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Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes put out a "Debriefing" video where they claim that the Bundy Militia put their hands on their guns and said "I'm gonna kill you."

At timestamp 14:32 Stewart Rhodes tells that the Bundy Militia physically assaulted two of the Oath Keepers.

[Timestamp 14:32]
RHODES: So after we told our guys that -- we reiterated our point to -- if you're gonna be there ya gotta be dug in and if you're not gonna be there you're gonna deploy out as Scouts-- those two things. So then what happened after that is he had -- he was assaulted.  Tell em what happened.

STEVE: Well like I said there was quite a few people comin in ta CP in order ta get more information -- cuz we were tryin ta get em out.  A couple of trucks drove inta the yard -- uh -- guys started jumpin out and I could see right away when they were gettin out of the truck they were very agitated.  We had one of the men run out toward our car.  I was standing in front of one of our cars John Bidler, the Connecticut President was standing over by the driver's door -- the gentelman came and he - uh - all of the sudden the gentleman started runnin toward me and hit me right in the chest with his forearm and -- uh -- put me down.

RHODES: That was Jack, that's one of Jerry DeLamus' guys from New Hampshire. That's who did that.  Dropped you in the dirt right?

STEVE: He dropped me down and he immediately went to John Bidler and -- uh -- basically done the same -- he just physically threw him ta the ground.

RHODES:  So he came and forearmed you in the chest?

At timestamp 20:49 Stewart Rhodes says that Bundy's militia put their hand on their gun and said "I'm gonna kill you."

[Timestamp 20:49]
STEWART RHODES ... now when [John] Bidler was dropped on his butt-- John Bidler-- another guy -- some Mountain Man militia guy put his hand on his gun and said "I dare ya to draw -- draw Mother Fucker I'm gonna kill ya." I'm sorry to cuss but that's what he said.  So they were being threatened.  Guys with hands on their guns threatening them.  That's why we told them [Steve & John] to get out of there.  We knew the situation was this close [signals an inch] from being a gun fight, right there inside the camp.
Then at Timestamp 37:28 Stewart Rhodes said a different Bundy Militia dude pulled an AR on another Oath Keeper and the Oath Keeper almost had to kill him.
RHODES:  ... and this is the tip of the iceberg of the cluster out there.  One of our guys from Montana, Rick Delap, who was there from the beginning he's been out there for 2 weeks in the dirt.  The day of this confrontation [with Steve & John Bidler] I come to find out he [Rick Delap] had to draw on somebody.  Two of the Mountain men guys came up to him -- were aggressing on him. Then one of them ran back to his vehicle and grabbed an AR and came back with an AR in his hand and Rick had to draw on him. And those two ran off.  That was this close [hand signals an inch] from Rick having to shoot that ding-a-ling.  If that guy had raised his barrel, Rick would have had no choice but to shoot him.
Keep in mind, the Bundy militia who are physically assaulting and drawing ARs and other weapons on the Oath Keepers are the same Bundy militia who Nevada Congressman, Rep. Steven Horsford (D-NV), was talking about when he contacted law enforcement saying supporters of rancher Cliven Bundy have set up checkpoints for drivers’ “residency” before letting them pass.

This video shows crimes are being committed on the Bundy Ranch and those crimes need to be investigated.  (Crime of: Assault and pointing weapons at people without being in self-defense)

I think this video should be sent to Rep. Horsford and should be preserved as evidence to be given to Law Enforcement so that Law Enforcement can investigate and so they can do what they need to do to keep the residence of Bunkerville and the surrounding areas safe from these lunatic gun-nuts.  

By the way: The Oath Keepers are just as dangerous as the Bundy Militia, see my UPDATE below the orange squiggle.

ACTION NEEDED: Contact Senator Harry Reid's office & Rep. Steven Horsford office and tell them the Title of the youtube video is: "Oath Keepers Bundy Ranch DeBrief."

Give them the timestamps of: the crime of physical assault and pulling guns on each other without being in the act of self-defense.

The more people who call, the more apt we are to get the criminal allegations in this video investigated. - thanks.

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada
* Washington DC: Phone: 202-224-3542
(you'll get a recording so click 1 on your phone & then wait for a rep from Reid's office to answer)

* Las Vegas: Phone: 702-388-5020

Rep. Steven Horsford
* Washington DC : Phone: 202-225-9894

* North Las Vegas, NV: Phone: 702-802-4500

Oath Keepers are just as dangerous to society as the Bundy Militia.  Right Wing Watch is reporting that Oath Keeper member, Mike Vanderboegh, who is also leader of the militia group Three Percenters gave a speech to the Bundy Militia and warned that the country is “staring a civil war in its bloody face.”

VANDERBOEGH: "All over this country, we are still staring civil war in its bloody face, ... Sen. Harry Reid is promising us all civil war on a vast scale, because state-sponsored violence is they only way they can win an argument with free people, especially free people who are armed and who are willing to use those arms in defense of liberty.”  

Right Wing Watch goes on to report:

Vanderboegh then pulled out a skull and declared that he would present it to Reid as the “2014 Award for Incitement to Civil War.”

He added: “Don’t poke the wolverine with a sharp stick, Harry, unless you want your balls ripped off.”

Originally posted to TeamSarah4Choice on Thu May 01, 2014 at 07:29 AM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA and Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA).

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