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one of our kos katalogue people has hit a rough place - she has lost her place and her woozles are now being boarded until she gets another.

fineena opened her home to me when i went home to n.c. last fall - she handed me her car keys and said "go where you need!" - her generosity helped make a horrible time easier!  her precious dogs were there, too, lending support when i needed it most.

now she needs that support from us - we can do this to help her get the apartment she's found - one without extra four footed unwelcomed housemates... rats.

perigrine kate let us know about what was happening on may 6 and avilyn updated us here...

aji wrote this here, here and here...  

why do we care?  because that is who we are!  a community that reaches out when someone is in need - we do it for newpioneer... we do it for bear... and yall did it for me, too.

fortunately, soon i'll be in a place to pay back this community - as have others.  please come beneath the squiggle and see why this is so important!

fineena has found another place to go - right now she is in a motel until monday - and if she has the balance of the funds needed for the deposit and first month's rent, then she won't have to throw away what funds she can raise on a motel room.

so far, almost half the goal has been met and that went for a partial deposit on this wonderful house with a fenced in yard for julia and sam.  

the original need was $3209 (broken down in avilyn's diary) and, so far, she now has $1590 - leaving a balance to raise of $1629.  there are several ways to help her get a roof back over her head - one is to go to her etsy shop and SHOP!  you will have a beautiful reminder of how she has a home again as you snuggle in one of her beautiful creations!

the second way is to paypal her directly with whatever you can - even $1 or $2 adds up when enough join in!

her paypallink is - and be sure to list it as a gift so no charges are deducted!

this is for julia and sam... and fineena... and for all of us who stick together when things turn unexpected and rough.

we ALL are in this together - and when we help each other, who knows when it might be our turn to seek a shoulder to lean on!

here is a picture of the house  where we want to see her crafting more beautiful things!

and here are her babies who just want to come home to be with her again!  (they are BOTH rescues - and you all know what that means to them to be separated from mom - EVEN if they are staying with the bestest vet in the whole wide world! (dr killough - long animal hospital - is also the wonderful vet that took care of mom's and my dogs over the years and saved mr tee's life in 2011!)

so, please look at these pictures as you check to see who needs a scarf or if you can spare a dime!

the house...



in our yard

the old one wuz small and WE are BIG kids!

can you halp?

we just wanna go home and eat ice cream wit mom!

dr killough's playroom is nice but WE WANT OUR MOMMY!

Sun May 11, 2014 at 11:27 AM PT: YAY! only $787 to go!  YOU, dear kossacks, define the meaning of awesomeness!!!

Originally posted to edrie on Sat May 10, 2014 at 06:56 PM PDT.

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