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I got the BEST "legal" takedown notice ever, and was originally going to run with that (and some other assorted hate mail) for today. But then I came across this post, and the conservative tears were simply too delicious to pass up. So this week, tears. Next week, takedown notice. Sound good? So this week's source material:

Screencap of National Review story: GOP Surrenders on Obamacare"
House Republicans have voted 54 times to repeal the law, which was unpopular with the public at the time it was enacted and became much more so once it began to be widely implemented last year. Republicans have been hoping to make public discontent with Obamacare a central issue in the upcoming midterm elections.
"The law unpopular, then became more unpopular when the Obama Administration botched the rollout of Ever since, we've been living in a cave and pretending that public opinion hasn't been turning against us, and we'll really ignore the fact that "repeal" polls about as well as dengue fever."

People who live inside the Fox News Bubble of Death really are weird. But this is what put the natives on suicide watch:

A prominent House Republican acknowledged Friday that Obamacare is unlikely to be repealed.
Ouch. That one stings. To the verge of tears, as you'll see below the fold.

I have again and again defended working with the GOP as the only [very disappointing] alternative to the Dems. But stuff like this and their insistence on immigration "reform" (AKA, the Millions of New Democrats and Uneducated Low Wage Serfs Act) is pushing me into the "Let it burn" camp.

If the so-called "leadership" accomplishes either of the above (especially the latter), I go third party - of what use is supporting/working with/tolerating a GOP which does the Democrat bidding on critical issues - AND mocks and attacks the base and conservative Republicans in Congress as well? If we can't break the grip of the Boehners etc., it is time to find a new home

On the other hand, you're getting kabuki Benghazi hearings. So ... all good?
Any Republican who is not 100% committed to repealing Obamacare has absolutely no business running for re-election. Obamacare is an evil law that hurts people in order to empower bureaucrats and politicians. Getting rid of it root and branch must be our foremost national priority.
People not having to die and shit is evil!
James Carville makes dire predictions about Republicans. His 2009 book premised Democrats will rule for the next 40 years and recently stated Republicans are “finished” if Hillary is the next president. I would think Republican takeover of the house and growing numbers in the Senate would lead to his reconsidering. Unfortunately, I’m afraid his prediction will come true even if the Republicans win the White House. If Republicans, should they ending up controlling the Presidency and both houses fail to repeal Obamacare, then they will be finished.

Let’s set aside the disaster of the counterproductive legislation. The Democrats are the party of big government, private sector control and material equality. But the GOP is supposedly the party of limited government, free markets, liberty and self-determination. Obamacare exposes the schism of political philosophy in this country like nothing before and its survival ensures only one future

I'm sure Carville understands things like "gerrymandering" and "demographics", so no need to reconsider!
Who is surprised by this? Congressional republicans lack any leadership when it comes to restraining the federal government.
54 repeal votes? Pshaw! Real leadership would be FIFTY-FIVE!
Time for her to GO!!!!! Obamacare will be destroyed! its halfway there. He had no business changing it, Its OVER!!!..Obamacare is Dead!
Life outside the Fox News Death Bubble is scary, isn't it?
Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers: is a shameless RINO and traitor. She like many corrupt establishment RINOS actually favored an osamacare system for years(of course they wanted a taxpayer paid utopian plan for themselves for life). Yes they are this debased and corrupt: primary her.
Definitely primary her. And if that doesn't work, teach her a lesson by staying home! Otherwise, you're aiding and abetting traitors, and then Ted Cruz would have to shoot you and, well, it would get messy.
Corrupt crony capitalist Bush Mafia purge in 2014!

Vote conservative in the primary. If they lose vote for the Democrat in the general.

Purge all of these corrupt mothers from the party. Don't worry they will all show up as lobbyists.

This is tyranny.

Okay, I was joking on that last one, but okay! Do what needs to be done!
If GOP wants take a bold approach, they should propose 'single payer' health care system and beat the Dems to it. ACA is a hybrid of Medicare Medicaid and private insurance. Ms Rodgers appoach is: 'we lost the arguement, but let us pretend we really did not lose'.
Uh, gosh, I hope they don't try to propose single payer. That would make sure show US and make us sad!
The GOP needs to be put out of its misery. It is a hinderance to recovery and only serves to advance the destruction of liberty.
I agree. There IS bipartisanship in this country!
I dont take things away from anybody. Peoples needs and wants are their business not mine. I just dont want to pay for their needs and wants.
Once you have lost the right to determine the care for your “own body“, retain your own earned property, and are forced by the rule of the gun to support others, liberty no longer exist. This is not a debate subject it is reality.
Anyway, my argument is that the GOP and their alleged beliefs are fraudulent. They donit believe in individual liberty any more than progressives
I lost my liberty when government put a gun to my head and made me pay for the road that runs in front of this asshole's house. Don't even debate it! That was reality.

Don't get me started on his police and fire protection. His wants and needs are his business, not mine.

The Tree of Liberty is looking a tad dry. Time to water it.
What, with Rep. Cathy McMorris' blood? You might want to reconsider.
Worst case, how do you get the rats out of a barn? (Hint: It is kind of like how you save a Vietnamese village from the communists in the most dire circumstances.)
Burn down the barn? Certainly seems like a Republican solution.
TheRepublicans were never going to repeal it, whether because they are cowards, or corrupt. It is up to 'We The People' to 'repeal' it by refusing to participate or pay the fine. "We are are the people we've been waiting for." We can do it -" Yes, we can ! " - make no mistake.
Staying uninsured and having your wages garnished is the only way to preserve freedom! I assume you are uninsured, right? Because killing off others to make your political point would be so ... Iraq War-ish.
The worst of Obamacare isn't what people talk about. It is the command and control death panel details buried in its pages. The politically popular aspects of Obamacare may be here to stay, but it is the vast bureacratic state it embodies that must be repealed. And the GOP knows it, won't talk about it, because unfortunately, the Beltway RINO's like government command and control as much as the democrats.
The made up things about Obamacare aren't the real problem with the law, it's the other made-up things that are.
Now that Republicans might gain control of both houses, they are unwilling to forego the manifold opportunities for graft Obamacare will afford them.
Time to punish them by having them lose both chambers. It's the only way.
If her basic sentiment is true...that the Beltway GOP is not going to replace Obamacare and pass amnesty...then the GOP as it is now is done. What will replace it? A can do conservative Republican and a sweep in 2016. Maybe sitting out this election to get rid of RINO's is what the party needs.
Yup. Republicans definitely need you to sit it out. Plan B is the Whigs.
Sadly, I think this is a fair headline. Name one major conservative priority they took a hard vote on when they controlled both the White House and Congress? crickets

Yet, GOP leadership is whipping the caucus hard for amnesty (see recent Speaker comments and reps. coming out in favor).

If you're conservative, I'm not sure why you'd support the GOP as currently constituted other than they're not Democrats. The difference between the parties is so small. Democrats want to drive off the cliff at 100 MPH while the Republicans are happy to do 35. Neither wants to avoid the cliff though.

And before somebody says Supreme Court nominations are important, how'd Chief Roberts do on the ACA anyway?

Hard votes on conservative priorities ... hmmm ... there was the war. And then the other war. And then that thing that fed the NSA monster. Oh, and human-animal hybrids never stood a chance. That was hard.

His Martian dreams did go nowhere, though. So it wasn't all roses.

Fact Check:

The GOP Establishment surrendered on Obamacare a long time ago. Ted Cruz exposed them when they refused to go along with his strategy of defunding Obamacare.

Unfortunately for the GOP/Democrat Establishments and their big money lobbyists, it is the people that will have the final say.

The people do NOT want Obamacare! Obamacare is a designed mess that is falling and failing under its own weight!! It won't get better with time and it is NOT fixable.!!!

So will it be repealed? You BETCHA!!!

So which part of that was supposed to be the "fact"?
There's no reason to stop trying to repeal.

Barring repeal, there is always the option of non-enforcement during conservative administrations. Haven't we learned that?

Adorbs! "Conservative administrations."
Why is anyone surprised when gutless grapweasels act like gutless crapweasels. Most Republicans - and all of Republican leadership - are only slightly less liberal than Democrats.

All must be replaced. Everyone one of them.

EVEN TED CRUZ! No exceptions!
Is anyone else starting to sense that one reason the stock market has stalled out is the market is saying the GOP isn't going to win the senate and may lose the house.
"Dow ends at record high as Fed upbeat on economy". Two days ago.

Yup. Stalled.

I have maintained for a long time now that jobs #1 and #2 are to prevent amnesty and to refuse to place our fingerprints upon Obamacare. I was told multiple times that I was wrong to speculate that the surrender wing of the GOP would actually want these things. Spoiler alert: They want these things.

The neat part is that they have always wanted these things and that lying appears to be second nature.

They are Republican, after all. What did you expect?
Why exactly am I supposed to go out in November and vote Republican?
They have surrendered on Obamacare, and are pushing Amnesty again.
Think I'll just stay home.
Agreed. You have no choice.
Told you guys: the GOP will betray you every single time.

Leave it. It's time for the GOP to return to the dust of the Whigs that spawned them. It's time for a genuine conservative party in America.

Yup. Can't see another way out.
The GOP is committing suicide. And they are trying to take conservatism with them. (My rage and contempt toward the arrogant John Boehner grows every single day now. We thought he was just a crybaby. Turns out, he has quite a bit of courage for peeing on his own caucus as he prepares his flight to K Street. This man should answer for his treachery.)
Suicide! Rage! Contempt! Treachery! Why? Because he peed.
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