World
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Breaking Bad
10 Top Twisted Twin Stories
10 Skin Fixes From The Fridge
10 Commandments of Saving Money
10 Most Fattening Foods in the World
10 Things You Should Never Do in a Bar
10 Unusual Ways to Live Longer
10 Most Secluded Beaches In The World
10 Most Disappointing Destinations in the World
10 Cancer Causing Foods You Eat Every Day
10 Universities With the Richest Alumni
10 Ways You Can Use Matzoh
10 Great Gadgets for 2014
10 Top Favorite Stocks of Warren Buffett
10 Self-Made YouTube Millionaires
10 Questions the Marvel Cinematic Universe Still Needs to Answer
10 Future Technologies That Will Probably Kill Us All
10 Top Female Nudes in Art
10 Disastrous Crew Visible Mistakes in Movies
10 Recent Movies That Are Worth Watching Again
10 Bad Movies We Actually Enjoyed
10 TV Actors Who Make Way Too Much Money
10 Movies That Completely Bombed
10 Widely Released Movies You Don’t Even Recognize Now
10 Most Underrated Movies of 2013
10 Tips for a Long Healthy Life From a Man Who Lived to 116
10 Truly Wise Mad Men Quotes
10 Ridiculous Sports Myths Everyone Believes
11 of Hollywood’s Hottest Cougars
11 Must-Try Restaurant Spots
11 Shocking Ingredients in Foods You Eat Everyday
11 Hospital Dangers to Steer Clear Of
11 Habits of People Who Never Worry
12 Actors Who Made Unhealthy Transformations for a Film
12 Most Shocking Recent Celebrity Affairs
12 Child Stars Who Are Insanely Rich
12 Celebs Who Are Aging in Reverse
12 Top Small Towns in America
12 Ways to Save Money on Food
13 Celebrities With High IQs
13 Mac Keyboard Tricks
13 Stars You Didn’t Know Were Banned from SNL
13 Movie Flops We’ve Kindly Forgotten
13 Questions Left Unanswered by How I Met Your Mother
14 Benefits Most Seniors Didn’t Know They Had
14 Netflix Movies That Will Make or Break Your 4/20 High
15 Pairs of Surprising Celebrity Twins
15 Forgotten Actresses from the ‘90s – Where Are They Now
15 Celebrities During Their Cheerleading Days
15 Times Michelle Obama Was A Very Angry First Lady
15 Actors Who Turned Down Roles That Ended Up Being Huge
15 Celebrities Who Destroyed Themselves With Plastic Surgery
15 Biggest Career Mistakes of Movie Stars
15 Celebrities You Want As Your Girlfriend
15 Cool Peeps Projects
15 Stars That Lost it All
15 Hollywood Couples That Are Truly Happy Together
15 Most Beautiful Women in Sports
15 Summer Trips You Never Considered
15 Everyday Ways to Burn 100 Calories
16 Snacks That are OK to Eat at Night
17 Common Mistakes Made By Dog Owners
17 Everyday Ways to Save More Money
17 Facts That Will Forever change The Way You Look At These Famous People
18 Best Mileage 2014 AWD & 4WD Vehicles
18 Ways To Live a Successful Life That Have Nothing to do With Money
19 Ideas for a Healthier Easter Basket
20 Best Improv Comedy Schools Around the World
21 North Korean Hairstyles Approved by Kim Jong Un
21 Steps to Meditating on Your Own
22 Common Phrases We all Secretly Hate
22 Foods Hipsters Need to Calm Down About
23 Greatest Movie Sequels Pictures
23 Things I Have Learned as a Little Person
25 NFL Records That Will Never Be Broken
27 Highly Talented Instagram Photographers You Should Follow Right Now
28 Healthy Recipes From Joy Bauer
29 Amazing SUVs That Get Good Gas Mileage
30 Fascinating Photos Of 1960s Afghanistan
30 Nearly Pornographic Mainstream Films
40 Top Game of Thrones Characters, Ranked
45 Pics of Your Childhood Crushes:  Then and Now
50 Best Manly Movie Quotes
51 Greatest Celebrity Prom Photos
50 Best Things We Saw At Coachella 2014 Pictures
83 Things Every Man Should Do Before He Dies
100 Greatest Bruce Springsteen Songs of All Time


How to Get Your PhD From Practically Anywhere
Kim Kardashian Ditches Her Hair Extensions
Kim Kardashian Shows Off Baby North at Kanye’s Grandpa’s Funeral
Kim Kardashian Channels Audrey Hepburn
You Won't Believe Your Eyes With These Amazing, Hilarious, Perfectly Timed Pictures
You Can Be Stomach Fat Free In 28 Days With These Easy Tips
Pamela Anderson Starts to Remove her Barbed Wire Tattoo
Kristen Stewart’s Orange Hair Takes Over Movie Set
What to Eat During Game of Thrones
How to Take Off a Wetsuit
Rapper Cuts Off His Own Penis and Jumps from Apartment Balcony

AND my personal favorite:

Reminder:  Don’t Touch Dead Sharks


Be Honest: How Many Times a Day do You Click One of These Things?

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