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"He was reaching for his waistband."

That's the official reason NBC 4 said LBPD gave...

"Investigators say they opened fired because the man put his hands into his waistband..."
Sure he was. Just like all the other victims of police terror who have been shot in the back while fleeing. But this time there's video to show exactly what the man was doing while running down stairs directly away from the police when he was shot. Who could have predicted? His hands never go anywhere near his waistband.

This was cold-blooded murder. The man was running away down stairs towards a beach. He was not an immediate threat to anyone or anything.  There was no reason to shoot him at all with any kind of ammo, let alone kill him.

And you can be all but certain no one will be held accountable.


The slaughter sequence begins about 1:50.

Here is a link to the must see news report by NBC 4 on the murder, showing in slow motion the man's actions as he runs down the stairs, and reporting on what LBPD had to say about the waistband rationale. It then goes on to interview a "use of force" expert who says the incident indicated "excessive" use of force.

"I do not see (the suspect) reach his waist band at all," Williams said. "From my observations from looking at this video tape, (the shooting) is not justified, I think it's objectively unreasonable and its', my opinion, is excessive force."
Well yeah. The man is very dead. Excessive indeed.

Comment attached to the Youtube video:

Very proud of the Long Beach Police Department. Way to go murdering an innocent man and letting him die in the dirt.

This is how Deputy Navarro-Suarez of the Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau
described the incident.
"...the suspect exited the vehicle with a large wooden stick in hand, again refusing to comply with deputies' verbal commands," she said.

Deputies used a less lethal "stunt bag" in an attempt to safely detain the man, but it had no effect and he ran from the scene, Navarro-Suarez said.

"The suspect then encountered Long Beach Police Department officers, who were assisting on the containment, and a LBPD officer-involved shooting occurred," she said.

But the only "encounter" the man had with LBPD officers, as the video shows, was with their bullets.

Not just scumbags. Lying scumbags.

7:41 PM PT:
LONG BEACH >> Authorities today identified a 36-year-old man who was killed in an officer-involved shooting in Long Beach.

Jason Conoscenti, whose city of residence was unknown, died at a hospital on Sunday afternoon, said coroner’s Assistant Chief Ed Winter.

Originally posted to jpmassar on Tue Apr 29, 2014 at 06:52 PM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street, California politics, Support the Dream Defenders, and Police Accountability Group.

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