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I hate running errands on the weekend. I mean *hate* it, and there are very few things I actually hate. Truthfully, I hate running errands anytime, and I will generally put them off until I absolutely have to or someone won't be eating that night.

I know there are some people who like going to the store or market or shopping center or what have you; I seriously do not understand y'all. I am the kind of person who will wait until there are holes in shoes/clothes to get more. I am also the kind of person who makes a very targeted list so when i do have to go to a store, I can quickly hit only what I need and get out. Makes no difference whether it's food or clothing or some other form of needed stuff, I hate running errands with heat of a white hot sun.

So, this week, my little seester was in town, so I felt justified in putting off my errands. But I lied to myself and said 'well, I'll go on my lunch on Friday'; I am an expert at lying to myself and also in the fine art of procrastination. So as you can guess, I did not go yesterday. Hey - it was raining buckets and Tstorming - who wants to be in a parking lot with shit in your basket in that?

Generally speaking, I have weekends off. On my weekends, the only reason one can even get me out of my house is for something fun. Today, however, I had to work. Of course, this made it really really *really* easy for me to push my errands to today: I'm working, so I'm already out anyway, I might as well go on my lunch - it's not as if I use the hour to eat really.

Now I was up against the wall for the chronic postponement - I had to go today - had to: my cats, and I have a lot of them, need to eat and I am almost totally out of food. And they need litter, and I don't think I need to elaborate what will happen if I don't get more of that! So I had to go.

Holy shit on a stick! Have you seen what stores are like on the weekend? My gawd in heaven, please grant me patience or a good lawyer.

First off, the weekend is when everybody's off, so that's prime store time; you're always gonna be in a crowded store. I can totally understand that too; I have a job where I am close to home so I can run to the store on my lunch, go home, and still make it back on time. Most people don't really have that luxury these days. But...

There are always several families with kids in whatever store I am in. And for some reason, there happen to be a lot of parents who don't really pay attention to their kids when they're in the store. Man, my parents would've punished us if me or my sibs ran around a store or screeched and hollered playing run around games. I do understand the occasional tantrum, but good lawd, some of these kids are regular screamin' mimis. I really feel bad for the folks who don't have anyone to take their kids for them while they go to the store - that's got to be an exercise in pain to deal with every time. But if they do have to take them, please, I ask, please watch them.

Then there's the folks who seem to not go out much. They seem confused even in the parking lot, and then they wander around from aisle to aisle going slow, looking at everything, and *not* pulling their carts to the side when someone wants to go past. It's as if they are in a wonder world and are completely unaware of everyone else trying to shop around them. Heaven help me if I get stuck behind one halfway down a long aisle.

Then there's the coupon lady. We all know coupon lady. I'm not talking about folks who use coupons, even a lot of coupons - I love coupons - but when I go in with coupons, I have them organized and I have the ones I have for things in my cart at the ready. I am talking about the lady (or dude, to be fair, though I've only encountered the female variety) who has a massive amount of coupons just shoved somewhere, and when she gets to the checkout line, the coupons are not organized in any manner. As her stuff gets rung up, she starts looking for a coupon for whatever and she has to sift through the mass. And no, it's not gonna be just one thing she has a coupon for; she's going to at least think she has coupons for multiple items. Sometimes she just thinks she has a coupon for something but can't find it. Meanwhile, my gallon of Blue Bell Ice Cream is melting cuz I was the lucky one that ended up in line behind her.

Oh, running errands on the weekend is just sooooo much fun! Right up there with root canal and a colonoscopy. I've got to remember not to put those errands off til the weekend, cuz if I do I'll need to add some liquor to my cart to sooth the frazzled nerves. Unless it's football season; cuz as much as I love the Saints, when they or LSU are playing, there is nobody in the stores, lol!

So What is Your Problem this weekend?

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