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Jim Hoft, (@gatewaypundit), is one of the top conservative bloggers and is often quoted by Fox News--which says a lot about them since his trademark is to write anything without verification or even proofreading.  His track record of being wrong and his sheer incompetence has earned him the appropriate title of the dumbest man on the Internet.

And that was before today, when he showed that he is also a complete bastard:

#BringBackOurBalls ➙ Sorry Libs, The Schoolgirls Have Already Been Sold, Put on Canoes & Shipped to Chad
He went to mock Michelle Obama for tweeting the viral photo of her holding the same sign as the parents of the kidnapped children: #BringBackOurGirls.  And then closed with this gem:
So good luck bringing “our girls” back.
 You’re too late.
Ha Ha... suck it Obama!  Those 9 to 12 year old girls will be made into sex slaves!  That'll show us "libs"!  (and the quotes around "our girls"--nice touch.)

Hey asshole!  First off, we didn't start the tag, but we did promote it to bring worldwide awareness.  Without it, it is unlikely the Nigerian government would be as cooperative as they've been lately.

And Obama is providing military support.  After all, Obama, unlike his predecessor, has a pretty damn good track record of tracking down and killing terrorists.

But seriously, conservative celebrities can be some of the most vile people on the planet.  The left does not have an equivalent of a Jim Hoft or Ann Coulter.  We don't have radio talk show hosts who would ever tell Sandy Hook parents to go to hell.

I know the rightwing has to oppose everything the president does, but when you are gloating that those poor girls are enduring unspeakable horrors as somehow a "win" for your side, you know that your Obama Derangement Syndrome has reached a psychopathic level.

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Sun May 11, 2014 at 12:22 PM PT: Unlike Jim Hoft, I actually care about accuracy. I had previously linked to a post that the girls had potentially been located.  I had thought (and really hoped) it was breaking news which is why I didn't see it elsewhere. Unfortunately, that is not true, so I removed the link.  Pain makes you grasp at straws at times.  

Sun May 11, 2014 at 4:53 PM PT: If you think Jim Hoft is an asshat, let him know FB or TW

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