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WNU group logoFor the last year, Daily Kos has been working hard to improve an already powerful tool for activists and bloggers, even supporting an effort to take the Daily Kos experience offline with the new “Connect! Unite! Act!” team. The upcoming version (DK5) is being designed to make publishing your writing even easier. Soon anybody with a story to tell or breaking news to share will be able to post a diary more easily. All these new improvements will likely tempt more Democrats and activists to signup.

Cats sitting on Welcome mat
I know Mr. kos wants to attract new users to the site, but really, how many more do we need? It seems like everyday somebody new is signing up and posting a diary or comment. Take BlueDuPage as an example. BlueDuPage signed up just over a week ago and has already posted 6 diaries. Sure they are well written and the community loved them, but these newbies seem to be breeding like feral cats, and just like kittens, they are annoyingly eager and curious. Can we get these new users fixed?

And all the questions are overwhelming. GirlSwimmingInASeaofRed is swimming in a sea of questions with her diary, “New girl and I have questions about questionable ads that I get here?” I refused to read the diary; I’m not the Shell Answer Man. Who is going to answer all these questions?

Affordable Care Act enrollment graph, from
As the official Daily Kos plumber I spend most of my time down in the basement keeping an eye on the maze of intertubes and I can tell you, they can’t take much more. It doesn’t help when you have the likes of Charles Gaba (aka Brainwarp or wrap or whatever) with all his counting of stuff; soon everybody wanted to come see his numbers. Do we really want all this attention?

Things really get ugly in the afternoons with the sudden influx of cat pictures; it can take hours to break the clog caused by the hairballs. Recently a bleeding-heart named Susan from 29 was caught teaching others how to embed photos into comments, she even had screen captures explaining it so clearly now anybody will be able to post photos. Is this really behavior we should be promoting?

New user InFlagrante was caught in the act while trying to spread Fox News spam with the diary, “Why a lot of Fox is good for us.” At least that is what I got from the title. Many people seemed to be taken in by this tricky newbie, but you’re not going to catch me watching Fox News. Can we really trust all these new users?

Rancher Cliven Bundy poses at his home in Bunkerville, Nevada, April 11, 2014. Armed U.S. rangers are rounding up cattle on federal land in Nevada in a rare showdown with Bundy, a rancher who has illegally grazed his herd on public lands for decades, as c
Now, thanks to kos’s new “same day signup” policy, any old wildlife biologist can just blow in here and start infusing reality into the Bundy Bunch surreality show. I didn’t read the newbie’s entire diary, all the talk of endangered tortoises and regulations were just too boring compared to freedumb and tyranny. Should we allow “experts in the field” like Blue Tortoise to just signup and write a diary anytime they want?

Speaking of knowledgeable newbies, now we even have users with firsthand knowledge of Nigerian issues. I’m sure AfrikanManikan means well, but is there any room left for more thoughtful and intelligent comments?

Well, according to the Top Comment crew, I guess so. Do they realize they give credibility to the newbies when they include comments like 1988HawksFan’s first ever comment in the list of top comments of the day?

An even more disturbing trend I see, is a gang of experienced users who have been conspiring to help the newbies.  Gang leader nomandates of New Diarists along with cohorts JaxDem and MKSinSA, recently provided technical and editorial advice helping brand new user Wolfbrooks infiltrate the Recommended list, and that was just part 1 of a 3 part series. Should newbies like Wolfbrooks even be allowed on the Recommended list?

Obviously, my effort to contain the flow of new users is failing, and how could it not with gangs of do-gooders running amok on the site doing good stuff. Just don't blame me when the whole thing overflows into the streets.

A big shoutout to those who helped find today's cast of exemplary new users; smileycreek, nomandates and peregrine kate. Thank you much!
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