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  You can't fool George Will. Scientists are just progressives who are looking to consolidate power in Washington.

 “The whole point of global warming is it's a rationalization for progressives to do what progressives want to do, which is concentrate more and more power in Washington, more and more Washington power in the executive branch, more and more executive branch power in independent czars and agencies, to micromanage the lives of the American people. Our shower heads, our toilets, our bathtubs, our garden hoses -- everything becomes involved in the exigencies of rescuing the planet.”
 Sounds like an open and shut case to me. Scientists from all around the world are in a global conspiracy to seize power in the United States. Perfectly logical.
   What? You want proof? George Will has proof!

 Gwynne was the science editor of Newsweek 39 years ago when he pulled together some interviews from scientists and wrote a nine-paragraph story about how the planet was getting cooler.
   Ever since, Gwynne's "global cooling" story – and a similar Time Magazine piece – have been brandished gleefully by those who say it shows global warming is not happening, or at least that scientists – and often journalists – don't know what they are talking about.
   Fox News loves to cite it. So does Rush Limbaugh. Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., has quoted the story on the Senate floor.
 That one article in 1975 was so brilliant, that it has managed to disprove over 33,000 scientifically researched papers written since.
   Forbes used it as evidence of what the magazine called "The Fiction of Climate Science."
   If one magazine article from 39 years ago, buried on page 64, doesn't prove that the world was paralyzed in fear of a new ice age, what does?
   Just recently:
 Lou Dobbs on Fox News: "This cycle of science… if we go back to 1970, the fear then was global cooling. "

Rush Limbaugh: "I call [global warming] a hoax… A 1975 Newsweek cover was gonna talk about the ice age coming. So they're really confused how to play it."

Sean Hannity on Fox News: "If you go back to Time Magazine, they actually were proclaiming the next ice age is coming, now it's become global warming… How do you believe the same people that were predicting just a couple decades ago that the new ice age is coming?"

Donald J. Trump: "This very expensive global warming bullshit has got to stop. Our planet is freezing.…"

 Just recently the Washington Times has announced the frightening discovery that it gets cold in the winter.
     I don't want to sound alarmist, but isn't it about time that we become a little concerned that if the scientific community is in such a united, global konspiracy to seize power in the United States, that they would fake their research data on such a massive scale, that there is simply nothing they aren't capable of?
  Never before in history has the scientific community engaged in such a complex, long-term plot against one nation.

  When you think about it, there is only one logical conclusion: we must declare war on scientists before it is too late.

12:40 PM PT: I need to point out two things:

a) That this is a global scientific konspiracy. Thus scientisits in Brazil, England, South Africa, Germany, etc., instead of trying to overthrow their own countries are trying to overthrow the government of the United States.
   That's diabolical!

b) There are 34 peer-reviewed papers saying that humans aren't the cause of global warming. Not one or two, but Thirty-four!
   Anyone that knows anything about science knows that all scientific opinion is unanimous when it comes to theories.

Originally posted to gjohnsit on Wed Apr 30, 2014 at 10:22 AM PDT.

Also republished by Climate Change SOS.

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